Mt Coolum National Park

Wednesday afternoon Lexis Noosa students conquered Mt Coolum. It was a beautiful walk along with smiling and sweaty faces.

Mt Coolum

It’s a wonderful activity to get the students out of the classroom and into nature to take a walk up one of the Sunshine Coast’s amazing mountains. It is a great opportunity for the students to see some of Australia’s rare and threatened plants, wildflowers and bird life.

The students were happy to see some spectacular coastal views.


Welcome to our new students

Welcome to our 11 new students at Lexis Noosa!

Today we welcome Chiho, Ayako and Arisa from Japan, Atschalina, Lucie, Alina and Sabrina from Switzerland, Hyeryeong from Korea, Franziska from Austria, Jordan from France and last but not least Guilherme from Brazil.

We hope that you all enjoy your first day here at Lexis English and have the best time in beautiful sunny Noosa.


What’s on this week

Have a look below to see what is happening this week at Lexis Noosa!

Lots of exciting activities this week so if you don’t have any plans when you finish school at 2:00pm look no further, we have your activities sorted out for you.

Poster Week 5

Beautiful Views

Noosa National Park Walk


Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon walking through the beautiful Noosa National Park on a mission to find Australian wildlife.

National Park Walk 1

The Noosa National Park is home to many Australian animals including the koala, Wombats, Snakes, Dolphins, Whales and Echidnas are just to name a few.

Hope you had a wonderful afternoon exploring the Noosa National Park!


Have an amazing weekend and we’ll see you back at school on Monday!

Student Night – Lexis Noosa

Ten Pin Bowling Related image

Last night we showed the Lexis Noosa students how to play Ten Pin Bowling.


The aim of the game is to bowl a ball towards 12 pins at the other end of the alley and knock as many pins over as you can.

Everyone enjoyed the evening! Especially trying to figure out who would be crowned the champion of Lexis Noosa!

And of course everyone was a winner on the night! Congratulations to everyone for playing and trying something different!

Teen Activity Program

Take a look at what our Teenage Activity Program (TAP) students have been up to on this wonderful Thursday.

Box girls

Today the TAP students had their morning class as usual then made there way down to Franks Gym to participate in one of their workout sessions. The sessions mostly consisted of boxing activities. They had loads of fun as you can see!

Mexican Mandala Linings

Thank you to our very own Brazilian student Camila for teaching our afternoon activity today. She taught us how to make the mexican madala linings which can be used as a decoration. We had such a great afternoon with lots of laughs learning how to make them.