Cooking Class

Today in our Cooking Option Class we started by roasting marshmallows.

Then the students were tasting damper that was cooked on the open fire and discussing whether or not it tastes any different to normal bread.

Damper is a traditional bush bread made from flour and water. There is no yeast so the idea is it’s quick and easy to make. We found it tasted delicious with Nutella but honey would be the “bush tucker” style.

For anyone at home who would like to try and make Damper – here is the recipe which serves 2.

1 cup self raising flour
1/4 cup milk or water
Pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients into a firm dough. Shape into a snake. Wrap in foil.
Cook in the ashes wrapped in foil for 15 minutes or until crusty on the outside and soft in the middle.

Welcome New Students

A very warm welcome to our new students today. We are lucky enough to have people joining us from Brazil, Korea, Japan and Germany. Looking forward to getting to know you all! Hope you have the best time here in Noosa.


Hip Hop with Wakana

What could possibly be better than a hip hop class on a Friday afternoon to get you ready for the weekend?

Our incredibly talented student’s Wakana and Asako made up a dance for Lexis Noosa students to learn as our Friday afternoon activity. Thanks for taking the time to make up the dance and teach it to us. You girls have some serious dance moves. Thank you to everyone that came along and I hope to see some of the dance moves at our next student night!

Head over to the Lexis Noosa Facebook to see the dance!

DaceDance 5Dance stretvchDance x


Student Night – White T-shirt Party

On Thursday night Lexis Noosa students met up at Halse Lodge to have our student night. The theme of the student night was a white t-shirt party. So all the students arrived with their white t-shirts on ready to sign the night away with sweet and farewell messages. This activity is especially good as the students are able to take their shirt home as a little souvenir of the Noosa Lexis school & the amazing friends they made here.

Hoping you all had a great night with each other!

Collage white t-shirt

Lexis Noosa Breakfast

Ramadan Mubarak to all of our Saudi Arabian Students.

This morning our Saudi Arabian National Guard Officers prepared a breakfast for the whole Lexis Noosa school. Thank you for the beautiful start to our day!!

Noosa National Park Walk

Lexis Noosa and Lexis Sunshine Coast students enjoying the beautiful weather along the Noosa National Park scenic walk.

The students started their adventure at the Noosa Surf Club and made their way along the the scenic points of Laguna Bay, Boiling Pot, Tea Tree Bay, Dolphins Point, Granite Bay and finishing at the headland of Hells Gate.

Unfortunately we didn’t spot any Koalas, Dolphins or Whales but how could you be disappointed with that when you get to see these wonderful views.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon! See you next time.