Aussie Food Tasting

What could be better than Aussie food tasting on this beautiful Friday afternoon! Today we tasted a wide range of awesome Australian snacks including Caramello Koalas, Musk sticks, Macadamia nuts, Pies & Sausage rolls, Tim-tams, Anzac biscuits, Milo, Fairy bread and lucky last Vegemite.

Student night @ Moto Bar

This week’s student night we made our way down to one of the newer bars in Noosa, Moto Bar. The night was filled with many laughs, drinks and fabulous food. We enjoyed the $16 jugs of Craft beers, $5 Jaffles and the company of many friends. After having a couple of drinks we made our way out to KB’s which is one of the nightclubs in Noosa where you can dance your way through the night.


Beach Soccer

What a beautiful afternoon to play a game of beach soccer. The sun was shining, shirts off & sandy feet. What could be better than that after a long hard day at school learning English.

Welcome YMCA!

The YMCA tour group are joining us all the way from Japan. Today we went on a Noosa Local Tour to show the group the beautiful landscapes of Noosa.

Starting at Noosa Laguna Lookout where you see the ocean meet the river. Next stop was Hasting Street where we walked along the beach all the way to Noosa Woods. Then my personal favourite for the day, walking up Mt Tinbeerwah to see a wonderful panorama of local scenery.

Conversation Club

Conversation club with some of our new students and visits from our current students to better their English and best of all make some new friends.


Welcome 24.7.17

Welcome to our eight new starters for the week! 

Today we welcome people from all over the world. It’s so wonderful when you get a range of nationalities on a Monday so that everyone can interact and learn about all the different cultures. All the way from Korea we have Woo Hyun, Seoae, Jimin and Yeonjin, from Brazil we have Mateus, Italy – Ivana, Switzerland – Vanessa & Japan – Nana.

Welcome pic 24

Whats on this week?

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

This week on Wednesday we will have a game of beach soccer. Come along to play or just watch the game while you soak up the Australian winter sun. If you are brave enough you might even head down to the water to dip your toes in or jump in for a swim. Sign up at reception if you want to participate!

This week, Lexis Noosa students will be meeting up at Moto Bar for some dinner and drinks! Moto provides an awesome atmosphere, cheap food and some drinks that are so nice they go down a little too quick! Sign up at reception so we know how many table to book.

What could be any better of a Friday afternoon then tasting some amazing Aussie food. Look out on the activity notice board for all of the food that we will be trying out! I’m sure i’ll see smiling faces until the Vegemite makes its way out onto the table.

Poster Week 4

Yoga at Pinaroo Park

Beautiful afternoon at Pinaroo Park practicing our yoga! The best way to relax on a Friday afternoon🌞. Have a great weekend everyone🙌🏽

Yoga 1Yoga

Cooking Class

Our teacher Sam and his cooking option class tried to make homemade pasta this afternoon for the first time. As a pasta lover i’m happy to say that it looked and tasted very yummy!


Table Tennis Competition!

Every month Lexis Noosa hosts a Table Tennis competition where students battle it onto the table with their friends/ or opponents. Table Tennis is fast and demands quick reactions. Spinning the ball alters its trajectory and limits an opponent’s options, giving the hitter a great advantage. We ended up with four winners as they all played too good to just pick out three.

Ping pong 19.7

From left to right – Basil #3, Pedro #1, Stephan & Elena #2!

Cooking up a Storm

We found out that all the cooking class enjoy hot and spicy food!  This week we researched types of curry from around the world and we decided to make curry from India.  Using fresh locally grown ginger from Buderim and green beans from Gympie we made two types of curry with condiments.

Everyone found out how to make naan bread, which is a great alternative when you are travelling and camping as it’s quick and easy to make and you can leave to rise whilst you are driving along!

We had a great time talking about food, describing tastes and aromas and following and adapting the recipes we chose together!

 Now all that’s left to do is eat and enjoy!

Cambridge sunset cruise

Another fantastic sunset river cruise!

What a better way for all of the Cambridge students and teachers to bond and celebrate friendships than a beautiful sunset river cruise. Looks like everyone enjoyed their time and had loads of fun.

An incredible boat cruise finished off with an incredible sunset and lots of smiling faces!

Is it a bird. No is it a plane. No it’s a Lexis Cambridge student coming to school near you. 

Blast from the Past

It’s always a wonderful sight when we get to see students returning to our beautiful Lexis English Noosa school.

Sena Endo came to Lexis Noosa last year for our TAP program and loved it so much that she had to come again this year!

Welcome Back Sena and we hope you have a wonderful time at Lexis Noosa!


Welcome New Students

Welcome to our 9 new students today!

We have students from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, France, China and Austria joining us at Lexis Noosa today.  We would like to give a big welcome to Lena, Anauile, Yan, Gina, Daniel, Isabela, Johannes, Andy and Summer. We hope you have a wonderful time in Noosa! Don’t forget to say hello if you see them around the school.


Welcome to Lexis Noosa!

Cambridge Mock Testing

Our Lexis English Cambridge students had their mock exam this morning in preparation for their final exam in August. This gives the students a chance to practice testing in a strict environment and also a perfect opportunity for the students to receive feedback from their lovely teachers.

Hoping everyone went well on their mock exam!

Whats on this week

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

This week on Wednesday we will have a ping pong tournament to find out who the champion of July will be at Lexis Noosa. Sign up to play in the tournament or just come along to watch the match.

This week, Lexis Noosa students will be having a pizza & movie night at the school! We are choosing between 21 Jump Street, Fast and the Furious or That Awkward Moment.

Had a big week at school practicing and learning English? Come to Yoga in the park to stretch, release stress and feel relaxed moving into the weekend.

Poster Week 3.7

National Park Walk

On Friday Lexis Noosa students walked along the beautiful Noosa National Park as our afternoon activity. The ‘Coastal Track’ passes over several headlands and provides many spectacular coastal views. We were lucky enough to spot a Green Tree Snake, Blue-tongue Lizard, Turtles and a stingray!

You are hired!

Our Focus CAE class is an ongoing class, working with Cambridge materials at an advanced level. Some of our students prepare for the exam, others just want to improve their English. Romain, who has attended this class for twelve weeks – and sat the CAE exam during that time –  presented his teachers Annette and Marie with this brilliant Letter of Application.


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply spontaneously for an English teacher position in your language school in Noosa, far from the hustle and bustle of other cities. I have recently heard that the level was slipping and that you needed someone able to tip the balance.

Allowing for the fact that I have been studying for twelve weeks in your establishment, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable insight into how things work here. But more importantly, time is flying and it is high time I did something with my life.

I have a gut feeling that I would be suitable for this exhilarating and fulfilling (and lucrative?) job. Not only do I love to face challenges but I am also not afraid to roll up my sleeves when it is required. Furthermore, I can easily draw on my former experience. Indeed, I had to shoulder responsibilities throughout my whole career path.

It is certainly true that my application sounds a bit bold. Nevertheless, why should I play it safe? I am a risk-taker who lives his life to the full. What is more, it is often said that ‘the risk pays off’.

From my perspective, it is crystal clear that I am your best bet. Without willing to boast, I can tell the difference between the stocks and the shares in case some picky students would try to trick me. It cannot be denied that nowadays, this knowledge is of great importance.

Attending an interview at your earliest convenience would put me on cloud nine. For this reason, I look forward to a prompt reply, knowing that ‘no news is good news’.

Yours sincerely




Cupcake Decorating

Lexis Noosa students spent the beautiful afternoon decorating cupcakes.

Firstly, we had the students decorate a cupcake into a burger themed cupcake! We used the vanilla cupcake as the buns, the brownie as the meat patty, green coconut as lettuce and some red and yellow icing as cheese and tomato sauce.


Secondly, we had the students make a rainbow, blue sky and cloud cupcake.

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Whats on this week!

Are you a student at Lexis Noosa and looking for something exciting to do after school everyday? If so then look so further. This week we have some very exciting activities, check them out below!

Poster Week 2.7

Welcome Students

Welcome to our 8 new smiling faces!! Today we are greeting people from Japan, Spain and Switzerland! . If you see them around the school don’t forget to say hello .10.7.17

Swiss feast!

Our Swiss students Beat and Martin put on a feast of delicious Swiss ‘Zopf’, Swiss cheeses and other nibblies on their leaving day for their classmates and teacher Charmaine.  This is the beauty of our multicultural classes – learning about and celebrating with each other our different heritage, represented in customs and last but not least food! Thank you!



This afternoon Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon playing volleyball at a local Backpackers called KB’s in the Noosa Junction. Beautiful weather, great company and best of all practicing their English!

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court under organized rules.


Phrasal Verbs – Option Class

In the afternoon option class students learn Phrasal Verbs in contexts. This week we studied phrasal verbs about clothes. The students loved picking out outfits and trying them on! It was difficult to choose a character to act out but everyone had fun learning new vocabulary and grammar.

Maria's class

Indoor Football

When the students ask for football they get football!

On Monday night students met at the Noosa Leisure Centre to participate in a few games of indoor football. What a great activity for the students! What could be better than a whole lot of exercise, hanging with your friends and best of all a mix of nationalities speaking English.

Hope you all enjoyed the activity!

Visit from past students!

Such an exciting time when former students come back to visit  Noosa Lexis Staff! Beautiful Joyce returned to visit us after 13 years. She says that Noosa hasn’t changed a bit & shared a few laughs with Director of Studies Becky about her memories  at Lexis Noosa. Now Joyce has brought her son to study at Sunshine Beach Primary School. Exciting times ahead for their adventures in Australia.


Lexis Noosa’s Working Stars

Here in Noosa we have many amazing students who find a way to balance studying English, working and enjoying the beautiful beaches. Tony is one of these students and he has been generous enough to share his experience with us.


Tony has been in Noosa since March 2017 and on Saturdays he works at the Eumundi Markets, a popular tourist market in the small town of Eumundi. On  Sundays he  works at the local Noosa Farmers Market in Noosaville where he is responsible for cooking the dumplings and also selling them to customers. He has been working there for one month and likes it because it gives him the opportunity to meet locals and practise his English with them.

If you’re looking for a job in Noosa he recommends writing a really good description of your skills. He recommends asking your friends if they know of any jobs in the area and to also look on a website called Gum Tree. He also believes that local employers are looking for students with work experience who learn really quickly and are hard working.

Tony sent out many resumes and after two months of looking and hard work he found the job that was right for him. He feels that working  your first week with the company is very important as they will be watching and judging if you are taking the job seriously as well as  making sure that you are the right fit for their company.

Welcome new students!

What a beautiful morning to welcome our 5 new students to Lexis Noosa.

We are greeting Mayumi & Maika from Japan, Dominik from Switzerland and Oriol & Irene from Spain.

Hope you have a wonderful time at Lexis Noosa!

3.7.17 starter

What’s on this week

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

This week on Wednesday we will be playing a game of Volleyball at a backpacker close to the school called KB’s in the Noosa Junction. Come down and have a game or two while having a cheeky afternoon beer and something to eat.

This week, Lexis Noosa students will be going to a local bar for student night called Village Bicycle. Village Bicycle Noosa brings to Noosa Junction a new, fun, good vibes local bar. Village Bicycle Noosa is all about good times, where the beer is always cold, the food is always tasty and the vibe is always relaxed. Come down and have a beer and something to eat from 6.00 pm Thursday 6th July 2017.

Have you tasted any Australian or New Zealand wine since you’ve been in our region? Then Friday’s activity is for you! Come along and enjoy Australia’s finest wine as we spend the afternoon tasting red and white wine from our famous region and having some tasty snacks along the way! Be quick only 30 spots available, so if you would like to participate in this activity come to reception and sign up today!!

Poster Week 1