Channel 7 Work Experience

Thank you to Lexis Noosa and in particular Yasmin, John and the Sunshine Coast Channel 7 staff, for the fantastic opportunity I just had to do 3 days of work experience at the Channel 7 TV studio in Maroochydore.

I followed various roles in the production of news; on the studio floor, weather, editing and where the news is recorded. Then from 6 to 6:30 we went “live” for the local news.

On the studio floor there are 2 females who operate the studio cameras and 3 people who present in front of the cameras. I also followed the work in the control room where there are people who direct the news and switch the vision.

I also spent time in the graphics area where there are 2 super women who update all the graphics that are on tv (weather, photos, scrolling updates, ect.). I was able to observe in the editing area where they edit all the news and weather each day.

It was an amazing opportunity (in the future I really hope to work in a television studio) but especially, to experience TV in real life was wonderful… A team of different people who are all working for the common final goal. I got to know a lot of people; all of them really special, kind and willing to explain what they were doing.

It was really helpful and rewarding.

I hope to return one day, maybe for a future job…  Why not?! 😉

Danila Oss

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