Super Mum!

Karen Terzi

We have a super mum on our hands here at Lexis Noosa!

Karen and Akira are from Geneva, Switzerland and are over here in Australia for 3 months with the rest of their family Dad, little sister and baby brother.

Karen is on maternity leave and both she and Akira want to take the opportunity to learn and improve their English. After their month at Lexis, the whole family will travel up to cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef, stopping at Fraser Island and Agnes Waters along the way. Then they will fly to Uluru to experience the Australian Outback before returning to Noosa for another few weeks holiday.

Akira is currently having private tuition with our wonderful teacher Emily and Karen is currently in our Upper – Intermediate Class with our amazing teacher Doug. We hope you have a wonderful time in Australia and learn heaps of English!!


Here is Akira with his private teacher Emily and super mum Karen from Upper-Intermediate B.

Student Night

Sunset River Cruise

This week was an exciting student night  spending time together & partying on a boat down the Noosa River. Students came along with drinks in hand and were ready for a fun night.

Check out the captured memories below!18175669_1330660820336529_519174684_o18175957_1330660373669907_1204358126_o18195307_1330660390336572_1288510597_o18195505_1330660503669894_284718243_o18195914_1330660550336556_1792205253_o18198088_1330660367003241_1142777043_n18216189_1330660387003239_1493720466_o

Option Class – Cooking

Time for Tea

The afternoon options class chose to make High Tea this week.  Students planned their menu of one savoury and one desert all in tiny portions as each morsel should be no more than two bites!  Traditional triangle sandwiches (no crusts) of egg mayonnaise were complemented by more modern takes on the traditional with cream cheese and fig and a further choice of ricotta cheese with pesto.  The Banoffee Fingers were demolished and the Scones with cream and strawberries disappeared fast.  Mini Pavlovas made an appearance topped with fresh vanilla cream and fruit and the Cream Puff Slices looked dainty and were beautifully presented dusted with icing sugar.

Each group researched their recipes and made a shopping list ready for the grand afternoon.  It was a sophisticated alternative to lunch and dinner.  Students tried Earl Grey tea and the treats were served on a tiered cake stand.  The only question that remained was “Who shall be mother?”  It is custom for the lady of the house to pour tea for her guests and the saying comes from times when tea was a luxury item and the lady of the house kept the key for the caddy.  She would mix green and black tea leaves to the liking of the household and the leave the tea to brew in hot water before pouring out into china cups.

“I say it was all rather delicious ma’am!”

17990917_186068001914396_2784800469804312585_n Cream Puff Slices

17992295_186068175247712_3365142489286796677_nMini Pavlovas

18057851_186068131914383_3095965379833029250_nTraditional triangle sandwiches

foodBanoffee Fingers

Conversation Club

Our Noosa students are always enjoying our academic activity, conversation club!This activity is great for the students to mingle and get to know each other while speaking English as their main priority. And best of all they get to snack on some yummy Australian foods during the activity.

Uno & Jenga are our favourite games to play and they are also a great conversation starter for the students!


Welcome New Students

We love seeing new faces at Lexis Noosa every Monday. So a very warm welcome to our new students this week!


Flight 2-17

Welcome to our new Saudi Arabian Military National Guard Officers! Such a pleasure to have you boys at our school. Good luck with your studies and we hope that you all enjoy your stay here in Noosa.


We are so happy to welcome Lucas from Brazil, Romain from Switzerland, Byeori from Korea and last but not least Kohji, Asako & Ayumi from Japan!

 So nice to meet you all and we can’t wait to get to know you while you are studying here at Lexis Noosa.

Meet the Neighbours

The writing class did their closing task using many of the skills they had practised over the 3 weeks of the option class.  The task was to find a neighbour close to Lexis and to write questions and interview them about their life in Noosa.

Students composed questions based on an article we read in Backstory Magazine.  Each students composed a question and we all agreed on five common questions to ask our neighbours.  We visited our neighbours and recorded the interview.  We then transcribed the interview.


Carolina works in the Travel Agent next to Lexis.  Many students book trips with her and use her services on a regular basis.

Hana: Why have you chosen to live in Noosa?

Carolina: The weather is always nice and it is a quiet place.

Hana: What do you love about Noosa?

Carolina: I love the beaches.  I recommend you visit Sunshine Beach.

Hana: What do you think is the most important local issue in Noosa?

Carolina: I can’t think of anything right now!

Hana: Do you think Noosa gets enough attention from local  government?

Carolina: Yes, I think so.

Hana: What’s the best place in Noosa?

Carolina:  I think Sunshine Beach is a good location to live and work.


Shalini owns Mystery Spice restaurant with her husband who is a chef.  Many students enjoy food from their restaurant.

Awadh: Why have you chosen to live in Noosa?

Shalini:  I love the lifestyle, even when you are working it is still relaxing.

Awadh: What do you love about Noosa?

Shalini: It is the relaxing lifestyle again!

Awadh: What do you think is the most important local issue in Noosa?

Shalini: The work is a problem there is not enough work for young people.  My son wants to be an engineer so he will have to go away to study.

Awadh: Do you think Noosa gets enough attention from local  government?

Shalini: Yes, I think they are good.

Awadh: What’s the best place in Noosa?

Shalini: Noosa Junction! It’s where the locals go!


Nick works at Frank’s Gym in Noosa Junction.  It’s Noosa’s original gym and students can walk to the gym from school to exercise.

Khalid:  Why have you chosen to live in Noosa?

Nick: Surfing and the sunshine!

Khalid: What do you love about Noosa?

Nick: I love the people!

Khalid: What do you think is important in Noosa?

Nick: The sense of community and the way people help each other

Khalid: Do you think Noosa gets enough attention from local  government?

Nick: The Noosa Council is good they listen to you.

Khalid: What’s the best place in Noosa?

Nick: Frank’s Gym of course!

Delicious Dip Competition

The Cooking Club have been busy in the kitchen. Maria set them the challenge to make the most delicious dip and we were graced with three scrumptious dips that didn’t only taste good but looked fantastic!!!! They were all so yummy that I’m not sure if a winner was chosen.

Activities Week 4 April

Lets talk about what’s on this week!

This week Lexis Noosa have some very exciting activities planned.  Check them out below!

Poster Week 4 Please remember to sign up at reception to reserve your special spot for the activities.

New Student Starters

A huge welcome to our new starters for this week!

Weekly we are welcoming students from all over the world at Lexis English & today we are lucky enough to have Alexandre & Nicole from Brazil, Antoine from France and Corinne, Dario, Fisnik, Aline & Manuel from Switzerland.

We hope that you all have a great time here at Lexis Noosa and get to make some awesome memories while you are in Australia.



Activities Week 3 April

Exciting News!

Next weeks activities are looking great. Join in on all the fun next week and sign up at reception to reserve your spot. Enjoy the long weekend everyone and have a fun & happy Easter.

Poster Week 3

Grammar Workshop

Grammar Workshop was packed this afternoon. 

Grammar workshop is an academic activity where Lexis students can come along every Tuesday from 2:00pm – 3:00pm to get some extra help with their grammar. From week to week the subject for the grammar changes. This week Lize worked on ‘Past Simple & other Past’. 

All thanks to our amazing teacher Lize!


Lexis English Noosa Awarded ESL Certificate of Excellence

We were honoured today to hear that Lexis English | Noosa has been awarded with ESL’s Certificate of Excellence for 2016!

ESL-certificate-A4 78

The ESL Certificate of Excellence is one way for you to know that a school offers students a first-class experience and recognises schools that consistently deliver a high quality service.

Congratulations to all!

Activities-Week 2 April

Lexis Noosa creates a great activity calendar. Check out the poster below for an overview of this week’s activities. Come along, get involved and best of all have some fun!

Poster Week 2

For any activity suggestions please come to reception and let Simara or Cara know!

Channel 7 Work Experience

Thank you to Lexis Noosa and in particular Yasmin, John and the Sunshine Coast Channel 7 staff, for the fantastic opportunity I just had to do 3 days of work experience at the Channel 7 TV studio in Maroochydore.

I followed various roles in the production of news; on the studio floor, weather, editing and where the news is recorded. Then from 6 to 6:30 we went “live” for the local news.

On the studio floor there are 2 females who operate the studio cameras and 3 people who present in front of the cameras. I also followed the work in the control room where there are people who direct the news and switch the vision.

I also spent time in the graphics area where there are 2 super women who update all the graphics that are on tv (weather, photos, scrolling updates, ect.). I was able to observe in the editing area where they edit all the news and weather each day.

It was an amazing opportunity (in the future I really hope to work in a television studio) but especially, to experience TV in real life was wonderful… A team of different people who are all working for the common final goal. I got to know a lot of people; all of them really special, kind and willing to explain what they were doing.

It was really helpful and rewarding.

I hope to return one day, maybe for a future job…  Why not?! 😉

Danila Oss

International Student Profile – Yusuke


Yusuke working very hard in class


Yusuke Sakai is a 23 year old student from Tokyo in Japan.  His hobbies are fishing and playing football.  Yusuke is studying English in Australia to meet other students and practice his speaking.  His best learning experience so far has been studying English at Lexis in Noosa.  Yusuke believes that he learns best by studying abroad.  His strength is his brilliant grammar and his weakness is meeting new people.  Yusuke loves reading books.  His favourite book is Sherlock Homes so he practices “Baritsu”.   He enjoys all the activities that Lexis has to offer for students.  His goal in the future is to be able to live and work in Australia.  Interview and article written by Yutaka, Intermediate C.

International Student Profile – Mai


Mai jumping with joy at the beach

Mai Kawakami is from Sapporo in Japan.  She is 32 years old.  Her hobbies are doing yoga and scuba diving.  She wants to talk to foreign people and she likes travelling.  These are the main reasons why she is studying English in Australia.  She has the best English homestay experience when she talks with her homestay family.  She also has a listening app to help her with listening skills.  This is the best way to improve her listening skills.  In Japan she talked to tourists who came every year to the snow festival.  Sapporo has a lot of snow and tourists go there to enjoy winter sports.  Her strength is having a friendly character so she is able to talk with tourists to speak English and learn more.  She likes KB’s, barbecue parties and surfing activities.  She loves going to the beach and all water sports.  Her learning goal in Australia is to enjoy talking with all her friends.  In the future she would like to be a travel agent.  Interview and Article by Josh Moon, Intermediate C.

International Student Profile – Hussain


Hussain taking his studies to the next level!

I am going to introduce an international student from Saudi Arabia.  His name is Hussain Alshahrani.  He is 23 years old and he was an office worker in his country.  There are eight people and three cats in his family.  His hobbies are playing football, swimming and flying in a helicopter.  He arrived in Noosa last October to study English and to enjoy his life.  His friends recommended Noosa so he came here.  His best English learning experience is what he is doing at the moment.  He is good at speaking English but he wants to improve all his English skills so he is trying to save new vocabulary every day.  In the future, he wants to be a helicopter pilot so he is studying English and helicopters at the same time.  He is a hard worker and a smart student.  We hope we can ride in his helicopter some day!  Interview and Article by Kotori Ikeda (photo courtesy of Ange), Intermediate C.