Last Day for Cambridge Students

Good Luck and Farewell to our beautiful Cambridge students as it was their last day today. We wish you all the best for your up and coming exams next week and we hope you all do extremely well.



Phil’s CAE  Class and Anne’s CAE  Class

Phil’s Class: Uri, Sarah, Nadine, Lorena, Carles, Fabio, Florian, Jana, Lisa, Joao, Sarah, Dominique and Ramon.

Anne’s Class: Arnau, Ruzica, Marco, Nemo, Zelie, Xavier, Alex, Silvan, Marina, Rachel, Selina and Julia.

Michelle’s FCE Class and Jonathan’s FCE Class

Michelle’s Class: Mohammed, Saad, Jonas, Aylin, Pedro, Rahel, Adam, Celine, Aitor, Marc and Lesie.

Jonathan’s Class: Sultan, Muhannad, Maylla, Yves, Philipp, Claudio, Thomas, Emi, Claire, Daniele, Patrick and Michelle.

Kirsten and Suzie’s CPE Class

CPE Jun2017

Kirsten’s CPE Class: Jennifer, Carlo, Giulia, Tim, Kai, Marius, Rea and Ingrid.

Suzie’s CPE Class: Asier, Anabelly, Ainhoa, Nuno, Paula, Jeannine, Janie and Melina.


 Thank you so much for coming to Lexis Noosa! It has been an absolute pleasure to have you all here and we hope you all come back to visit soon!!

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