Cooking Lesson

Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon learning how to make Gyoza.


Japanese-style gyoza are related to their Chinese counterparts but tend to be more subtle in flavor, stuffed with juicy pork and cabbage lightly seasoned with garlic, scallions, ginger, white pepper, salt, and sugar.

A very special thank you to the Japanese students that helped with the cooking lesson today. Tsubasa Kitayama, Asako Kondo, Ayumi Kosaki and Mei Yoshida, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Looking forward to our next cooking lesson!!

Why Sunset Program Classes?

Traditionally we have offered our Sunset classes (running from 13.15 to 17.30) as a life style alternative, in the hot summer months when the beach and surf are better in the mornings.

However, we are now offering this timetable all year round to meet the increasing demand by students who are finding good jobs on the morning shifts.  In the past, Noosa had typical ‘quieter’ and ‘busier’ periods, but we are now seeing good tourist numbers all year round.  Many are Australians who now prefer to travel within their own country for safety and cost reasons. There is also an increase in overseas tourists who regard Australia as a safe and peaceful destination. So, there are plenty of morning jobs in the resorts and along our famous Hastings Street restaurants and cafes.

Here is Tom. He is a chef in France and is studying English on a working holiday visa. He is thrilled to be working at Bistro C. One of Noosa’s most famous restaurants.


Meanwhile, this morning I bumped into Gabriele from Brazil.  After arriving with very little English, he is delighted to be working front of house in the newly opened Japanese restaurant, Maki Moto.  Studying on a student visa, he can work every morning and study English every afternoon. Perfect.


Student Night – Moto

Lexis Noosa Students spent the night at a local bar in the Noosa Junction called Moto trying Jaffles for the first time and of course trying some of our local craft beer.

 This was the last student night for our Cambridge students as Friday the 2nd June 2017 is their last day at school.

I wish them all the best in the future and can’t wait to see everyone soon!!

Activities – June Calendar

Grab your jackets, gloves and boots everyone because winter has arrived at Lexis Noosa! And we have some exciting activities to go with the beautiful change of weather.

Each week we will tell you more about each activity, where it will take place and what time it will happen. So keep a look out for me in your classroom every Tuesday morning and always read the activity notice board! If you see something you like don’t forget to sign up at Reception.

June Calendar

Mount Coolum


Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon climbing our beautiful Mount Coolum to enjoy the amazing views and sunset of the Sunshine Coast.

Mount C 4

What better way to spend the afternoon than with friends walking up Mount Coolum, part of Noosa’s National Park.


After 20 minutes the students arrived at the top of Mount Coolum and wasn’t disappointed with the view.

See you on the next adventure!

Cooking Class

Today in our Cooking Option Class we started by roasting marshmallows.

Then the students were tasting damper that was cooked on the open fire and discussing whether or not it tastes any different to normal bread.

Damper is a traditional bush bread made from flour and water. There is no yeast so the idea is it’s quick and easy to make. We found it tasted delicious with Nutella but honey would be the “bush tucker” style.

For anyone at home who would like to try and make Damper – here is the recipe which serves 2.

1 cup self raising flour
1/4 cup milk or water
Pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients into a firm dough. Shape into a snake. Wrap in foil.
Cook in the ashes wrapped in foil for 15 minutes or until crusty on the outside and soft in the middle.

Welcome New Students

A very warm welcome to our new students today. We are lucky enough to have people joining us from Brazil, Korea, Japan and Germany. Looking forward to getting to know you all! Hope you have the best time here in Noosa.