Why Sunset Program Classes?

Traditionally we have offered our Sunset classes (running from 13.15 to 17.30) as a life style alternative, in the hot summer months when the beach and surf are better in the mornings.

However, we are now offering this timetable all year round to meet the increasing demand by students who are finding good jobs on the morning shifts.  In the past, Noosa had typical ‘quieter’ and ‘busier’ periods, but we are now seeing good tourist numbers all year round.  Many are Australians who now prefer to travel within their own country for safety and cost reasons. There is also an increase in overseas tourists who regard Australia as a safe and peaceful destination. So, there are plenty of morning jobs in the resorts and along our famous Hastings Street restaurants and cafes.

Here is Tom. He is a chef in France and is studying English on a working holiday visa. He is thrilled to be working at Bistro C. One of Noosa’s most famous restaurants.


Meanwhile, this morning I bumped into Gabriele from Brazil.  After arriving with very little English, he is delighted to be working front of house in the newly opened Japanese restaurant, Maki Moto.  Studying on a student visa, he can work every morning and study English every afternoon. Perfect.


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