Aussie Food Tasting

What could be better than Aussie food tasting on this beautiful Friday afternoon! Today we tasted a wide range of awesome Australian snacks including Caramello Koalas, Musk sticks, Macadamia nuts, Pies & Sausage rolls, Tim-tams, Anzac biscuits, Milo, Fairy bread and lucky last Vegemite.

Student night @ Moto Bar

This week’s student night we made our way down to one of the newer bars in Noosa, Moto Bar. The night was filled with many laughs, drinks and fabulous food. We enjoyed the $16 jugs of Craft beers, $5 Jaffles and the company of many friends. After having a couple of drinks we made our way out to KB’s which is one of the nightclubs in Noosa where you can dance your way through the night.


Beach Soccer

What a beautiful afternoon to play a game of beach soccer. The sun was shining, shirts off & sandy feet. What could be better than that after a long hard day at school learning English.

Welcome YMCA!

The YMCA tour group are joining us all the way from Japan. Today we went on a Noosa Local Tour to show the group the beautiful landscapes of Noosa.

Starting at Noosa Laguna Lookout where you see the ocean meet the river. Next stop was Hasting Street where we walked along the beach all the way to Noosa Woods. Then my personal favourite for the day, walking up Mt Tinbeerwah to see a wonderful panorama of local scenery.

Conversation Club

Conversation club with some of our new students and visits from our current students to better their English and best of all make some new friends.


Welcome 24.7.17

Welcome to our eight new starters for the week! 

Today we welcome people from all over the world. It’s so wonderful when you get a range of nationalities on a Monday so that everyone can interact and learn about all the different cultures. All the way from Korea we have Woo Hyun, Seoae, Jimin and Yeonjin, from Brazil we have Mateus, Italy – Ivana, Switzerland – Vanessa & Japan – Nana.

Welcome pic 24