Sunset Classes

Summer in Noosa is golden sunrises with gentle winds and for perfect surfing. The afternoons can be hot and steamy.

Sunset classes give students an opportunity to make the most of the beautiful mornings and escape to the cooler classrooms in the afternoons. Summer is also peak tourist season when cleaning jobs are easy to get and are always in the mornings for check out.

Sunset classes run from lunchtime to 5.30 or 6pm.  Students get the full same program with the added bonus of Guided Individual Learning with their own teacher and fewer students.

There is an exciting extra curricular program run in the mornings for those students not working or surfing.Thursday nights is always party night for all students so the luck sunset students get to sleep late on a Friday morning. 😉

Check out the Activity Calendar for October below.


A Big Thank You from Fiji!

Do you remember the bakesale fundraiser that Caroline from Student Uni Travel organised together with teachers from Lexis Noosa? The Australian dollars raised translated into $1000 Fijian and were used to purchase hardware and school supplies for families who were hard hit by the recent cyclone.

Thank you to everyone involved!

Fiji Fundraiser

Carolina from Student Uni Travel and Lexis Noosa teachers and students organised a bake sale fundraiser for the victims of cyclone Winston this morning. We raised about $360 for Caroline to take to Fiji this weekend to help support local schools there. Thank you everyone for your generous donations. You can continue to donate at the travel shop!

October is looking fun

Check out the Activities Calendar for October. 


The ongoing soccer competition between Noosa and Sunshine Coast campus will be popular also by the sign up sheet for the weekly practices below:


‘Jeans for Genes’ Day at Lexis English

Teachers at Lexis English organised a charity morning tea to raise funds for the ‘Jeans for Genes’ foundation. Students enjoyed homebaked goodies while, one gold coin at a time, supporting the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Jenga Marathon!

Conversation club is growing – and boy are we having some fun!!
Yesterday we played ‘Jenga’ (remove a block and put it on the top without tipping over the other blocks) – every block removed had a question to be answered.
Some were easy, some were more difficult….

My favourite?
Would you prefer to be rich but not find true love, or be poor and have true love?

You’d be surprised who chose to be poor!

IMG_1382 IMG_1383 IMG_1388 IMG_1389

Too much fun! (and lots of new words)

Conversation club is growing by the week! In people and in knowledge!
Today we played the ever popular ‘Celebrity Heads’ game – with a lot of new words to express, define and explain being learnt.

Quick recap – snakes have scales, lizards are mini dinosaurs, lamb is the meat from a baby sheep (baaaa!), birds have feathers, there was tension in the air, horror movies have suspense and Xavier is a cheater!!

IMG_1247 IMG_1243 IMG_1245 IMG_1246

Discounted Surfing Photos for all Lexis Students

Surfshots are offering discounted pricing on professional surf photos for all Lexis English students. If you are taking surf lessons at any of the surf schools (or just surfing on your own), you can take advantage of these discounted rates! Ideally they need a days notice, but can occasionally fit in last minute bookings on the same day. If you are interested contact Dave at Surfshots – you can call, text, email or message him on facebook and instagram!

Surf Shots Lexis school poster_A3

Laughter Club

I think we’re going to have to rename ‘Conversation Club’ the ‘Laughter Club’!
Today we played the ‘ungame’ (again – everyone loves it!) – 2 favourite questions are:
* What 4 things are most important to you?
* Tell us about a funny experience you had

And today we added:
* Tell us about your hobbies

Wow! What fantastic hobbies you all have!
Izumi loves to dance, Petr loves to climb ‘hills’ (Australia doesn’t have mountains!) and Mya likes to horse ride (of course!!)

What’s your favourite hobby?? ungameIMG_1144

BBQ Time!

You can’t get much more Australian than a BBQ on a Friday afternoon!

HUGE thanks to the chefs, Pedro and Chary – without them we’d have been eating ‘char grilled’ (burnt!) sausages!

IMG_1099 IMG_1102 IMG_1100 IMG_1104

Five Lucky Students Experience Ocean Rider For Free

Five lucky students woke up this morning with no idea of the excitement today would bring.

They got the opportunity to ride one of Noosa’s most exciting attractions for free. Ocean Rider is a high speed power boat that takes visitors on a thrilling ocean ride along the National Park coastline.

Leire, Solena, Aimie-Lou, Pierre and Louis were picked to be part of a Queensland television travel show, filming in Noosaville this morning. They met with Channel Seven’s Great Weekender team and became extras on board Ocean Rider for the morning.

Students Aimie-Lou, Solena, Louis, Pierre and Leire with Channel Seven presenter, Liz Cantor

Students Aimie-Lou, Solena, Louis, Pierre and Leire with Channel Seven presenter, Liz Cantor

There were big smiles when they arrived back at the dock, especially as they saw dolphins off shore at Sunshine Beach.

dolphinLeire from Spain is studying general English and hopes to be an English teacher in Spain. Louis and Pierre from Ivory Coast are part of our Teen Activity Program and are enjoying surfing Noosa’s perfect waves. They all agreed that this morning will be a special memory of their time in Noosa.

The ‘Ungame’ Game

Today’s coffee, cake and conversation club played the ‘ungame’

A list of questions designed to create conversation and expression around thoughts and feelings, experiences and expectations, likes and dislikes.

A very thought provoking game that teaches expression of emotion and intangible ideas.

Our first question: what 4 things are most important in your life?
Travel, family and friends, health, time, money love, food… lots of food!

IMG_0965 ungame

Come and meet our New Students!

Come and welcome our new students
Catch up with returning students
Make new friends!

Room 10 at 2pm

When: TODAY!
Bring a smile and your best conversation

So you think you can cook!

Yesterday’s activity was a blast, with students given a range of ingredients to cook up a storm and that they did!

We ended up with a very unique ‘stir-fry fried rice’ by Eric and his many assistants (who knew Eric was a cook?!). And a spotlessly clean kitchen afterwards.


Don’t forget – next Wednesday’s activity is water colour painting with Phil!!

Full House For BINGO

There wasn’t a spare chair for today’s activity.

PicMonkey CollageBingo









BINGO is always fun and a great way to improve listening to numbers. The lucky winners won chocolate. Yum!

Charades – A fun way to practice English

PicMonkey CollagecoffeclubThere was a lot of laughter coming from our Kitchen area today, as the lovely Mya, played Charades during Coffee, Cake and Conversation Club.


Not to be missed by new students. Every Monday from 2 pm.







A must for all new students on a Monday.

Coffee Cake and Conversation Club

Our Monday Coffee, Cake and Conversation Club helps new students integrate into the Lexis Noosa family.

PicMonkey CollagecccIt is a great way to meet other students in a relaxed social setting, with a teacher on hand to guide the conversation and help with pronunciation and understanding.

Teacher Michelle and Student Support, Mya shared a lot of laughs with the group this Monday.

Come and join us, every Monday from 2 pm in the student dining area.

What is that Aussie Taste?

There was a lot of laughter in the kitchen area today, when the students joined Mya in an Australian food tasting experience.

IMG_0592 IMG_0593Students were given blind tasting of ;

  • BBQ shapes
  • Cheese twisties
  • Vegemite on Jatz
  • Ginger Beer
  • ANZAC biscuits
  • Lamingtons
  • Pavlova
  • Pineapple
  • Milo

The most popular tastes were Milo and ANZAC biscuits. The SANG students particularly enjoyed learning the story behind these traditional cookies.

Thanks Mya for a fun and informative activity.

Conversation Club

What better way to practise social conversation then by attending our teacher led Coffee, Cake and Conversation Club.

Unai 2

Full time students from all level classes gather together on Thursday afternoons to ‘chat over a cuppa’.  For many students it is a less threatening environment to practise speaking than in their more formal classes. It is also fun as you can tell from the photo above. 🙂

Come and join us next Thursday. 2 pm in the kitchen area with Michelle.

Meet Laia and Nelson

Catalan student Laia Campos Estremera is ending her Cambridge English studies on a high, fulfilling a life long dream to swim with seals.

Laia with 5 year old Nelson at Underwater World.

Laia with 5-year-old Nelson at Underwater World.


I interviewed Laia about her experience.

How did you learn about Underwater World? A classmate told me about it. It is on the Sunshine Coast so is near and not as expensive as Sea World.

Why were you interested in visiting Underwater World?   It was because I wanted to have an experience with animals before I left. I really wanted to feed dolphins but this was impossible and then my classmate told me about swimming with the Seals. We can’t do this in Spain.  You can also swim with sharks, but I preferred seals.

How did you organise this?  Carolina at Backpackers World Travel organised this for me. They are attached to the school so it was easy.

Was it as good as you expected?  It was the best experience in Australia for me. When you  do these kinds of activities you come back and your self-esteem is higher. I am a teacher, when I go back to Spain, I will find out about a Master Studies in education therapy with animals.  My whole experience of coming to Australia and learning English has given me strength and confidence. I feel I can return and be able to do anything I put my mind to.

 The photo is wonderful.  Yes, the five-year old seal is called Nelson. After I finished swimming with all the seals he just came up to me and was very affectionate. I can’t describe in words how wonderful it was. I recommend this activity to everyone before leaving.

Thank you so much Laia for sharing your story with everyone. 🙂


Christmas Eve, Lexis Noosa Style

It is our tradition to end the year with a Christmas party and concert. This year it fell on Christmas Eve, which made it even more special. There was no snow; but we had blue skies, sunshine, rolling surf, and the best concert ever. 

Anjaliteachers Aaron

At 7.15 am you will find us doing…….what?

Noosa mornings are early, bright and sunny.

Some students are running in the National Park.  Anj is with her ‘surfing enthusiasts’ at Sunshine Beach and some of us are at school. Not to study, but to work out at Martial Arts. Cool!

PicMonkey CollageMartial Arts

Noosa International 7s Festival

So excited! Top international rugby teams are in Noosa this weekend for the 2014  Oceania Sevens Championship.

The 2014 Oceania Sevens rugby tournament, featuring 12 nations including Pacific powerhouses New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Samoa will be the centrepiece of this year’s Noosa International Sevens Festival. Day passes are only $20, two day passes $30. Come and see some of the best men and women rugby players in the world.

Rugby  GAP year winner, Ayane and I will be there.  Will you?