Kayaking & S.U.P

This afternoon Lexis Noosa students made their way down to ‘Noosa Boardwalk Boat Hire’ to kayak or stand up paddle their way down the Noosa River. A great opportunity for the students to see a different side of beautiful Noosa Heads.

The sun was out and the students were happy!

Hope to see you on the next activity 🙂



Welcome 26.02.18

Welcome to Lexis Noosa!

This morning we welcome five new students. Maho, Kai and Takaya are from Japan & Severin and Jonas are from Switzerland!


26.02 1

We hope you all enjoy your time at Lexis English Noosa. And don’t forget to speak ENGLISH!

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Arts & Crafts

This afternoon Lexis English Noosa students made some D.I.Y (Do it yourself) candle jars. For this activity the students were given plain glass jars, a tea light and lots of different materials and accessories.

All of the jars looked so cute. They will look even better once you light the candle.

Looks like everyone had a great afternoon!


Yesterday afternoon Lexis Noosa students enjoyed a surfing lesson. The weather conditions weren’t the best but everyone still had a blast and enjoyed the activity.

Even though it was rainy weather the beach was still beautiful, the waves were great and the water was nice and warm! Hope you all had a great time trying to stand up and show us some great moves on the waves.

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Thanks again to all of the staff from Learn to Surf Noosa for teaching the Lexis students beach safety.



Fiona – CPE Student Testimonial


Lexis English school in Noosa is a great choice to study English. I´m happy that I decided to come to this stunning place, which not only offers breathtaking nature but also gives many opportunities to make international friends and hence practise English.

The school campus is located in the heart of Noosa Heads, which therefore means that it is close to everything. There is a fruit shop right next to the school to get a snack during the break and on the opposite side of the street there are take away restaurants and a supermarket to buy lunch.

Also there is a travel agency situated close by which is really convenient for students who want to book some weekend activities and their further travels after school. And last but not least, it only takes twenty minutes on foot to get to Noosa Main Beach where many students go after school.

The school itself is well-organised and creates a pleasant learning atmosphere. There are many possibilities to sit down to do your homework or have lunch at tables. And for those people who rather like to relax, there are comfortable beanbags everywhere around the school. A fridge to store your lunch, microwaves to heat it up and filtered water render it possible to have a homelike lunch break. Moreover, a ping-pong table invites students to have a quick competition from time to time.

The relaxed ambience at the school makes it easy to make friends since everybody is really out-going and wants to meet people. Students have the opportunity to take part in activities which are organised by the school, innovatively and almost every day. More specifically: there are activities to join like BBQ’s, a sunset river cruise, student nights at bars, Australian Food tasting, painting boomerangs, watching a movie, yoga, sand castle building competition, beach activities and much more. In a nutshell, they are always different and fun to participate in and with it there always is the possibility to meet new people.

In any event, all the staff members are really supportive and friendly and they help the students with paperwork such as work visas, accommodation and whatever else they need. Also, the teachers are good and the lessons are always very funny, at least the ones that I am in but I am sure that it also applies to the other classes. Along with exam preparations, there is always time to have many interesting and entertaining discussions about life, love, environmental issues and technology etc.

To draw a conclusion; I can recommend Lexis English Noosa to everyone who wants to improve their English and have a good time.

Welcome to sunny Noosa Heads

This morning we welcome 14 new students to Lexis English Noosa!


Wow, we have students from 5 different nationalities starting today! We are welcoming Sarah, Carina, Yanik, Rahel, Nico and Mirjam from Switzerland. Natsuka, Tomoko, Akiho, Arisa and Rinko from Japan. Christine from Italy, Eunsoo from Korea and Brice from France.

We hope that you all enjoy your studies at Lexis English and get to explore the beautiful town of Noosa.

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Wine and Cheese Tasting

Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon trying 6 different wines from the Australian and New Zealand region. What a way to spend the afternoon….. Delicious!!!!

Wine 16.2.18

Brown Brothers Moscato

One of Australia’s favourite Moscatos, the Brown Brothers Moscato is a delightful reminder of the warmer months with its aromas of musk and freshly crushed grapes. Wonderfully spritzy on the palate, this aromatic sweet white has abundant flavours of sherbet and crunchy tropical fruit. Enjoy chilled with great friends.

Wine6 16.2.18

Hardys Stamp of Australia Sauvignon Blanc

What better way to enjoy one of Australia’s favourite white wines that with an additional 33% when compared to a normal size bottle? All the fresh, vibrant tropical fruit aromas and flavours are there to enjoy along with a zippy mouth feel and refreshing aftertaste that belies this exceptional value Sauvignon Blanc.

Crafters Union Pinot Gris

This wine is full of natural fresh and fruity flavours. Settled in cool temperatures, the wine fermented for 1 month, using specially selected yeast strains to encourage complexity on the palate. Aromas of Nashi pear, spice, and nectarine with flavours of fresh citrus, melon and apple leading to a silky, off dry finish.

Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa

From sweet wine experts, Brown Brothers’ Moscato Rosa is salmon pink in colour with Turkish Delight and citrus blossom on the nose. Sweet fruit palate with flavours of rosewater and fresh grapes, and a light spritz which adds appealing zip and zing.

Jacobs Creek Merlot

A fresh contemporary style of Merlot from Jacob’s Creek produces a luscious medium bodied wine that has ripe plum and berry fruit flavours in harmony with soft grape and oak tannins giving length and texture.

Hardys Stamp of Australia Shiraz

Hardys Stamp Shiraz is soft, generous and easy drinking. This Shiraz has attractive plummy aromas with a touch of spice and the palate is round and   fruity with a soft finish.

Hope you had a wonderful afternoon activity!


New Staff at Lexis Noosa

We welcome Chris to the Lexis Noosa team as the new Academic Manager!

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, DELTA
Passions: Watching movies, listening to music and anything Elvis related.

Chris Picture

“I started teaching Kindergarten in Canada before moving to Japan to start a career in International Education.  After 4 years in Japan, I travelled to Australia on a working holiday visa and ended up staying.  While in Australia I have been fortunate to work as an English Teacher, TESOL Trainer and Academic Manager with some fantastic people and amazing students.  My wife and I lived and worked in Brisbane for 12 years and decided to make a Tree Change and I was fortunate to join the Lexis Noosa Team in early 2018.”

Welcome to the team Chris and we hope you love working at Lexis English Noosa!

Lexis Noosa Star


Veronika Renckova is an award winning illustrator, puppeteer and animator from the Slovak Republic. She focuses on art for children receiving the ‘Businesswoman of Slovakia’ award in 2008 and in 2009 the “Creative Young Entrepreneur’ Award.

She is also active in the non-profit sector, where she helps children through various projects. She teaches about art, traditions and folk lore.


Veronika is currently studying at Lexis Noosa for three months to improve her English.  “I need to improve my English for my work” she told us.

“I am starting to get an international reputation and I need to communicate with people all around the world and of course English is the global Language”.

We asked Veronika what she thought of the school and the Noosa area. She believes that Lexis English Noosa is a great school filled with wonderful people. “I love that there are not many students from Slovakia so it makes it easier to improve my English as I have to speak English to communicate with everyone”. She spoke about how she likes that Noosa Heads is a small area that feels very family orientated. “The more that the sun shines the more smiles you see”she told us.


Mount Coolum

Mount Coolum is such a beautiful walk we decided to run this activity again! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂

Perfect afternoon to climb Mount Coolum located on the Sunshine Coast near Coolum Beach. Spectacular views of the entire Sunshine Coast could be viewed from the very top of the mountain.

We hope you all had a wonderful time on your afternoon activity and look forward to seeing you on the next one 🙂

Will you be my Valentine?

Love is in the air at Lexis Noosa!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone at Lexis Noosa. We hope you all have a wonderful day spending it with someone special in your life.

Lexis Noosa Students spent the afternoon making Valentine’s Day cards for that someone special in their lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


New Students

Welcome to the 12 new students that are starting at Lexis Noosa this morning. We hope you all have a wonderful time here in Noosa!


We have Fabian, Miriam, Samuel, Philippe, Milena, Rusmira and Lea from Switzerland, Hitoki, Airi, Rina and Kento from Japan and Pei-Chuan from Taiwan.

Don’t forget to make them feel welcome and say hello if you see them around the school 🙂

Mount Coolum

Perfect afternoon to climb Mount Coolum located on the Sunshine Coast near Coolum Beach. Spectacular views of the entire Sunshine Coast could be viewed from the very top of the mountain.

We hope you all had a wonderful time on your afternoon activity and look forward to seeing you on the next one 🙂


Beach Games

Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon on the beautiful Noosa Main Beach playing beach games and soaking up the amazing sunshine.

Hope you had a wonderful afternoon in Noosa! We can’t wait to see you on the next activity.

Scavenger Photo Hunt

Today at Lexis Noosa the Kindai High School students spent the afternoon playing a game we like to call Scavenger photo hunt. Teams must complete the list given to them and document everything using photos to gain points. The team with the most points wins the competition.



Here are a few photos of the activity!

Looks like everyone had an amazing time completing in our scavenger photo hunt.

Welcome 2.2.18

We have 18 new students joining us at Lexis Noosa!

Welcoming people from all over the world. We have Cloe, Debora, Sina, Julia, Mireille, Monica and Sasha from Switzerland. Chisato, Remi, Mizuha, Tomoki and Haruki from Japan. Christina and Lena from Germany, Mauricio from Brazil and Eva from Belgium.


We hope you enjoy your studies and stay in beautiful Noosa Heads.


First week in Noosa?                                                                                                                    What you need to see, know and do:

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Laguna Lookout Sunset

Pack a picnic and head up to Laguna Lookout for one of the most amazing Australian sunsets you will ever see!




Woman walking on track in Noosa National Park’s Coastal Track Sunshine Coast

Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park’s Coastal Track is one of the great walks of the Sunshine Coast. You’ll see turquoise water, white sand, frolicking dolphins and a native forest with koalas.


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Noosa Main Beach

Make your way down to Hastings Street and grab an ice cream of your choice and melt away while you stare into the magical waters of Noosa Main Beach. 


Yoga & Movie afternoon

Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon practicing their yoga moves. Our wonderful yoga teacher Inga taught an hour session including different breathing techniques, stretches and mindfulness.

Hope you all had a great afternoon!

Our Kindai students spent the afternoon watching one of their favourite movies ‘Happy Feet’. Along with a lot of laughs the students enjoyed some popcorn and lollies.

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