Joan’s Homestay Experiences

One of our lovely Homestay parents, Joan was kind enough to share with us her experiences hosting Lexis students.

Joan hosted many students from Lexis and one of her students was Japanese woman who stayed with her for just one week but formed a great bond. The student studied English literature at university and though she was only here for one week, they kept in touch after returning to Japan. A few months after returning to Japan Joan invited her student to visit her for a couple of weeks and they travelled to the Gold Coast.


Joan and her student on their trip to Tasmania in February

Last February they travelled to Tasmania together, 3 years after her original visit, and they are still in touch today!

Joan has always helped Lexis students and just recently took two of our students on a “mystery tour” of the area, showing them Noosa Springs Golf Course and Clubhouse, Noosa Waters housing and finally kangaroos at dusk in Cooroibah. They are planning to visit the Eumundi markets together in the next month.

Her first Swiss student bought an old van to travel around Australia with a friend and Joan made curtains for the van so they could sleep better! The student went on to stay in Sydney with a friend of Joan’s, who taught him to windsurf. He was last heard from on Isla Margarita off the Venezuelan coast where he had been studying Spanish.

Another Swiss student introduced Joan to his family via Skype, and helped her entertain her friends at a caftan party. They had such a great time together that Joan visited him and his family in Berne!

Joan loves to hear of the subsequent careers, travels, weddings and babies from her students and found hosting students a very positive experience – she thoroughly recommends it to anyone as it broadens our experiences and minds and leads to lasting friendships.

WWOOF and extend your Working Holiday Visa

Sakura Hirokawa came back to say hi and proudly show her 1 year extension Working Holiday Visa.

Sakura proudly shows her immigration papers for her extra year in Australia.

Sakura proudly shows her immigration papers for her extra year in Australia.

Like many of our students, Sakura combined a mixture of paid work and voluntary work and all in the Noosa area. WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms and these can be quite small farmsteads and garden centres. You need only do 88 days to qualify for the extra year on your visa and it is a wonderful way to become part of a small local community.

Sakura did her voluntary work at Inner Glow Health products at Tewantin whilst working at a local Japanese restaurant in the evenings. She met other young international people at the farm and the work was enjoyable and not hard.

She was happy that she had gained enough English first ,(thank you teachers Lize and Nicola) to feel confident in the work place.

If you are interested in the WWOOF program check out


Looking for Accommodation?

Attention all Lexis Noosa students: There are some rooms available in our Student Houses over the next few months. All Student Houses are within 15 minutes walk/5 minutes by bicycle from Lexis Noosa, Main Beach or Sunshine Beach.

student housesSee Tanja in our Accommodation Office for more information!

Renting your own apartment in Noosa

Most students like to live with a local family or in an organised student house when they first arrive. This is a good idea, as it gives you time to adjust to your new life style, meet local people and feel safe and secure so far away from home. However, if you are intending to study or stay in Australia for a long period, you will most probably want to look for your own accommodation after a few weeks.

The government have a website especially designed to give advice for people wanting to rent houses or apartments.  It is called the Residential Tenancies Authority and you will find it at    Some of the good advice they give is:


It is usually not difficult to find accommodation in Noosa and the best place to start is by talking to other students. We have a notice board and information folder in reception where students and members of the public will post adverts for share accommodation.

The most important advice is to check out the apartment or house carefully and if possible talk to someone else who has lived there or ask for a reference. Happy House hunting.