Happy Halloween

Today Lexis Noosa students celebrated the spooky holiday of Halloween!!

Each class teamed up to compete in the best dressed team costume for the chance to have a pizza lunch. Yum Yum!!

Everyone did an amazing job but there can only be one winner….. but in our case there were two winners!!! Congratulations to Michelle’s Cambridge Focus Class for their Lexis Noosa Hospital of Zombies and Heidi’s Elementary Class of Vampires!

So Scary!! We hope you enjoy your Pizza lunch!

Pumpkin Carving – Halloween

Lexis Noosa students are getting ready for a spooky Halloween by carving some mini pumpkins.

Each student was given 1 hour to see how scary they could carve their pumpkin.

After the hour was up we gathered the pumpkins and chose a favourite ………

Pumpkin 10

Congratulations your pumpkin was amazing! Please enjoy a couple of beers on us.

We hope you all enjoyed the activity and look forward to seeing you on the next one!