How We Improve Students’ Writing In Our General English Programs

Our general English courses are very communicative with a strong speaking and listening focus. The weekly grammar and vocabulary is practiced through activities, games, pair work and group work. However, writing is  important also and we take it seriously.

Not only is writing is a basic language skill but many students find that writing helps commit new language to memory.   Postcards may be out of fashion, but emails and blogs and FB posts have taken their place. Students need to know how to write letters, reports and reply to advertisements.

At Lexis, every general English student is given the opportunity to improve their English writing through the development of a writing portfolio.  Writing is taught formally and explicitly and practiced through weekly writing tasks and assessed through formal weekly testing.  The end result is a portfolio of writing examples across all genres to take home.

Let me introduce Patrick.  Here he is, towering above me in his classroom.


Patrick arrived with minimal English. At the end of his first week he wrote the following for his teacher, Charmaine.writing 2003.jpg

Eight weeks later this is his writing.  Congratulations Patrick on such a great improvement.

writing 2004.jpg



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