Eight Days until Exam Day

Michelle’s FCE students are preparing for their final exam next Thursday. The Whiteboard display about different writing genres turned into a piece of art and teacher Phil is so impressed that he takes a snapshot. Keep up the good work everyone!

Cambridge Exam Season

The Cambridge Exam Season has started at Lexis Noosa. Cambridge students from Noosa and Sunshine Coast Campuses took their speaking exams last Saturday followed by the written FCE exam today at Australis Lake Resort. Well done everyone! Good luck to our CAE students tomorrow and our CPE group on Thursday!

Something happy to start the day


Cambridge teacher Anne Potter “I love, love, love this class!”

CAE 2 students prepared an alternative lessonplan overnight and drew it on their Whiteboard. Anne loves it!!!

Individualised Approach to CAE Writing

For many of our Cambridge Advanced Exam preparation students the writing tasks are the biggest challenge.

I spoke to teacher Kirsten about how our team tackle this challenge. “We feel that the answer is in personalised feedback on each writing task given throughout the course.

There are five writing genres to cover and each week of the course we teach one in detail. Our students are then given a set task to complete and hand in. This is marked and the  errors highlighted rather than corrected.


Teacher Kirsten with Cambridge Advanced Exam candidate Chantal.

During the Guided Individualised Learning period we sit down with the student for one on one intensive feedback. Each error is discussed with the student working on correcting their mistakes with guidance. Students are taught to identify the areas that they are particularly weak in. For example, if they know that they make mistakes with the present perfect tense,  they will need to spend time at the end of their writing task checking for that particular error.

We find that this approach significantly improves the writing marks as the students learn to identify and correct their individual mistakes.”

Meeting the locals

Cambridge FCE classes visited the Eumundi markets to practice their English in an authentic environment. They all had to conduct interviews with stall owners, inquire about their businesses, products and  customers and give presentations in class about their findings. While strolling around we met some  former Lexis English students who became locals themselves as business owners or employees at the market. What a fantastic day out!

FCE Speaking Fun

Our FCE classes watched an example of a speaking exam and then put into practice straightaway what they had learned ! Combining the classes for special activities has proven to add to the fun!

How do our Cambridge First classes start their day?

A good way to get ‘slightly hung-over’ students motivated in the mornings is to start with a good speaking warm up.

Our three Cambridge First classes work closely together, and at 9am yesterday morning I found them mixing together to practise ‘Speaking exam part 1’ topics.

Cambridge Speaking


Sarcasm and Cambridge Advanced

Sarcasm, (noun) The use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Synonyms include: mockery, ridicule, satire, irony, scorn, sneering, scoffing and taunting.

Firstly, read the following:


The story behind this extraordinarily brilliant piece of sarcastic writing from Cambridge Advanced student Martin is as follows:

Once upon a time, in the land of Lexis Noosa, the Cambridge Advanced teachers asked their students to submit their weekly writing portfolio by email via reception.  Our beautiful student support officer, Mya, became increasingly frustrated with emails appearing without any explanation of who was sending, why they were sending the email and what to do with it. As per photo below:

Mya, letting Martin know of her displeasure

Mya, letting Martin know of her displeasure

So Martin; being a superior student, composed the email above. 🙂 Brilliant!

FCE Exam done!

Our Cambridge FCE candidates were relieved after finishing their last exam on Saturday and left us some notes (see pictures). We wish you all the very best, safe travels whereever you go and best of luck for the future!

Cambridge Exam Season has started!

Noosa and Maroochydore Cambridge students took their speaking exams on Saturday at Lexis Noosa. This week it is heads down and final count down for FCE, CAE and CPE students. The final exams will be on Saturday, next Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck to all of you!

International High School Students Choose Cambridge Exams

This afternoon I found our Cambridge Exams manager, Nina Schiller giving a prep talk to her ‘Cambridge Advanced Exam entry group’ from Sunshine Beach High School.

Marie, Pascal and Fabian from Germany Henrik  from Denmark and Mirjam from Switzerland

Marie, Pascal and Fabian from Germany
Henrik from Denmark and
Mirjam from Switzerland

We really enjoy having these amazing young students drop by; especially as they are looking more and more  ‘Aussie’ each day with their surfboards and skateboards and golden tans. 🙂

Pascal originally came to Lexis to study English and loved Noosa so much that he returned to enrol at the local high school



Some of their fellow International students are taking the Cambridge First and Cambridge Proficiency exam. They are delighted to be able to take the exams here in Noosa and have been having some pre exam coaching with our teachers.

Meet Nina, our fabulous Cambridge Exams Manager

It has been a hectic few days for our Cambridge Exams Manager, Nina Schiller who has been running the Cambridge speaking exams at both Lexis Noosa and Lexis Sunshine Coast campuses.

With candidates sitting for the Cambridge Proficiency exam, the Advanced exam and the Cambridge First, Nina has been busy organising rooms, examiners and invigilators.  Before each exam Nina must take a photo of the candidate to upload to Cambridge ESOL.

As you can see from these photos, the candidates seem pretty relaxed and happy in Nina’s care.


Not only are there Lexis candidates, but we also welcomed external candidates such as these two charming young German students who are currently studying at Sunshine Beach High school.

Nina with candidates from Sunshine Beach High School

Nina with candidates from Sunshine Beach High School

Only English with English Only Policy? Yes it can work.

Over the years we have tried many ways to inspire our students to only speak English whilst on campus.

It is not the ‘Lexis Way’ to turn staff into nagging policemen or use severe punishments such as not allowing students into class. On the other hand, we want to encourage students to have the confidence to use English socially and make contact with students of all nationalities. Last year we introduced a student contract which places the responsibility on the individual. Not one student has refused to sign up and they know that if they need to chat  in their own language, there are ‘safe’ areas to go to. If anyone is overheard speaking in a language other than English, then they get an essay to write. There are a choice of topics which include:

  • My favourite place in Noosa
  • If you had a power, what would you do with it?
  • Am animal you would like to be and why
  • A place that is special for you
  • How would you spend a million dollars
  • One thing you would change about the world

Andrea with Yoann and Yassine

The essays are always given with a smile and a joke and the students always do them with good humour.  They are always corrected and so there is a learning benefit at the same time.

The overwhelming feedback over the last year is that it is working well and everyone feels it is worthwhile. This is what Andrea (FCE class)wrote:

“I will make a big effort to stop speaking in Spanish because this is the third essay that I’ve written this week (the fifth counting the ones in tests). Anyway, I reckon that the idea of speaking English the whole time is much better for us because it pushes us to do out best and make the most of being here. What’s more it prepares us better for our exam which is in less than one month…..fair enough !”  Fair enough indeed Andrea. 🙂

How to de-stress before exams

There were so many students walking on Sunshine Beach yesterday early evening.  Strolling in groups, jogging, swimming and catching waves. I thought to myself what a wonderful way  to de-stress before exams or unwind after a day spent in the classroom.

sunshine beachIt is nearly time for our Cambridge First, Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge Proficiency students to take their exams.  My advice to you all is that by the end of next week you will have learnt all you need or can know and it is time to relax and de-stress. What better way to do this then with Beach walks, National Park picnics and Ocean swims? Good luck everyone.