International Student Profile – Josh

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Josh enjoying beach life at Noosa National Park

Sunho (Josh) Moon is from Seoul in Korea.  He is 22 years old and enjoys riding his bicycle, watching movies and travelling.  When he hears a new English word in a movie he writes it down.  He says that the best English learning experience for him so far has been playing beer pong at KB’s.  A few weeks ago he was the bar champion and he received a $100 prize.  Josh finds it easier to make new friends after drinking a beer.  So if you want to get to know Josh buy him a beer! His main strength is having a good sense of humour and his jokes are awesome.  His weakness is his lack of focus because he sometimes likes to stay out late.  His passion is taekwondo but Lexis English doesn’t have this class so he would like to teach it to other students. Josh used to be in the Airborne Crew Marine Corps in Korea and because of this experience he can ‘control the clouds’.  When students want to go to the beach they ask Josh to stop the rain!  In the future Josh would like to work for a Korean tourism organisation and attend an international conference.   Interview and article by Mai Kawakami, Intermediate C.



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