CPE Brain Teaser

Last week the Cambridge Proficiency class left you with Dead as a Dodo.  Did you find out what it means and how to use it?

The Dodo was a flightless bird. It has been extinct since 1690.

This expression means unambiguously and unequivocally dead. You can use it to explain the end of almost anything. If you ask someone ..How is your relationship with your girlfriend going? the answer could be ..As dead as a Dodo!!!

This weeks teaser is …What is synaesthesia? Do you have this condition? Ask around.  We have someone in our class who has it and it is extremely interesting.

CPE Brain Teaser

Last week we left you with the word Amazon.

We were not looking for the website, nor the river but the word for a fierce warrior woman. If you found this meaning you then needed to search for the male equivalent.  Did you find it???

It was hard work for the CPE students today with contributions for the meaning ranging from Goliath to Titan, Viking and even Tarzan!!! However Andi came up with Colossus which we all agreed fits best. Do you agree? Facebook us and let us know.

The teaser for this week is an expression and how to use it.  This comes from one of the newest members of our group , Martina.

She wants to know what does Dead as a Dodo mean? Do you know? If so give us your thoughts before we post our answer next Monday.

Cambridge Proficiency Class Brain Teasers

Are you ready for the CPE?

Merrilyn is the CPE guru at Lexis Noosa!  Starting next Monday, Merrilyn and the Cambridge Proficiency group will be contributing to this Blog on a weekly basis.

We want to share with you the type of language we come across in the CPE room and give you some words/collocations/idiomatic expressions, maybe even some Australian-isms,  to think about and have fun with.  It will be a great way to build up your vocabulary and you can get involved by contributing your thoughts on our Facebook page. We welcome the contributions of past CPE students too.

As a taste test:

In our first class yesterday we discussed the word Amazon.  What does it mean to you?

You will see there are many answers but when you find the one we needed then ask yourself…         Is there a male version?

Go for it ….get talking English!!!