Promoting the plastic free lifestyle.

It was an afternoon jam-packed full of fascinating information on how to be more environmentally friendly with regards to plastic use.

Both Ted Talks option classes had the pleasure of listening to Chad Buxton from Plastic Free Noosa, detailing all of the shocking facts and pleasant remedies about Plastic use.

Not only were current students fascinated by the lecture, but past students as well.

Oscar Bierge, who studied at Lexis from the start of 2016 until the middle of 2018, doing General English all the way through to the Business Course was coincidentally in school promoting his new business at the same time.

Sloppy Tunas, is a recyclable clothes business that was created by Oscar with the goal of reducing plastic use in the world. After surfing in Granite Bay with his fellow students, he was amazed and furious at the waste that was washed up in the rocks.

Upon going back to Barcelona, he founded the business and is now working closely with the Council in Barcelona to not only clean up the Beaches, but the Mountains as well.

If you want to get more involved with reducing the plastic use in Australia or Globally, you can visit

If you want to check out some amazing environmentally friendly swimwear, check out Oscar’s website at

Great work Chad and Oscar, and remember to Reduce, Refuse, Reuse.


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