Cleaning up the Environment

Cleaning up the environment

Some of our amazing students doing their part in cleaning up our local beaches. Great job Gessica, Isabela, Katja, Liam and Helson!

Ping pong competition

Congratulations to Diego. C from Chilie for winning the Lexis Noosa ping pong competition round 2 for November.  Second place went to Jules from New Caledonia and third place went to Fabio from Switzerland.

ping pong 1 29.11.17.jpg

Great job to everyone who participated in this months ping pong competition. Hope you all had a great afternoon!


Welcome to all the new smiling faces at Lexis Noosa.


We have Jose Manuel, Julia and Carolina from Spain, Noriko, Yujio and Arisa from Japan, Stephanie, Jessica, Matthias, Sarah and Bryan from Switzerland, Jules from New Caledonia, Ragna from Germany and Yein from Korea.

We hope you all have a wonderful first day at Lexis Noosa!

Noosa National Park

We had such beautiful weather last Friday for our Noosa National Park walk.

Happy Birthday Simara ūüôā We hope you enjoyed walking through the Noosa National Park!

Bagel Breakfast

Lexis Noosa Sunset Classes spent the morning enjoying their Bagel breakfast.

Students tried 3 different combinations for their bagel breakfast. Nutella and strawberries, Salmon, cream cheese and chives with lemon juice and the last option was ham, avo, tomato and cheese. Delicious!

Pizza Party

Thanks to all the students who came down to Lions park for the Pizza Party last night.


It was a wonderful night to relax with friends, listen to music and have some pizza and drinks! Looking forward to seeing you at the next Student Night!

Goodbye and Good Luck!

Today we say farewell to our Cambridge classes as they are finishing their courses today and having their exams over the next week.

CPE Kirsten Class

Teacher: Kirsten, Students: Loane, Salome, Aline, Laura, Raphael and Robyn .


CAE Phil Class

Teacher: Phil Students: Mirjam, Carina, Sandra, Sophie, Michele, Marcelo, Chiara, Michelle, Christophe, Martina, Simone, Elvira and Jonas.

CAE Anne class

Teacher: Anne Students: Luis, Lucas, Robin, Melanie, Sarina, Yobina, Sina, Jasmin, Elina, Soraya, Asier, Nico and Roman.

CAE Marie Class

Teacher: Marie Students: Lucas, Rodrigo, Carina, Claudia, Chantal, Katja, Viviane, Pascal, Manuel, Lea and Angela.

FCE Kerri Class

Teacher: Kerri Students: Momoyo, Chiho, Matues, Sonia, Nikolai, Kotori, Lucie, Aurelie, Dominique, Jordan, Milena, Hana and Helson.

FCE Michelle Class

Teacher: Michelle Students: Manuel, Saud, Sara, Fabio, Isabelle, Miya, Irene, Selina, Bettina, Isabela, Gesseca and Camila.

Thank you for coming to Lexis Noosa! We hope you had a wonderful time with us and we wish you all the best in the future!

Busy Wednesday!

Wednesday afternoon at Lexis Noosa looked like this…



It was such a crazy day with 60 students participating in our Aussie food tasting activity and 16 students competing in the ping pong comp!

The Aussie food tasting was a huge success. The students got to taste musk sticks, macadamias, sausage rolls, Caramello Koalas, Lamingtons, Anzac Buscuits, tim tams and i’m sure you can guess all of the reactions to the horrid Vegemite!

Congratulations to Lucas who came 1st in our ping pong competition and Patrick who came 2nd!

Hope you all had a great afternoon.


How We Improve Students’ Writing In Our General English Programs

Our general English courses are very communicative with a strong speaking and listening focus. The weekly grammar and vocabulary is practiced through activities, games, pair work and group work. However, writing is  important also and we take it seriously.

Not only is writing is a basic language skill but many students find that writing helps commit new language to memory.   Postcards may be out of fashion, but emails and blogs and FB posts have taken their place. Students need to know how to write letters, reports and reply to advertisements.

At Lexis, every general English student is given the opportunity to improve their English writing through the development of a writing portfolio.  Writing is taught formally and explicitly and practiced through weekly writing tasks and assessed through formal weekly testing.  The end result is a portfolio of writing examples across all genres to take home.

Let me introduce Patrick.  Here he is, towering above me in his classroom.


Patrick arrived with minimal English. At the end of his first week he wrote the following for his teacher, Charmaine.writing 2003.jpg

Eight weeks later this is his writing.  Congratulations Patrick on such a great improvement.

writing 2004.jpg



Welcome 20.11.17

Welcome to our 9 new students today at Lexis Noosa!

We welcome Benjamin, Michaela, Flurina and Selina from Switzerland, Mami and Shinnosuke from Japan, Alejandro from Spain, Pasquale from Italy and Aneta from Slovakia.

We hope that you all enjoy your first day :).

Welcome 20.11

Cambridge Speaking Exam – Done and Dusted!

Cambridge exam candidates from our schools in Noosa and Maroochydore did their Speaking Exams on Saturday. Happy faces all around AFTER it was done!

Waiting for their exams! And super happy faces afterwards!

And a little encouragement for everyone from our wonderful CPE class with one week to go until the written exams: “Knock it out at the Ballpark”!


Cider tasting round 2!

Friday afternoon at Lexis Noosa calls for a cider tasting activity.

The students get to taste 6 ciders from Australia and rate them according to the appearance, aroma, taste and palate.

The ciders that the students get to taste are Somersby Pear Cider, Rekorderling Strawberry and Lime Cider, Matilda Bay Dirty Granny Apple Cider, 4 Seeds Bright Apple, Cheeky Rascal Passionfruit and Pink Lady Cider and lastly Pure Blonde Apple Cider.

Cider 2

Hope you all had a great Friday afternoon!


Goodbye Lenka

Today we say goodbye to Lenka Kulendikova from the Czech Republic!

Lenka studied at Lexis Noosa from March 2017 to November 2017 for a total of 30 weeks. While she was here she lived in the beautiful sea side village of Sunshine Beach. She would cycle to school while taking in the wonderful views Noosa had to offer. Lenka worked at Sax’s Resort on Hastings Street every morning so she really appreciated the Sunset Cambridge First program that Lexis Noosa has which allowed her to work in the mornings and study in the afternoons.

Now she is travelling around Australia with her lovely boyfriend Ladislav.  We hope you have a wonderful time travelling around Australia and good luck for the future.


Boomerang Painting

Lexis Noosa students had a wonderful afternoon painting boomerangs.

The students were learning how to paint traditional and contemporary Aboriginal designs and symbols onto wooden boomerangs.

We hope you all had a wonderful time this afternoon and can’t wait to see you on the next activity!

Chocolate Tasting

Our Sunset classes enjoyed chocolate tasting as their morning activity on this fine Wednesday.

Fondue class.jpg


The students got to try a plate of dark, white and milk chocolate.

On the other plate there were 3 different flavours that the students needed to taste and figure out. They ended up being orange, mint and chilli flavoured.

The students were to describe and rate each chocolate type as they were tasting. At the end the students indulged in a chocolate fondue fountain, enjoyed along with strawberries, banana bread and marshmallows.




Welcome to all the new students starting at Lexis Noosa this week ūüôā

Jacqueline, Michelle, Nicole, Silvan, Caroline and Jan from Switzerland, Patricia, Lucas, Gabriela and Felipe from Brazil, Amaury and Solal from France and Sari from Japan.


We hope you all have a wonderful first day and enjoy your time here at Lexis Noosa!

Cider Tasting

Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon trying some delicious cider from all over the world.


Somersby Pear Cider is a refreshing and crisp cider made from fermented pear juice and natural pear flavouring. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings added and it’s sparkling and refreshing nature makes it a perfect addition to any Sunday afternoon.


Made from the purest Swedish spring water and deliciously ripe summer strawberry flavours, Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider is perfect served over ice or mixed with fresh mint for an incredible taste sensation.


Dirty Granny Matured Apple Cider is the new Apple Cider from Matilda Bay! Classic and craft in style, Dirty Granny has a rich and full flavour which combines a good balance of sweetness and acidity and the crisp, refreshing taste of 100% Australian apples.



5 Seeds Bright Apple is a refreshing cider with the naturally sweet taste of Gala apples.  A sweeter tasting apple cider that’s easy-drinking with a clean finish. We’ve crafted this cider to hit the perfect sweet-spot. With the addition of a new variety of naturally sweet gala apples, this is a thirst quencher with a sunny golden colour and smooth, clean finish. Refreshingly different!


Lovers of Cheeky Rascal’s refreshing fruit-flavoured ciders are going to fall head over heels for their Passionfruit and Pink Lady Apply cider blend. Power packed tropical flavours courtesy of quality Passionfruit is expertly intertwined with crunchy Pink Lady characters to create a cider destined for a Sunday afternoon.



Workshop afternoon!

Our FCE 1 class worked hard in their FCE speaking exam workshop this afternoon! Great job everyone.

Michelle FCE

Soccer @ the beach!

This afternoon Lexis Noosa students made their way down to Noosa Main Beach where they enjoyed a game of beach soccer. After a few days of unwelcome rain everyone was super excited to get down to the beach.

What a lovely afternoon it turned out to be. The sun even started shinning!

Welcome new students!

A very warm welcome to the 23 new students at Lexis Noosa this morning.

Welcome 06.11

We have 15 students from Switzerland, 2 students from Japan, 2 students from Brazil and 4 students from Brazil.

We hope that you all enjoy your first day at Lexis and have a great time while you are here in Noosa!

What’s on at Lexis Noosa

Have a look and see what the Lexis Noosa students will be doing next week after school!

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

Anyone wanting to play beach soccer or climb Mount Coolum? Wednesday afternoon is the day for you! Sign up at reception to reserve your spot.

Lexis Noosa students will be meeting up at KB’s for Glow Party at 9pm! KB’s provides a perfect atmosphere for student night. Loud music, amazing drinks and plenty of dancing. Sign up at reception!

Anyone wanting to try some cider from around Australia? Friday afternoon is the day for you! Sign up at reception to reserve your spot only 30 available!

Sounds like a perfect week of activities to me!


Poster Week 1

Surfing lesson

Surfing has been so popular lately that we just had to do another lesson!

This afternoon the students at Lexis Noosa  practiced their surf skills while they got to enjoy the refreshing water.

What could be better then an afternoon at the beach!