Pizza Party

Cheap pizza, drinks and a night of laughter. Thanks for coming everyone.

This weeks student night we were joined by our group of Teenage Academic Program (TAP) students who are studying English with Lexis Noosa for 3 Weeks.

With a mixture of pizza and nationalities it was a night of mingling and English speaking.


pizza party

Barefoot Bowls

Hanging out in Coolum Beach learning Australia’s version of Lawn Bowls – Barefoot bowls! What a great activity for the students to participate in while being in Australia. The afternoon was filled with many laughs!

So, thank you to everyone who got involved in this activity. It was very nice to see a smile on each and every face.

Lawn Bowls 5Lawn Bowls 4Lawn Bowls 1

Strange, Stranger, Strangest….. Who does it better?

FCE classes comparing notes after their grammar session today……. who really studies more than the other???

And who is the most eccentric teacher – Anne or Michelle???

Lexis Noosa’s Working Stars

Here in Noosa we have many amazing students who find a way to balance studying English, working and enjoying the beautiful beaches. Mireia is one of these students and she has been generous enough to share her experience with us. 


Mireia has been in Noosa since December 2016 and she works at the Boathouse, a popular riverside restaurant on the shores of Noosa River. She has been working there as a dish-washer since January and she likes it because she has the opportunity to meet locals and because they sometimes give her food.

She works about 20 hours a week and feels that the job has helped to improve her English because she has to speak English in the kitchen with the other staff. If you’re looking for a job in Noosa she recommends writing a really good description of your skills. She also believes that local employers are looking for hardworking and flexible employees.

She sent out many resumes and after a month of looking got the job through a friend who was working there. She feels that working as a dishwasher was much more difficult than what she expected beforehand.

Tie Dye

This afternoon the Lexis Noosa student’s tried their luck at Tie Dying a white T-shirt.

The students watch a You Tube video to get the right skills and techniques to master the spiral tie dye look.

Now the Lexis Noosa students will wait 4-6 hours for the dye to sink into the white T-shirt and with any luck the shirts will come out absolutely beautiful!! Stay tune to see the unveiling of the Tie Dye shirts tomorrow and also to see the Lexis Noosa students wearing them to their very own Tie Dye Party!! 🙂

New Students

A big warm welcome to our General English students who started on Monday. We hope you have a wonderful time in Noosa and at Lexis!

New 19.6.17

Andreia, Veronica, Beat, Elena, Martin, Jiwon and Romana.

The New Cambridge Students started their course on Monday as well and will be at Lexis Noosa for 12 weeks.

New 19.6.172

Stephane, Mika, Shinsuke, Luca, Kevin, Urara, Marcelo, Lea, Adriana, Matthias and Lorena.

To celebrate the afternoon at Lexis Noosa we ventured down to Lions Park for an Aussie BBQ.

We hope you all have a wonderful time at Lexis Noosa! We can’t wait to get to know each and everyone of you!

IMG_4731[1]  Lexis English Noosa June 2017

Water Colour Painting

This afternoon the Lexis Noosa students had the opportunity to learn from one of the best Water Colour Painters on the Sunshine Coast, Phil Egan.


Students were shown the basic techniques and equipment needed to complete a water colour painting.

Thank you so much for teaching us!!

Job Hunting

Congratulations on finding a Job in Noosa

Congratulations to Yeongsoo Choi on finding a job at Rococo Bistro & Bar and Guillermina Kairuz Ibanez for finding a job with Bistro C both restaurants are on our iconic Hastings Street in Noosa Heads. Both students will be working in the kitchen helping to prepare meals and doing the dishes.  If you see them around the school and at their restaurants don’t forget to say hello and congratulate him!

Cooking Lesson

Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon learning how to make Gyoza.


Japanese-style gyoza are related to their Chinese counterparts but tend to be more subtle in flavor, stuffed with juicy pork and cabbage lightly seasoned with garlic, scallions, ginger, white pepper, salt, and sugar.

A very special thank you to the Japanese students that helped with the cooking lesson today. Tsubasa Kitayama, Asako Kondo, Ayumi Kosaki and Mei Yoshida, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Looking forward to our next cooking lesson!!

New Students

Getting to know the students starting this week at Lexis Noosa.

Today we welcome 7 new students to the Lexis Noosa family. We hope you have a wonderful first day in Noosa!


Lucas is from Brazil and he is 33 years old. He is here to improve his English and have a good time! Lucas likes to watch Football, movies and just chill out and have fun with friends. Lucas works as a consultant in innovation management.

Paula and Romulo are from Sao Paulo in Brazil. They are both 25 years old and enjoy going to the cinema and gym together. Paula works as an architect and Romulo is a production and management analyst.

Danielle is also from Brazil and has come to Noosa, Australia to improve her English. She enjoys watching movies and having a good time with her friends and family.

Kazone is coming to us from Japan and would like to do some volunteering work while she is here in Noosa. Kazone likes to listen to music, go shopping and improve her English level.

Sayaka is 29 years old and is from Japan, She enjoys going shopping and watching movies. She chose Noosa because it is close to the sea and also the country side and is looking forward to making friends from all the different countries here at Lexis Noosa.

Juhee is 36 years old and is coming to us from South Korea. She works in a financial company as a computer engineer and is looking forward to doing some surf lessons here in Noosa. Juhee also enjoys travelling and exercising.


We hope you all had a wonderful first day and we look forward to getting to know you better over the course of your enrollments 🙂


What’s on this Week

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

Also on Tuesday at 2.00 pm, we have the amazing Tanya holding a Pronunciation workshop which will help you sound out those difficult words of the English vocabulary. If you haven’t try her class yet, you need to sign up today!!

This week on Wednesday we will be cooking up a storm with our Japanese Students, as they will be taking us on a delicious journey to make Gyoza. Only 20 spots available so sign up quick at reception.

This week, Lexis Noosa will have a beautiful Sunset Picnic for it’s student night on Thursday 15th June 2017 at 4.30 pm. If you would like to watch the sunset over the Noosa River and take some beautiful photos come along to this weeks student night. We will have some delicious snacks for you to try, you can make new friends from the school and have a wonderful evening in Noosa. Sign up at reception so I know how much snacks to buy for the picnic 🙂

Have you dreamed about painting a masterpiece with water colour? Friday will be the activity for you! Phil, one of our Cambridge teachers has agreed to teach a class of 12 the techniques needed to complete a beautiful water colour painting of a mountain, lake and thunder clouds. Sign up quick if you would like to do his class!

 Poster Week 3

Hope you all have a wonderful week at Lexis Noosa!

Why Sunset Program Classes?

Traditionally we have offered our Sunset classes (running from 13.15 to 17.30) as a life style alternative, in the hot summer months when the beach and surf are better in the mornings.

However, we are now offering this timetable all year round to meet the increasing demand by students who are finding good jobs on the morning shifts.  In the past, Noosa had typical ‘quieter’ and ‘busier’ periods, but we are now seeing good tourist numbers all year round.  Many are Australians who now prefer to travel within their own country for safety and cost reasons. There is also an increase in overseas tourists who regard Australia as a safe and peaceful destination. So, there are plenty of morning jobs in the resorts and along our famous Hastings Street restaurants and cafes.

Here is Tom. He is a chef in France and is studying English on a working holiday visa. He is thrilled to be working at Bistro C. One of Noosa’s most famous restaurants.


Meanwhile, this morning I bumped into Gabriele from Brazil.  After arriving with very little English, he is delighted to be working front of house in the newly opened Japanese restaurant, Maki Moto.  Studying on a student visa, he can work every morning and study English every afternoon. Perfect.


Movie Night

Last night Lexis Noosa held it’s very own Cinema experience at the campus.

Movie Night 8jun1

Room 12 was converted into a beautiful cinema with twinkly fairy lights, popcorn, soft drinks, lollies and of course chocolate to watch the spectacular movie, Lion.

Movie Night 8jun4

Five year old Saroo gets lost on a train which takes him thousands of miles across India, away from home and family. Saroo must learn to survive alone in Kolkata, before ultimately being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, armed with only a handful of memories, his unwavering determination, and a revolutionary technology known as Google Earth, he sets out to find his lost family and finally return to his first home.

Movie Night 8jun5

Grammar Workshop: Reported Speech

Grammar Workshop

Lize told me that she really enjoys teaching reported speech. She insisted on me going to the weekly Grammar Workshop. She said that she always had a great group of keen students who wanted to improve their grammar skills.

The students reported that Lize is a phenomenal grammar teacher and that they thoroughly enjoy her grammar guidance every Thursday. They proclaimed that she always makes different grammar points easier to understand and put into practice. They regretted that the workshop wasn’t everyday.

If you are not confident in Grammar or feel that you simply want to fine tune grammar skills – make sure you go to the Grammar Workshops on Thursday in Room 5.

Snap! Snap! Crocodile Alert!!!

Group group

What are the class doing?  It’s okay the crocodile is safe and was cubed and put in a delicious marinade!

crocodile meat

We designed three different marinades from fresh ingredients and left the crocodile to tenderise overnight.  We had the stir-fried cubed meat as a kebab with healthy fresh vegetables and rice.  Our chef Karina showed us how to present the rice in an attractive way using a measuring cup to form half a sphere.  This is why she is the professional! Fabulous Karina!

Students thought that the crocodile meat was similar in taste to chicken but had the texture of fish.  It is a delicacy in Australia and all the students had a try!  It’s good to try new foods when we visit a different country!

Welcome to our New Students

 A big welcome to Lucas, Priscila and Ana from Brazil, Tomoko and Mio from Japan and Luisa from Switzerland who started at Lexis Noosa today.


I hope you have a wonderful first day!

What’s on this Week

Check out what’s on this week at Lexis Noosa!

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

This week on Wednesday we will be going to KB’s, a backpacker close to the school and having a couple of games of Volleyball. If you would like to join us please come to reception and write your name down on the sign up sheet.

Lexis Noosa will be hosting their very own Movie Night at the school for Student Night Thursday 8th June. Come along for some delicious snacks, make new friends and of course to practise some English.

Have you been surfing in Noosa, Australia yet? Friday is the lucky day where we will be having a surfing lesson. It only costs $30 per student and there are limited spaces so if you are interested please come and see me at reception to secure your spot.

Poster Week 2

Perfect way to end the week

Friday afternoon the Lexis Noosa students had the opportunity to try SUP (stand up paddle boarding) and Kayaking along the Noosa River.


Stand up paddle boarding is a traditional Hawaiian sport which promotes balance, strength and general fitness. It is excellent for surfers and non-surfers alike, as it provides an isometric workout that strengthens your core muscle groups, while giving you a fun and exciting way to view the natural surroundings.

We hope you enjoyed your Friday activity and we’ll see you on the next one 🙂

Kayaking 2jun8

Last Day for Cambridge Students

Good Luck and Farewell to our beautiful Cambridge students as it was their last day today. We wish you all the best for your up and coming exams next week and we hope you all do extremely well.



Phil’s CAE  Class and Anne’s CAE  Class

Phil’s Class: Uri, Sarah, Nadine, Lorena, Carles, Fabio, Florian, Jana, Lisa, Joao, Sarah, Dominique and Ramon.

Anne’s Class: Arnau, Ruzica, Marco, Nemo, Zelie, Xavier, Alex, Silvan, Marina, Rachel, Selina and Julia.

Michelle’s FCE Class and Jonathan’s FCE Class

Michelle’s Class: Mohammed, Saad, Jonas, Aylin, Pedro, Rahel, Adam, Celine, Aitor, Marc and Lesie.

Jonathan’s Class: Sultan, Muhannad, Maylla, Yves, Philipp, Claudio, Thomas, Emi, Claire, Daniele, Patrick and Michelle.

Kirsten and Suzie’s CPE Class

CPE Jun2017

Kirsten’s CPE Class: Jennifer, Carlo, Giulia, Tim, Kai, Marius, Rea and Ingrid.

Suzie’s CPE Class: Asier, Anabelly, Ainhoa, Nuno, Paula, Jeannine, Janie and Melina.


 Thank you so much for coming to Lexis Noosa! It has been an absolute pleasure to have you all here and we hope you all come back to visit soon!!

Student Night – Moto

Lexis Noosa Students spent the night at a local bar in the Noosa Junction called Moto trying Jaffles for the first time and of course trying some of our local craft beer.

 This was the last student night for our Cambridge students as Friday the 2nd June 2017 is their last day at school.

I wish them all the best in the future and can’t wait to see everyone soon!!

Activities – June Calendar

Grab your jackets, gloves and boots everyone because winter has arrived at Lexis Noosa! And we have some exciting activities to go with the beautiful change of weather.

Each week we will tell you more about each activity, where it will take place and what time it will happen. So keep a look out for me in your classroom every Tuesday morning and always read the activity notice board! If you see something you like don’t forget to sign up at Reception.

June Calendar

Mount Coolum


Lexis Noosa students spent the afternoon climbing our beautiful Mount Coolum to enjoy the amazing views and sunset of the Sunshine Coast.

Mount C 4

What better way to spend the afternoon than with friends walking up Mount Coolum, part of Noosa’s National Park.


After 20 minutes the students arrived at the top of Mount Coolum and wasn’t disappointed with the view.

See you on the next adventure!