Cambridge Mock Testing

It’s Tuesday morning and Noosa Lexis English Cambridge students have their mid semester mock testing!

Mock 3


This is a great way for the students to understand what it will be like to test under Cambridge rules and supervision in preparation for their final exam in November. This is the perfect opportunity for the students to receive feedback from their amazing teachers.

Good luck on your mock exam everyone!

Student Night @ KB’s

BBQ and Glow party at KB’s!

Student night started off with a great BBQ from 7pm – 9pm in the beer garden at KB’s. All of the students looked like they really enjoyed their meals along with a few beverages.

After the BBQ the students made their way into the club where things started to glow. They enjoyed many drinks while everyone started to paint each others faces with the glow paint.

At 9pm the big prize was drawn and the students were cheering while they patiently waited to see who the big winner was for the free Fraser Island Trip worth up to $500.00! After a lot of excitement the big winner was our Brazilian student Isabela. isabela winner

What a great turn out for our student night this week. The night was filled with lots of smiles, laughing and fun. Hope that you all had the best night and aren’t too tired for school today!

First Day

Welcome to all the new students at Lexis Noosa

Cam sep16

Yesterday Lexis Noosa was super excited to welcome 102 new students to the campus. Most of the students have enrolled to complete a 12 week Cambridge course finishing on the 24th November.

32 of these students have joined us to compete their General English courses and improve their English.

To celebrate in Lexis Noosa style, we made our way down to Lions Park for an Aussie BBQ, Cheers Mate!!

We hope that you enjoy your studies at Lexis Noosa and your time in beautiful Noosa.

Cambridge sunset cruise

Another fantastic sunset river cruise!

What a better way for all of the Cambridge students and teachers to bond and celebrate friendships than a beautiful sunset river cruise. Looks like everyone enjoyed their time and had loads of fun.

An incredible boat cruise finished off with an incredible sunset and lots of smiling faces!

Is it a bird. No is it a plane. No it’s a Lexis Cambridge student coming to school near you. 

Cambridge Mock Testing

Our Lexis English Cambridge students had their mock exam this morning in preparation for their final exam in August. This gives the students a chance to practice testing in a strict environment and also a perfect opportunity for the students to receive feedback from their lovely teachers.

Hoping everyone went well on their mock exam!

You are hired!

Our Focus CAE class is an ongoing class, working with Cambridge materials at an advanced level. Some of our students prepare for the exam, others just want to improve their English. Romain, who has attended this class for twelve weeks – and sat the CAE exam during that time –  presented his teachers Annette and Marie with this brilliant Letter of Application.


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply spontaneously for an English teacher position in your language school in Noosa, far from the hustle and bustle of other cities. I have recently heard that the level was slipping and that you needed someone able to tip the balance.

Allowing for the fact that I have been studying for twelve weeks in your establishment, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable insight into how things work here. But more importantly, time is flying and it is high time I did something with my life.

I have a gut feeling that I would be suitable for this exhilarating and fulfilling (and lucrative?) job. Not only do I love to face challenges but I am also not afraid to roll up my sleeves when it is required. Furthermore, I can easily draw on my former experience. Indeed, I had to shoulder responsibilities throughout my whole career path.

It is certainly true that my application sounds a bit bold. Nevertheless, why should I play it safe? I am a risk-taker who lives his life to the full. What is more, it is often said that ‘the risk pays off’.

From my perspective, it is crystal clear that I am your best bet. Without willing to boast, I can tell the difference between the stocks and the shares in case some picky students would try to trick me. It cannot be denied that nowadays, this knowledge is of great importance.

Attending an interview at your earliest convenience would put me on cloud nine. For this reason, I look forward to a prompt reply, knowing that ‘no news is good news’.

Yours sincerely




Strange, Stranger, Strangest….. Who does it better?

FCE classes comparing notes after their grammar session today……. who really studies more than the other???

And who is the most eccentric teacher – Anne or Michelle???