History of Booing Gari by Gwendoline

Introducing the history of Booin Gari by Gwendoline (IELTS class)

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The Booin Gari festival gathers aboriginal people and Torres Strait islanders to celebrate and share the indigenous culture and to build positive relationships. The term ‘Booin Gari’ means ‘Come this way’. This festival was created in 2008 in Tewantin, the same year as the ‘Sorry speech’ by Kevin Rudd the Prime Minister.

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This year, 2018, the Gubbi Gubbi people hosted the festival in. Noosaville. The Gubbi Gubbi people is one Australian Aboriginal group using the Murri language. The word ‘Gubbi’ comes from ‘Kabi’ which means ‘no’ in Murri language.

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Even if there are subdivisions in the Gubbi Gubbi people (there are many clans like Giga Bora or Kaiya Bora), Booin Gari was hosted by all the Gubbi Gubbi people.

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Rainbow snake and octopus

Thanks to their creative events and performances, they succeeded in sharing a piece of their culture with the Lexis students and festival visitors.

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