International Student Profile – Mai


Mai jumping with joy at the beach

Mai Kawakami is from Sapporo in Japan.  She is 32 years old.  Her hobbies are doing yoga and scuba diving.  She wants to talk to foreign people and she likes travelling.  These are the main reasons why she is studying English in Australia.  She has the best English homestay experience when she talks with her homestay family.  She also has a listening app to help her with listening skills.  This is the best way to improve her listening skills.  In Japan she talked to tourists who came every year to the snow festival.  Sapporo has a lot of snow and tourists go there to enjoy winter sports.  Her strength is having a friendly character so she is able to talk with tourists to speak English and learn more.  She likes KB’s, barbecue parties and surfing activities.  She loves going to the beach and all water sports.  Her learning goal in Australia is to enjoy talking with all her friends.  In the future she would like to be a travel agent.  Interview and Article by Josh Moon, Intermediate C.

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