International Student Profile – Angie



Angie and Koala

Angie with her favourite Australian animal – a koala

Angela (Angie) Koch is from Switzerland.  She is 22 years old and has a younger sister.  Angie works at a butcher’s shop and is studying English for herself and to increase her job opportunities back home.  Her hobbies are meeting friends, going to Carnival and playing the trombone.  She also enjoys singing and is in a group that meets and sings once a week for fun. Her best Carnival music is from a group called “Dorfguugger Knutu-Teret”.  She came to Australia because she wants to improve her English skills and Noosa is the nicest place for her to be.  Her best learning method is self-study.  Her strength is perseverance while she is learning.  She claims that her weakness is also perseverance (she never gives up).  Her dream for the future is to find a nice man and establish a family together.  Interview and article by Michael Schelling, Intermediate C.

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