Lexis Noosa Star


Veronika Renckova is an award winning illustrator, puppeteer and animator from the Slovak Republic. She focuses on art for children receiving the ‘Businesswoman of Slovakia’ award in 2008 and in 2009 the “Creative Young Entrepreneur’ Award.

She is also active in the non-profit sector, where she helps children through various projects. She teaches about art, traditions and folk lore.


Veronika is currently studying at Lexis Noosa for three months to improve her English.  “I need to improve my English for my work” she told us.

“I am starting to get an international reputation and I need to communicate with people all around the world and of course English is the global Language”.

We asked Veronika what she thought of the school and the Noosa area. She believes that Lexis English Noosa is a great school filled with wonderful people. “I love that there are not many students from Slovakia so it makes it easier to improve my English as I have to speak English to communicate with everyone”. She spoke about how she likes that Noosa Heads is a small area that feels very family orientated. “The more that the sun shines the more smiles you see”she told us.


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