Welcome 9.4.18

This morning Lexis Noosa welcomes 11 new students to join the Lexis Family!


We welcome YooJeong, Sang Geun, Yong Min and Won Yeong from Korea. Yutaro, Mayu and Shiori from Japan. Ampardo and Yannik from Spain. Lara from Germany and Lydia from Switzerland. I hope you all have a great first day. Enjoy Noosa Heads as much as you can while you are here because when you leave I promise you will miss it a lot!

Christmas Performance


Every year Lexis Noosa likes to organise a Christmas performance where each class sings a Christmas carol in front of the school.

This year Lexis Noosa also organised a Pizza lunch for the school to say thank you for all their hard work.

Graduating Students!

A huge congratulations to our 7 graduating students today at Lexis Noosa! We are so proud of these boys Mubarak, Faris, Mohammed, Hussain, Abdulkarim, Abdulaziz & Khalid. The Saudi Arabian boys will now go to Beckers to complete flight school for their Military. Goodluck for the future boys! We will all miss you here at Lexis Noosa.

Lexis English partners with TAFE Queensland!

“TAFE Queensland provides ‘world class’ quality education and training that links with industry and employment outcomes.”                                       



Students at Lexis English can gain pathways into TAFE Queensland by studying programs such as – General English, Cambridge English FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS.

130 years and over 230,000 students

TAFE Queensland is the government-owned and operated provider of world-class Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in Queensland. In some countries TAFE is also known as a Polytechnic, Technical College or Community College.

TAFE Queensland offers international students:

  • practical, industry-relevant training
  • a network of 6 regions with multiple locations across Queensland
  • a wide range of nationally accredited and internationally recognised courses
  • leading-edge technology and excellent facilities
  • strong links and pathways to university
  • a friendly, safe and culturally sensitive environment
  • underpinning government legislation including the ESOS Act2000 and National Code of Practice 2007.

TAFE Queensland has provided quality training for over 130 years and now enrols over 230,000 students each year, including up to 10,000 international students.

Meet Johana from Colombia!

Hello my name is Johana and I come from Bogota, Colombia.

I am studying General English for 24 weeks at Lexis Noosa. I started my course in the intermediate class and studied at this level for 6 weeks and now I am in the upper-intermediate class. I will join the IELTS preparation course for 12 weeks and hope to strengthen my writing skills and perhaps I will take the exam, but I have not yet decided. In the afternoons I participate in the ‘News’ options class and really enjoy the different use of English this class offers, as it helps to improve my vocabulary and is interesting at the same time. My teachers are great and I like that they are native English speakers from different countries like, Australia, America and the United Kingdom because this helps to get used to different pronunciations, which we have to adapt to in real situations.

I chose to study in Noosa because I think there are a lot of Latin Americans in the bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne and I wanted to integrate with other cultures and Noosa being a smaller city offers this opportunity. I am very happy with my decision and enjoy the beach, national park and the weekend activities, such as Australia Zoo, Fraser Island and the Aquarium at Underwater World. Noosa is also very touristic, so there are a lot of jobs and I think it’s easier to get hired here than other places. I am working on the weekend at a resort cleaning and a previous Colombian student introduced me to this job. I like it and it’s easy and also good to experience a different job, compared to my profession as a psychologist in Bogota.

I live in a share house with an Australian family and other international students, but I first lived in a very nice host family for my first month. The family was very kind and took me and their other student from Switzerland to many places and was interested in spending time with us. I have really enjoyed my time here so far and met many different cultures and like the experience of learning English from the beginning and seeing my improvements each day – it really works!









Thanks Johana 🙂

Meet your classmate!

Meet Lucas who is studying and working in Noosa….

“Hi everyone,
My name is Lucas and I come from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I am studying English at Lexis Noosa for 6 months and I am currently in the pre-intermediate class. I decided to study in  Noosa because my sister lives here and I think it’s a great location to meet local people and have the opportunity to experience Australian culture. I like my teacher and I have made friends with other students from Japan, Korea and Spain, everyone here is happy.

I have a job working at Chilli Brothers, which is a Mexican restaurant. I have enough hours and I work every Wednesday evening and during the weekend. When I finish school I would like to travel but I haven’t made any plans yet. I am just enjoying my time here and the chance to relax and learn English.”

Thanks Lucas 🙂



Get to know our Activities Coordinator ~ Angela!

Angela is our activities coordinator at Lexis Noosa. In addition to organising sport events, students nights and all the fun stuff that helps our students let their hair down after classes; Angela has extensive knowledge in health and well being, which she has integrated into her activity programs at the school.

“I grew up in the NSW south coast, studied Nutrition and worked as a consultant nutritionist for 7 years. I have furthered my training by becoming a yoga instructor in 2012. In 2013, I completed a masters degree in health promotion. My role at Lexis encompasses my passion for healthy living. My skills as a yoga teacher and in nutrition and promotion are utilised in the services and activities I provide for the students. We now offer yoga classes every Tuesday morning and I will begin ‘Teaching Nutrition Kitchen’ on Tuesday afternoons. This class will start from March and educates individuals on nutrition and cooking healthy foods. I have grown up on the beach and surfing is my passion. I moved to the sunshine coast for the surf and for the lifestyle. I have travelled extensively for surf travel and have experienced cultures from a diverse range of backgrounds. Drawing on these skills and experiences allows me to provide exciting and safe activities in the beautiful beaches and surrounding areas that Noosa has to offer.”

PicMonkey Collage

Sunset cruising the Noosa river!

Cambridge students’ left their books behind and hit the deck on a sunset cruise along the stunning Noosa river!

Afterwards, the Cambridge students headed off to the Sogo bar for $4 drinks and $5 pints of beer all night (not forgetting the yummy $10 meals for our hungry students). It was a big night with lots of fun!

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Meet the lovely Manon!

It is Manon’s last week at Lexis Noosa, so we thought we would have a chat about her time here and see what she is up to next 🙂

“Hello, my name is Manon and I come from Montreux, Switzerland.

I am studying a total of 6 months in Australia, now I am in Lexis Noosa for 3 months and after I will move to Sydney for the remaining 3 months. I am currently in an upper-intermediate class and both of my teachers; Dionne and Eileen are fantastic and have been supportive during my course. I choose to study in Noosa because it seemed to be a really nice place, with a beautiful ocean and lots of nature. At first I thought I would stay in Sydney the entire 6 months, but I am glad I choose to try something different and experience Australian culture in a smaller location first. I first saw Noosa in a brochure at my agencies office and their staff then advised me of the location, as they have personally experienced Noosa and recommended it to me. I am very happy with my course structure and think it is perfect for me and I have really improved my speaking and vocabulary. Sometimes the lessons have been quite easy for me, but it is also good to revise the basics that I already learnt in my home country.

I am living in homestay accommodation and am very happy. My homestay family is approximately a 5 minute walk to the school, which is nice. At first, I was surprised by some cultural differences, but now that my family and I have gotten to know each other, those differences are not so obvious anymore. There are a lot of activities to do in Noosa if you enjoy the outdoors. During my time here I have enjoyed BBQ’s, national park walks, lots of outdoor activities, but especially surfing.  I will take home many wonderful memories and have met a lot of friends both international and Australian, I love the Aussie accent! I think Noosa offers a sunny life and everyone is very open, warm and friendly. People in Australia seem genuinely interested in meeting different cultures, which is nice. After my courses, I hope to travel part of Australia with some friends and maybe hire a van; I would really like to see Alice Springs. My main purpose in achieving an English qualification is so I can travel most places and be able to communicate. I think it is important to be bilingual and with English you can use it mostly everywhere. My goal is to study medicine and I hope to use my English to volunteer in a program, such as Doctors without borders. Thank you to everyone who helped with my Australian journey!”


Thanks Manon and we wish you all the very best….


Former Student from 2010 returns to Lexis Noosa!

Former Student Masayo Uesugi was a student at Lexis Noosa from January to August 2010.

Today she returned as a newly wed and brought along her husband to show him the school. Masayo remembers her lovely teachers Phil, Suzie and Tim. Masayo had such happy memories of Noosa, that she choose it for her honeymoon destination 🙂

Her English improvement led to her being able to train in accountancy in Singapore and she now works for an account firm in Tokyo, which is where she met her husband.







It was great to meet up with Masayo again!

Welcome back Ladina and Désirée!

We had a wonderful visit today from past students – Ladina and Désirée!

The beautiful Ladina, Désirée and their friend Flurina from Switzerland are visiting Australia for their holidays. Ladina has now studied at Lexis Noosa twice (this being her third visit) and her friend Flurina is experiencing her first trip down under and is off to Fraser Island tomorrow! Désirée is visiting and staying with her past homestay family, who she has kept in contact with for over 8 years….how cool is that! We wish you all the best girls, fantastic travels and hope you keep in contact with your Australian home 🙂



Meet Katya

Katia Leite de Araujo arrived in Australia last April with her husband Marcel and daughter Bruna. They had made the decision to leave good jobs and a comfortable lifestyle in Brazil to give themselves and more importantly their daughter the opportunity to attain fluency in English.

Katia and Senior Teacher AnnetteKatia and Senior teacher Annette

When Katia arrived she could not communicate in English at all. Husband Marcel studied by day and  worked hard at night in the local restaurants. Daughter Bruna attended Sunshine Beach Primary school.In a short space of time Bruna had Australian friends and was chatting in English. Marcel took pride in seeing the progress that his family were making and knowing that his sacrifice was worthwhile. Katia is leaving with good English and says that the experience has been wonderful.  It was sad to say goodbye to this wonderful family and we wish them every joy in the future.

Introducing team CAE!

Meet Sonia, Anjali and Phil…these guys have over 50 years of teaching experience between them and for them teaching is a passion not a job.

Phil Egan is a respected water colour artist and expert sailor known for his wicked sense of humour.

Anjali Sheppard has an exotic background as her mother was British and her father Indian. Prior to moving to the CAE class, Anjali was our most popular IELTS teacher. A lover of animals, Anjali has a pet parrot called Merlin and a beautiful dog called Angus.

Sonia Russell is an Australian with Swiss French in her blood. She loves our laid back beach lifestyle and is an enthusiastic homeopath.


Student News!

Vincent from Berlin studied both Cambridge English FCE and CAE with us. He also did volunteer work with the surf life savers and loved every minute of his time in Noosa. Vincent is now traveling around Australia before heading back to Berlin.

Ruffel tickets

Students stay in touch!

Lexis Noosa Teacher, Kerri recently received this nice message from her past student Lisa!

“Hello Kerri.
I just wanted to say thank you for your brilliant teaching again. I finally got my CAE test results and I passed!!! So I had to think back to my lovely and amazing time in Noosa last fall… Hope all’s good on the other side of the world.
Friendly greetings,
Lisa xo


From Brazil to Australia and back again!

It’s always wonderful when past students contact us and speak about their experiences and to see what they are up to after they have finished their English studies. Paulo recently contacted Becky (Director of Studies)….read how well he is doing!

“Hi Becky! How are you doing? It’s been quite a long time since I left Noosa, I don’t know if you still remember me hehehhe! I stayed there for 1 year, from July 2011 to July 2012, I gave some troubles to you =) … Now I’m back to Brazil, back to uni, and, thanks to the English which I learnt with you guys, many law firms are requiring me for an internship, I’m extremely happy!!! So, thanks a lot!!!=) .Thanks for everything Becky, a big hug for you, Merilyn, and all staff. You were so kind with me that there is not even one day I don’t remember my days in Noosa.. XOXO





Thanks Paulo – it’s great to hear from you and good luck 🙂



Saying hello & goodbye, all in one day!

After being at Lexis for six years, Teacher Deborah Glover has retired today. The students and teachers will miss her very much and we wish her all the best in her new ventures!



On another note; Teacher Phil had a lovely surprise today when Jose came back to Noosa to say hello. Jose was one of our very first Brazilian students back in 2004. Jose was delighted that Phil was still teaching with us and told us that he arrived with no English and ‘Phil taught him with patience and laughter and he is so grateful’. He and wife Wilma came for the Australian Open in Melbourne but had to come all the way to Noosa to remember the wonderful times he had here!


Lexis Students stay in touch!

Today we had received a lovely surprise in the mail…

A post card from previous Lexis Student – Masumi Koyama!

Thanks Masumi – it’s great to hear from you & we miss you too 🙂


3 Cheers as we welcome back Sophie


My name is Sophie and I’m from Switzerland. I spent 6 months at Lexis English school, where it was really nice. Then I started to travel around Australia by Grey Hound and started at the east coast. The most memorable places where Fraser Island for three days and two nights and Magnetic Island near Townsville, where I worked for 3 weeks as a dish washer for free accommodation and free meals. Then I booked a car relocation with a friend that I met at Magnetic Island from Carnes to Darwin.

My Next stop was 3 weeks in Darwin and I finally took a relocation again from Darwin to Broome with the same friend.

To finish my travel I went to Melbourne, the great Ocean Road and Sydney. I’m back in Noosa now for a couple of days and it’s amazing to remember everything I’ve done and every great person I met.

I’ve already started to look for a job during my trip for when I return home and already have 3 interviews!

I hope this will help the readers and don’t be afraid to start your trip alone! You will never be!


Lexis students return to Noosa for their Honeymoon!

Asumi and Wataru came back to say hello today.

They met at the school ten years ago and said they had such happy memories that they chose Noosa for their honeymoon destination. We love to see our past students and congratulations to you both on your marriage!


Victoria Stepanenko stays in touch!

Victoria was an IELTS student at Lexis Noosa and this is what she had to say about her time with us:

I am very thankful to my teacher because I have very interesting and helpful lessons.  Apart from the work in the classroom, we had two excursions to the Cheese Making Factory and a Woodwork Museum, after which I had some tasks to do.

There are a lot of shops, supermarkets and cafes near the school.  The Main Beach is not far from the school as well.

I had a fabulous homestay family.  They were very helpful, funny and interesting host parents who became more than a host family.  Now they are like a real family to me.  I was really happy to stay with such a wonderful family.

Lexis is a remarkable school which is neither too big nor too small.  There are beautiful classrooms and free internet as well.  Also, the people are very polite, helpful and open-hearted here.  I was able to meet a lot of students from all over the world to communicate with them and make very good friends.


It was the last day of school for our latest Cambridge classes and what better way to celebrate than student night at KBs Noosa! It has been their local party venue for the last 3 months and last night it was time to say their final goodbye. Student night will be very quiet without you guys… you certainly know how to party hard! Enjoy your time travelling around Australia and think of us next Thursday when you are partying in another town.

Our Local Barista Visits Lexis Students In Switzerland!

Patrick works next door to Lexis Noosa and has adopted the name of ‘the best coffee guy in Noosa’ by our students!

During the day he brews the students the best coffee, and at night he dances the night away with them. He is popular with all the students and went to visit a few recently in Switzerland. Jenny and Flavia were Lexis Noosa students at the end of 2010. He showed them the sights of Noosa and now they have returned the favour in Switzerland!

Lexis Love Is In The Air…

Lexis Noosa students Joonho from Korea and Melissa from Switzerland met at school eight months ago.

They took a liking to each other and in a short space of time their friendship quickly grew into love. When it was time for Melissa to complete her course and travel around Australia, she did so with much dismay as she did not want to leave her gorgeous man behind. Joonho encouraged Melissa to experience Australia and assured her that he would be right here waiting upon her return. It didn’t take Melissa long before she made the choice to return to Noosa to be with Joonho. They both had their hesitations about being together as they are both from different countries. However they made the choice to let their love flourish and take a chance to see where life as a couple will take them. The first step taken was Joonho leading Melissa to Noosa Main Beach at the front of Bistro C where her proposed in the moonlight. She gladly accepted and they celebrated with a holiday in Western Australia before Melissa returned back to Switzerland. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this beautiful Lexis love…

Misato Brings Good News To Lexis English

It was a surprise today to see former student Misato Kamei at the Noosa school.

Misato visited the school to inform her teacher Anjali and the Director of Studies Becky that because of the English course she completed at Lexis English Noosa, she has now secured an administrative assistant position at Inpex. Inpex is a worldwide oil and gas exploration and production company ranked in the top 100 global energy companies. She is very happy at her new position and was very thankful to have been given such a great opportunity because of Lexis English. Congratulations Misato… we are so proud of you! And thanks to our friendly and intelligent teachers who make dreams come true…

The Girls Are Back In Town!

Today we were fortunate to receive a visit from former Lexis English Noosa students Flurina and Priska.

They both began a FCE course in September 2011 and formed a great friendship almost immediately. They studied hard and partied hard for the three months they were in Noosa. After completing their course they decided to travel together to Northern Queensland and have now made their way back to Noosa. They will travel South and also to the Northern Territory from tomorrow. They said their experience in Australia has been amazing and they are looking forward to the next leg of their journey. Have fun ladies… we know you always do!

Merry Christmas From Lexis English Noosa

The Lexis English staff would like to wish all our students a very merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with joy, laughter and love!

We look forward to seeing you back on campus next year!

Enjoy the festive season!

Cristian Drops In To Lexis Noosa

Cristian Popescu was a home school student of Lexis English in 2008. He loved it so much that he sent his daughter to study the CAE course at the Noosa Campus in 2010! Now he is back for a visit and has even booked a weekend away with the new Lexis English Explore department specialising in student experiences including travel, activities and nightlife. Have fun in Fraser Island Cristian and thanks for visiting us again!

Welcome to Lexis!

Global Village English Centres Australia have rebranded today as Lexis English!

Thank you to everyone for your support as we’ve moved through the rebranding process.  We’re very excited to be up and running now as Lexis!  If you have any questions at all about the new brand, please ask Becky and she will be pleased to discuss it with you.