Cooking Class

Today in our Cooking Option Class we started by roasting marshmallows.

Then the students were tasting damper that was cooked on the open fire and discussing whether or not it tastes any different to normal bread.

Damper is a traditional bush bread made from flour and water. There is no yeast so the idea is it’s quick and easy to make. We found it tasted delicious with Nutella but honey would be the “bush tucker” style.

For anyone at home who would like to try and make Damper – here is the recipe which serves 2.

1 cup self raising flour
1/4 cup milk or water
Pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients into a firm dough. Shape into a snake. Wrap in foil.
Cook in the ashes wrapped in foil for 15 minutes or until crusty on the outside and soft in the middle.

Welcome New Students

A very warm welcome to our new students today. We are lucky enough to have people joining us from Brazil, Korea, Japan and Germany. Looking forward to getting to know you all! Hope you have the best time here in Noosa.


Hip Hop with Wakana

What could possibly be better than a hip hop class on a Friday afternoon to get you ready for the weekend?

Our incredibly talented student’s Wakana and Asako made up a dance for Lexis Noosa students to learn as our Friday afternoon activity. Thanks for taking the time to make up the dance and teach it to us. You girls have some serious dance moves. Thank you to everyone that came along and I hope to see some of the dance moves at our next student night!

Head over to the Lexis Noosa Facebook to see the dance!

DaceDance 5Dance stretvchDance x


Student Night – White T-shirt Party

On Thursday night Lexis Noosa students met up at Halse Lodge to have our student night. The theme of the student night was a white t-shirt party. So all the students arrived with their white t-shirts on ready to sign the night away with sweet and farewell messages. This activity is especially good as the students are able to take their shirt home as a little souvenir of the Noosa Lexis school & the amazing friends they made here.

Hoping you all had a great night with each other!

Collage white t-shirt

Lexis Noosa Breakfast

Ramadan Mubarak to all of our Saudi Arabian Students.

This morning our Saudi Arabian National Guard Officers prepared a breakfast for the whole Lexis Noosa school. Thank you for the beautiful start to our day!!

Noosa National Park Walk

Lexis Noosa and Lexis Sunshine Coast students enjoying the beautiful weather along the Noosa National Park scenic walk.

The students started their adventure at the Noosa Surf Club and made their way along the the scenic points of Laguna Bay, Boiling Pot, Tea Tree Bay, Dolphins Point, Granite Bay and finishing at the headland of Hells Gate.

Unfortunately we didn’t spot any Koalas, Dolphins or Whales but how could you be disappointed with that when you get to see these wonderful views.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon! See you next time.

Winner – Best cook Lexis Noosa

Lisa Reitgruber was Lexis Noosa’s winner of the Cancer Council morning tea cooking competition! Thank you so much for participating and making the best little pizza rolls we have ever eaten. Enjoy your prize ;P

Visit Australia Ryugaku Centre

Today we had a visit from Australia Ryugaku Centre which is an agency that specialise with our Japanese students. We hope you enjoyed your tour around Lexis Noosa and all our information given by one of our wonderful Academic Support team members, Tanya!Tanya & agent

What’s On

Check out what’s on this week at Lexis Noosa!!

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

Have you seen a Koala in the wild yet? No……. Then you definitely need to go on our Noosa National Park walk on Wednesday 24th May at 2pm. Beautiful wildlife, ocean views and great company from the Lexis English Sunshine Coast campus who will be joining this activity.

Lexis Noosa will be hosting their very own White T-Shirt party at Halse Lodge for Student Night Thursday 25th May. Come along for something to eat, listen to some music and make a souvenir that your friends will be jealous of. Don’t forget to sign your name at the reception desk and to buy a white T-shirt from Target for only $5 so we can sign our good-bye on each others shirts.

Have you ever seen a Hip Hop dance competition? Friday is your lucky day! Studying at the school at the moment is Wakana who is a qualified Hip Hop dancer and has agreed to show everyone how to shake their booty out on the dance floor. We also have a Teacher, Sam who thinks he has what it takes to dance the night away. The two will be in separate teams to dance the afternoon away and find the Hip Hop champion at Lexis Noosa!

Poster Week 4

Conversation Club

Lexis Noosa students enjoying their conversation club by speaking English and playing Uno and Jenga. What better way to spend the afternoon then trying some delicious Australian food, practicing English and making new friends.

Which game do you enjoy playing?……

New Student – Lexis Noosa

Lexis English Noosa would like to introduce our new student starting today from Taiwan, Yo Chao. Welcome to the Noosa and we hope that you enjoy you stay here with us. If you see Yo Chao around the school please stop and say hello  and make him feel welcome.


Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

On Friday morning we held an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event, and the turnout was incredible. In fifteen busy minutes, we raised $504 for the charity Cancer Council, where all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to cancer awareness and research. Many students bought food as a class or brought in home cooked treats. We had a large range of foods varying from a Naked Cake to brownies and cheesecake. With sales happening left and right the food was gone in what seemed like only minutes.

Thank you to our wonderful work experience students Lauren and Sophie who organised the whole event and made it happen!

Biggest Morning Tea

mt poster

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Are you ready to take part in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and raise money for the Cancer Council?

When: Friday at Morning Tea (10:30 – 10:45)

Where: Lexis Noosa Courtyard

If anyone loves baking and would like to make something that we could sell at the morning tea that would be appreciated. It could be cakes, sandwiches or anything that you think would be yummy for morning tea.

Competition Time

We will be running a competition for the best baked morning tea snack. You could win either a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer valued at $20 & of course the title of:


Bring some money if you would like to buy something to eat.

All money raised on the day will be given to the Cancer Council as a donation.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea funds cancer research.

We hope to see you there!

This morning tea is dedicated to our family & friends that are suffering or have suffered from cancer throughout their lives. We would love to raise awareness and donate to the cancer council so that everyone, especially our loved ones can get all the help that they need to fight the disease.

The story below is one of many cancer stories in our community.

Eva Menelaws story

This is Eva and she was diagnosed with breast cancer last November. She has been through Chemotherapy, has had a double Mastectomy and is about to have Radiotherapy. If anyone would like to read more about Eva and her family’s story, please follow the link:

Our hopes and prayers are with Eva and her family at this time. If you would like to make a donation please go to our Biggest Morning Tea webpage, all money raised on the day will go to the Cancer Council:

Yoga in the park

This week our Wednesday afternoon activity was Yoga at Pinaroo Park. It’s always such a great activity for the students to do after a long day of concentration in the classroom.

Yoga, apart from being a super fun activity also has many other benefits. Yoga can increase energy & concentration levels, be a great form of stress relief and best of all is a form of physical activity.

Yoga 17.5

Hope everyone enjoyed their relaxing afternoon!

Graduated Students


Our Military National Guard Officers Abdullah, Abdulrahman & Bader have graduated  today! We are all so proud of you guys. Enjoy seeing your family back in Saudi & best of luck at Flight school! 🎉❤️

saudi graduates.jpg

What’s on @ Lexis Noosa

Looking for an activity to do this week?

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

Need to relax and unwind from the stresses of school work? On Wednesday 17th May @ 2.00 pm we have the beautiful Marilia running a Yoga class at Pinnaroo Park.

  Student Night this week will be a Pizza Party at Lions Party. Come along for something to eat, listen to music from all over the world and to make new friends! It only cost $2 per student and don’t forget to sign your name at the reception desk.

Have you explored the Noosa River from the water yet? Then Friday 19th of May is your lucky day! You will have the chance to hire a Stand Up Paddle Board for $20 (1 hour) and explore the beautiful wildlife that make the Noosa river their home, have a look at the amazing homes that back onto the river and make lifelong friends while navigating the waters together. Spaces are limited so make sure you come to reception and sign your name!

Poster Week 3

Work Experience

What better place to do your work experience than in our amazing, vibrant, exciting Lexis English Noosa campus, where the fun never stops! Today we were lucky enough to meet Lauren Galagher and Sophie Summers from St Teresa’s Catholic College. Both girls had a taste of what it’s like to be one of our students for the day. Their itinerary for the day consisted of:

  • Taking the level entry English exam
  • Orientation
  • Attending class
  • Lunch (best part of the day and can’t have them go hungry!)
  • Conversation Club

Both students are interested in finding out what techniques are used in teaching students from different countries as some day they hope to become teachers. Both Lauren and Sophie are learning French at their school and Lauren is also learning to speak Spanish outside of school.

Hope you both enjoyed you day and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Work Experience

D.I.Y Watercolour Coffee Mugs

On Friday we found out what could happen when nail polish was dropped into a bowl of water than a coffee mug was dipped into that same bowl. Beautiful, one of a kind watercolour masterpieces were formed just in time for Mothers Day! We tried our luck at mastering this technique as students were trying different colours to see which combination would go well together. It was wonderful to see the students interacting and speaking English with each other in a fun filled environment. Happy Mothers Day to all of our Host Mothers from Lexis Noosa, you all do an amazing job!

Glow Party

On Thursday night the students made their way down to Lions Park for the start of Lexis’s Student Glow Party. We met in the park to have something to eat & then made our way out to KB’s to have a few drinks and party on.

Glow party

Hope you enjoyed the night!

Table Tennis Champions

On Wednesday afternoon Lexis Noosa had a table tennis competition!

We had most of the students participating as they tried to beat their friends and move along into the finals. Thank you to everyone who got involved and had a go. It was good to see that the winners of February’s competition were defeated by our new top 3 –  Michael (1st place), Cameron (2nd place) and Marius (3rd place).


Ping Pong comp

What’s on this week at Lexis Noosa

Looking for an activity to do this week?

Here are the exciting activities that will be done this week at Lexis Noosa.

Looking for a job and need some help writing your resume? Than look no further, our job workshop on Tuesday @ 2.00 pm is the activity that you need to do! We give you helpful hits, correct your resume and even print the finished product for you.

Wednesday 10th May @ 2.00 pm we need you!! We are currently on the look out for the next Table Tennis Champion of Lexis Noosa. Are you the student we are looking for? YES…… Then sign your name at reception and let your paddle decide.

   Student Night this week will be held at KB’s backpackers where the night club and everyone attending will be glowing! Wear your brightest clothes, bring along your glow sticks and anything else you can think of and let’s have a few drinks, make new friends and see where the night takes us.

Looking for a Mothers Day present to give your Host Mother? Friday 12th May @ 2.00 pm we will be showing you what can happen when you put nail polish, water and a coffee mug together. Curious?…… Find out more at reception.    


Poster Week 2

Paella Party in Cooking Club

Today students of 6 different nationalities cooked together for their afternoon option class. They wanted to try cooking a dish that was not a traditional one from their home country. Paella was researched and the students discussed different recipes and went shopping together!


The verdict – delicious, yummy and tasty! But would someone from Spain agree? Gonzalo gave a huge thumbs up! Thanks for being our tasting judge Gonzalo!


Boomerang Painting

Boomerang painting this afternoon was a hit!

Thanks for coming and showing us your amazing Australian painting designs. This activity is such a good way for students to connect and have a laugh. And best of all what a great souvenir to take back home to your country!

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of the Aboriginal Culture.


Job Workshop

Every Tuesday afternoon Lexis Noosa holds a job workshop where students can meet up and get some hints and tips for resume writing and interview skills! Good to see a lot of students excited to get a job here in Australia.


Friday afternoon 30 lucky Lexis Noosa students Kayaked their way into the long weekend! It was such a perfect activity to do on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The students got the hang of it after a while but it was hilarious to hear them all complaining because of how sore their arms were all afternoon!