Goodbye Cambridge!

The last hurrah

It is always so sad when our Cambridge groups have to leave us after 10-11 long weeks. All the best for the future everyone and of course good luck on your exams!

16.3 Kirsten

CAE 3 Class: Yanik, Mateus, Natallia, Sina, Rebcca, Alexandre, Anja, Katja, Raphael and Noah.

16.3 Phil

CAE 1 Class: Claudine, Michelle, Vanessa, Jessica, Helson, Alexis, Carmela, Kohji, Joel, Florine, Samira and Florian.

16.3 anne

CAE 2 Class: Isabela, Jasmin, Ines, Samuel, Jolanda, Sonia, Laura, Maxime and Michaela.

Hope you all enjoy your travels after Lexis! Appreciate all of what beautiful Australia has to offer.

Finding Love at Lexis Noosa

 We love hearing stories that warm our hearts.

Rainer Keller was a student at Lexis English Noosa that studied the Cambridge CAE course with our wonderful teacher Phil back in 2014. Rainer said that when he was studying at Lexis he met the love of his life Keiko who was also studying at Lexis. We are so glad that you both found happiness together.

Rainer 1

This is the beautiful email we received from Rainer Keller:

I’m writing to you 4 years after I left Noosa because Lexis changed my life forever and I wanted to share this with you. At school I met a wonderful girl from Japan, who became my wife just 2 years later. This is me together with my wife Keiko Okuyama at our wedding party in Japan, and 3 other former Lexis students (Miiku Sako and Ayane Kawagoshi from Japan & Donghoon Lee from South Korea).

Rainer 2

Now they are happy parents with a gorgeous baby girl, Yuna.


Fiona – CPE Student Testimonial


Lexis English school in Noosa is a great choice to study English. I´m happy that I decided to come to this stunning place, which not only offers breathtaking nature but also gives many opportunities to make international friends and hence practise English.

The school campus is located in the heart of Noosa Heads, which therefore means that it is close to everything. There is a fruit shop right next to the school to get a snack during the break and on the opposite side of the street there are take away restaurants and a supermarket to buy lunch.

Also there is a travel agency situated close by which is really convenient for students who want to book some weekend activities and their further travels after school. And last but not least, it only takes twenty minutes on foot to get to Noosa Main Beach where many students go after school.

The school itself is well-organised and creates a pleasant learning atmosphere. There are many possibilities to sit down to do your homework or have lunch at tables. And for those people who rather like to relax, there are comfortable beanbags everywhere around the school. A fridge to store your lunch, microwaves to heat it up and filtered water render it possible to have a homelike lunch break. Moreover, a ping-pong table invites students to have a quick competition from time to time.

The relaxed ambience at the school makes it easy to make friends since everybody is really out-going and wants to meet people. Students have the opportunity to take part in activities which are organised by the school, innovatively and almost every day. More specifically: there are activities to join like BBQ’s, a sunset river cruise, student nights at bars, Australian Food tasting, painting boomerangs, watching a movie, yoga, sand castle building competition, beach activities and much more. In a nutshell, they are always different and fun to participate in and with it there always is the possibility to meet new people.

In any event, all the staff members are really supportive and friendly and they help the students with paperwork such as work visas, accommodation and whatever else they need. Also, the teachers are good and the lessons are always very funny, at least the ones that I am in but I am sure that it also applies to the other classes. Along with exam preparations, there is always time to have many interesting and entertaining discussions about life, love, environmental issues and technology etc.

To draw a conclusion; I can recommend Lexis English Noosa to everyone who wants to improve their English and have a good time.

Cambridge Cruise

Couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than with a beautiful sunset over the Noosa River!


And that’s exactly what our Cambridge students did yesterday afternoon 🙂

Our 7 Cambridge classes spent the afternoon/night getting to know each other better along with a couple of drinks and snacks while cruising down the beautiful Noosa River.

We hope you all had a wonderful time!

Welcome to Lexis Noosa

What an amazing way to start the new year than with 87 new students starting with us here at Lexis Noosa! We are welcoming students from all over the world with us today.

2.1.18 GE

 Our General English course has 18 new faces.

2.1.18 Cambridge

And our new Cambridge course which will run over the next 12 weeks, has 69 new students.

As a Lexis Noosa tradition we like to head down to our local park and cook up a Aussie BBQ for our new students to try and experience 🙂 Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

We hope you all enjoyed your afternoon at the park and have a wonderful time at Lexis Noosa!






Goodbye and Good Luck!

Today we say farewell to our Cambridge classes as they are finishing their courses today and having their exams over the next week.

CPE Kirsten Class

Teacher: Kirsten, Students: Loane, Salome, Aline, Laura, Raphael and Robyn .


CAE Phil Class

Teacher: Phil Students: Mirjam, Carina, Sandra, Sophie, Michele, Marcelo, Chiara, Michelle, Christophe, Martina, Simone, Elvira and Jonas.

CAE Anne class

Teacher: Anne Students: Luis, Lucas, Robin, Melanie, Sarina, Yobina, Sina, Jasmin, Elina, Soraya, Asier, Nico and Roman.

CAE Marie Class

Teacher: Marie Students: Lucas, Rodrigo, Carina, Claudia, Chantal, Katja, Viviane, Pascal, Manuel, Lea and Angela.

FCE Kerri Class

Teacher: Kerri Students: Momoyo, Chiho, Matues, Sonia, Nikolai, Kotori, Lucie, Aurelie, Dominique, Jordan, Milena, Hana and Helson.

FCE Michelle Class

Teacher: Michelle Students: Manuel, Saud, Sara, Fabio, Isabelle, Miya, Irene, Selina, Bettina, Isabela, Gesseca and Camila.

Thank you for coming to Lexis Noosa! We hope you had a wonderful time with us and we wish you all the best in the future!

Workshop afternoon!

Our FCE 1 class worked hard in their FCE speaking exam workshop this afternoon! Great job everyone.

Michelle FCE