Eight Days until Exam Day

Michelle’s FCE students are preparing for their final exam next Thursday. The Whiteboard display about different writing genres turned into a piece of art and teacher Phil is so impressed that he takes a snapshot. Keep up the good work everyone!

Thursday afternoon at Lexis Noosa

Morning and option classes have finished but there is still a lot going on at Lexis Noosa on  Thursday afternoon and the school is vibrant and filled with life.

Teacher Kerri is preparing her lessons. Candice is visiting  after an amazing tour around Australia for two months and catches up with Enrique who has also returned from holidays this week to continue his studies in Anjali’s IELTS class. Miho and Rei are revising their morning lesson while enjoying the afternoon sun in the courtyard. Chie, Mana and Koki  are doing homework in the GIL Room. Cara is overseeing a Ping Pong Tournament and Kirsten is teaching a CAE Workshop.

It is wonderful to see Lexis students learning AND playing together!

Cambridge Exam Season

The Cambridge Exam Season has started at Lexis Noosa. Cambridge students from Noosa and Sunshine Coast Campuses took their speaking exams last Saturday followed by the written FCE exam today at Australis Lake Resort. Well done everyone! Good luck to our CAE students tomorrow and our CPE group on Thursday!

Something happy to start the day


Cambridge teacher Anne Potter “I love, love, love this class!”

CAE 2 students prepared an alternative lessonplan overnight and drew it on their Whiteboard. Anne loves it!!!

Fiji Fundraiser

Carolina from Student Uni Travel and Lexis Noosa teachers and students organised a bake sale fundraiser for the victims of cyclone Winston this morning. We raised about $360 for Caroline to take to Fiji this weekend to help support local schools there. Thank you everyone for your generous donations. You can continue to donate at the travel shop!

Orientation – more new smiling faces!

Please make very welcome our newest Lexis Noosa students who started today!
They’re from New Caledonia, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, France and Brazil!


Happy Birthday Eileen!

Today is our beautiful teacher Eileen’s birthday, so her class surprised her with an amazing cake!!

Happy Birthday from your Lexis family Eileen!!! We hope you have the most wonderful day 🙂

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Watercolour Painting Class

After the roaring success of last month’s watercolour painting class, and numerous requests for us to hold it again, the lovely Phil will be hosting another class next week. There are limited places available so please put your name on the activity sign on sheet asap!
Mya 🙂


Welcome to our New Students!

Another Monday, another smiling group of new student at Lexis English!! 12212206_10154255555454692_258926763_n

Orientation – 12 October 2015

So many happy new smiling faces enjoying the beautiful ‘spring’ weather in Noosa!


Best Dressed Competition – 80s Student Night!

Lexis Noosa we need your help!!
Carol and I cannot decide who should win the ‘Best Dressed’ prize for last night, so we need you to vote for your favourite!

a) On the Left – Mr Bruno BonJovi himself!


a) On the Left – Mr Bruno BonJovi himself!



b) Hugh – who bought his own boom box and lollipops – thank goodness he didn’t go into the smoking area…


c) Gustavo from the Village People put in a special appearance just for Lexis and YMCA

Conversation Club goes CRAZY!

So many new and returning faces to Conversation Club today – we had to split the group!! While one group wrangled with Jenga and questions, the other played a very energetic game of ‘Celebrity Heads’!!

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15 gorgeous, smiling new faces joined the Lexis Noosa family today.
If you see them around the school please make them feel welcome 🙂


Calling all Italians at Lexis Noosa

A lovely group of local Senior Citizens are learning Italian, and they would LOVE a native speaker to help them improve their pronunciation and basic grammar.

Please contact Mya at Lexis Noosa Reception for more information!!

Student Profile: Nicolas Boulanger

Today I sat down with student Nicolas Boulanger to find out about his time at Lexis Noosa.

Where are you from: Ermeton-Sur-Biert, in Belgium
Which program are you studying: I’m in the Teen Activity Program – first I did TAP Surf, and now I’m doing TAP General. In total I am here for 6 weeks (this is week 5) – I am on summer holidays from my school in Belgium.
Why did you choose to come to Australia to learn English: My friends have gone to England and America to study and I wanted to go somewhere different. And I love Australia.
Why did you choose Lexis?: My parents found out about Lexis and thought it would be a good idea. It was a great idea!
What do you like to do in Noosa: Hang out with my friends, go surfing and being outdoors.
What is your favourite thing about Lexis Noosa?: The teachers, they are close to their students, they’re approachable. They discuss with me, how and why, not just ‘at’ me. I like their style of teaching.
What do you like to do in Belgium: I’m on the National Baseball Team, so I play a lot of baseball and train a lot too.
Do you have any siblings (brothers or sisters)?: I have a little sister, she is 11 years old
Do you have a life motto?: If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done


Teacher, Aaron Roach, and Nicolas


Nicolas playing for the Belgium National Baseball team

Conversation club is growing!!

So many happy, smiling faces at Conversation Club today!!!

We played our version of ‘Celebrity Heads’ – with many many laughs!
It turns out that asking “What colour am I?” is not going to help you work out that you’re Brad Pitt…

IMG_1628 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1627

Healthy Eating – no cook dessert!

Chia seeds, both coconut milk and water, a little sugar and some finely diced banana and pineapple…. whisk, leave in the fridge for 10 minutes to set and – bam! Easy to make, healthy, ‘no cook’ dessert!!
(it tastes waaaaaay better than it looks, I promise!)

Even Mya – the world’s worst cook and junk food addict thinks she might make it at home!!

Many many thanks to the wonderful Isabelle for her recipe!

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Orientation August 3!

A smiling group of new students arrived to glorious Noosa ‘winter weather’ today!

Please welcome Gabrielle, Yusuke, Pascale, Yuko, Keri, Pascale, Shoka, Isabelle, Larissa, Milena, Alexandre, Yolanda, Riko, Mai, Riki and Noriko!


Welcome to Lexis Noosa!

Noosa has turned on some spectacular winter weather to welcome our new students today!

Please give a warm Lexis Noosa welcome to:

Sebastian (Switzerland), Andre (Switzerland), Lucas (Brazil), Junghyun (Korea), Ella (Korea), Michele (Switzerland),  Ai (Japan), Selina (Switzerland), Aoi (Japan)


Jenga Marathon!

Conversation club is growing – and boy are we having some fun!!
Yesterday we played ‘Jenga’ (remove a block and put it on the top without tipping over the other blocks) – every block removed had a question to be answered.
Some were easy, some were more difficult….

My favourite?
Would you prefer to be rich but not find true love, or be poor and have true love?

You’d be surprised who chose to be poor!

IMG_1382 IMG_1383 IMG_1388 IMG_1389


Yesterday’s group of new students had lots of fun at their Orientation 🙂
Please give them a warm Noosa welcome when you see them around the school!

Juan (Colombia), Amaia (Spain), Laurine (France), Ariadna (Spain), Aya (Japan) and Ju Hoi (Korea)


IELTS to Marine Biology!

Look where IELTS can take you!

Jose Ramon Estevez Melgarejo, from Spain finishes his IELTS exam preparation course this week and is heading to James Cook University in Townsville, to study a Masters in Marine Biology!!

James Cook University is a public university and is the second oldest university in Queensland, Australia. It is recognised in the top 4 of universities worldwide with campuses in Queensland and Singapore.

Good luck with the fishes Jose!

Congratulations Jose anJose Ramon we wish you all the best for your future studies.