Conversation Club goes CRAZY!

So many new and returning faces to Conversation Club today – we had to split the group!! While one group wrangled with Jenga and questions, the other played a very energetic game of ‘Celebrity Heads’!!

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Conversation club is growing!!

So many happy, smiling faces at Conversation Club today!!!

We played our version of ‘Celebrity Heads’ – with many many laughs!
It turns out that asking “What colour am I?” is not going to help you work out that you’re Brad Pitt…

IMG_1628 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1627

Conversation Club is Growing!

17 happy faces assembled to share coffee and cake, and play JENGA!

Our favourite question? “What does your name mean?”

IMG_1595 IMG_1594

Jenga Marathon!

Conversation club is growing – and boy are we having some fun!!
Yesterday we played ‘Jenga’ (remove a block and put it on the top without tipping over the other blocks) – every block removed had a question to be answered.
Some were easy, some were more difficult….

My favourite?
Would you prefer to be rich but not find true love, or be poor and have true love?

You’d be surprised who chose to be poor!

IMG_1382 IMG_1383 IMG_1388 IMG_1389

Too much fun! (and lots of new words)

Conversation club is growing by the week! In people and in knowledge!
Today we played the ever popular ‘Celebrity Heads’ game – with a lot of new words to express, define and explain being learnt.

Quick recap – snakes have scales, lizards are mini dinosaurs, lamb is the meat from a baby sheep (baaaa!), birds have feathers, there was tension in the air, horror movies have suspense and Xavier is a cheater!!

IMG_1247 IMG_1243 IMG_1245 IMG_1246

Laughter Club

I think we’re going to have to rename ‘Conversation Club’ the ‘Laughter Club’!
Today we played the ‘ungame’ (again – everyone loves it!) – 2 favourite questions are:
* What 4 things are most important to you?
* Tell us about a funny experience you had

And today we added:
* Tell us about your hobbies

Wow! What fantastic hobbies you all have!
Izumi loves to dance, Petr loves to climb ‘hills’ (Australia doesn’t have mountains!) and Mya likes to horse ride (of course!!)

What’s your favourite hobby?? ungameIMG_1144

The ‘Ungame’ Game

Today’s coffee, cake and conversation club played the ‘ungame’

A list of questions designed to create conversation and expression around thoughts and feelings, experiences and expectations, likes and dislikes.

A very thought provoking game that teaches expression of emotion and intangible ideas.

Our first question: what 4 things are most important in your life?
Travel, family and friends, health, time, money love, food… lots of food!

IMG_0965 ungame