The Trip of a Lifetime

Marco, Luca.M, Loris and Luca.B all graduated from the Cambridge CAE class in Lexis Noosa on the 15th of March 2019.

Phil - travel boys

After their studies they went on a trip of a lifetime up to Cairns. They got up to a lot on their trip but they wanted to tell us the parts that they think are definitely a MUST! The boys enjoyed the beautiful Whitsundays on a Catamaran for 3 days, went on a waterfall tour around Cairns and became mesmerised by the tropical rainforest. They dived the Great Barrier Reef and couldn’t believe the marine life & crystal clear waters. But as they travelled back to Noosa they realised that it is the place to be & described it as ‘heaven on Earth’.

We asked the boys what the funniest memories were on their trip:

“Our camper van broke down and the expression from the RACQ roadside assistance man was hilarious!”

“On the catamaran someone had to sleep under the stairs.”

“A possum peed on someone.”

“Someone swam headfirst in the coral while we were snorkeling.”







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