International Student Profile – Tomoyo


Tomoyo enjoying the bright city lights in Sydney

Tomoyo Kamiyama is from Tokyo in Japan.  She is 19 years old and was born in Tokyo.  Her hobbies are listening to music and doing exercise.  She usually listens to music to relax.  Tomoyo’s job is an office worker in Tokyo.  She wants to speak English at work so she decided to go abroad to improve her skills and experience living in a different country.  Her best English experience so far has been her stay in Noosa.  Tomoyo’s grammar skills are her strength but she wants to speak better English.  She enjoys talking with people from other countries and likes people from Switzerland because they are kind.  Her main goal in Australia is to make friends and speak with them in English.  Interview and article by Ivana Kamenjasevic, Intermediate C.

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