International Student Profile – Hussain


Hussain taking his studies to the next level!

I am going to introduce an international student from Saudi Arabia.  His name is Hussain Alshahrani.  He is 23 years old and he was an office worker in his country.  There are eight people and three cats in his family.  His hobbies are playing football, swimming and flying in a helicopter.  He arrived in Noosa last October to study English and to enjoy his life.  His friends recommended Noosa so he came here.  His best English learning experience is what he is doing at the moment.  He is good at speaking English but he wants to improve all his English skills so he is trying to save new vocabulary every day.  In the future, he wants to be a helicopter pilot so he is studying English and helicopters at the same time.  He is a hard worker and a smart student.  We hope we can ride in his helicopter some day!  Interview and Article by Kotori Ikeda (photo courtesy of Ange), Intermediate C.

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