ASGT (Small Group class) Excursion

ASGT teacher Rob enjoys using our beautiful landscape as part of his English learning program. His A2 level class visited Mary Cairncross Park in the Noosa Hinterland as part of their. They did a great job writing up their experience. Here is their experience in their own words. Well done Robert, Joachim, Susanne, Andrea and Natsuko.

On Thursday, October 3rd, the ASGT class from Lexis Noosa went on an excursion to Mary Cairncross Park in Maleny. (Jinibrara country).  Maleny is situated in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, approximately 40 minutes from Noosa Heads. We were able to use the school car for transport and had our own driver, Rob.


When we arrived, we had a coffee with the wonderful view of the Glasshouse Mountains. It was such a clear day we could see the Brisbane skyline. The coffee was delicious, especially Natsuko’s iced coffee

Marycairncross Park has an Interactive Centre with many different small exhibitions.It showed us many different things from the rainforest such as the animals, birds and trees.You could hear the different bird calls and pictures of them. There were information displays about the different animals and plants in the rainforest. So we could read about what we might see.  We could see the rainforest at night in the special display room.

After enjoying the displays, we walked through the rainforest park. It had rained the night before, so we were surprised at how cool the temperature was. It was a beautiful walk.  We saw a huge python moving slowly through the bush. As well as pademelons searching for food.   We saw 500-year-old trees as well as huge vines from a strangler fig.  We saw many different types of trees. It was amazing to hear the birds in the forest that we had just heard in the centre.

When we finished our walk, it was time for lunch. We went to Montville to a café that had a very nice view of the Sunshine Coast.   We had a few trips during our course, but this was the best.


It’s awesome that Lexis gives us the opportunity to have these trips. We are learning inside and outside the classroom because we are having to use our English skills in the real world.

Andrea – “The most beautiful thing I saw was the snake. To see the snake in nature was amazing.”

Susanne – “The views to the Glasshouse Mountains, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast were great.”

Joachim – “For me, to feel the energy from this old forest was very special.”

Natsuko – “The rainforest made me feel peaceful and calm.”

Robert – “My favourite part was to see the very old trees and massive twisted vines. It was better than a GRAMMAR lesson”.

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