Lexis Noosa Activities

 Lexis Noosa has some exciting activities planned for the first week of April.

Noosa National Park Walk

Picture Noosa National Park Walk

Date:Wednesday the 5th April 2017

Time: 2:00pm Meet at Lexis Noosa Courtyard

Where: Noosa National Park

On Wednesday the 5th of April students will have the opportunity to take in our world famous Noosa Coastline as they make their way along one of the many tracks through the Noosa National Park. Students will experience amazing ocean views, spot a koala napping in a tree or could even see some of our other amazing Australian wildlife.



Sunset Picnic – Laguna Lookout

Picture Sunset Laguna Lookout

Date: Thursday 6th April 2017

Time: 4:30pm Meet at Lexis Noosa Courtyard

Where: Laguna Lookout, Noosa Heads

 Thursday nights are studentparty nights but on April 6th it is party picnic. Students will be experiencing the beautiful views of Noosa, the neighbouring bays and out to some of the volcanic plugs of the Glasshouse Mountains that are located to the west and north of the lookout. Students will enjoy a delicious picnic while taking in the breathtaking views of the sunset.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and some drinks to enjoy on the night.

Amazing Race

Picture Amazing Race

Date: Friday the 7th April 2017

Time: 2:00pm Meet at Lexis Noosa Courtyard

Where: Noosa Junction

On Friday the 7th of April students will be coming together to experience Lexis Noosa’s very own amazing race. Students will be in teams searching all over the Noosa Junction area to complete challenges, answer questions and find hidden clues to become the winners of the Amazing Race.

International Student Profile – Yutaka

Yutaka Sakamoto

Yutaka holding a koala

Yutaka Sakamoto is a  19 year old university student from Tokyo in Japan.  He loves all animals including the Australian koala.  Yutaka’s hobby is playing tennis and he is very good at this sport.  He is studying English so he can get a good job in the future.  Yutaka is also interested in studying English in New Zealand.  Yutaka’s strengths are in maths and science but he also wants to speak English well.  Yutaka’s dream is to be a scientist in the future and he is very serious about his studies.  Maybe Yutaka can get a job that combines his love of science, English and animals.  Interview and article by Yusuke Sakai, Intermediate C.

International Student Profile – Ivana


Noosa Main Beach – Ivana’s favourite place

Ivana Kamenjasevic is from Bern, the Capital City of Switzerland but she was actually born in Croatia.  She is 27 years old and lives with her sister called Lucia who is studying Economics at University.  Ivana has lived in Bern for 2 years but before that she lived in Wallis for 25 years.  Wallis is in the southern part of Switzerland and there are a lot of mountains and beautiful panoramas.  She came to Noosa to improve her English for the future.  She also enjoys the natural environment and sharing new experiences.  Ivana really likes Noosa because it is such a beautiful place.  She wants to improve her English skills because she has to use English at work.  Her best English experience is at Lexis Noosa as she can make friends and talk to more people.  Her strengths are grammar and listening but she wants to speak more fluently.  In the future she wants to speak English all the time and if she reads something, she wants to understand it all.  Interview and article by Tomoyo Kamiyama, Intermediate C.

International Student Profile – Andrea

Andrea Alvarez

Andrea stepping out into new learning experiences

Andrea Alvarez is from Barcelona in Spain.  She is 24 years old and teaches kindergarten children from 0 to 6 years old.  Andrea loves children and her job so she is studying English to find work as a nanny in Australia.  In her free time she loves going to the gym to do spinning classes (indoor cycling).  She also likes running, dancing, going out with her friends and drinking some beers.  At home she enjoys roller blading next to the beach in Barcelona.  Andrea believes it is important to live abroad and travel to improve her English.  She came to Noosa to study English so she could experience a different culture and meet new people from other countries.  Andrea learns best speaking and listening to other people.  She would like to live abroad for a long time so she can achieve these goals.  Interview and article by Camila Reis Gomes, Intermediate C.

International Student Profile – Kotori

Kotori Ikeda

Kotori (in the red top) enjoying ice creams with her friends

Kotori is from Osaka in Japan.  She is 21 years old and she came to Noosa because she wanted to study English in a town where there are a variety of international students.  Kotori is a university student and her subjects are English and Chinese.  She is studying English for her job in the future as she wants to be a travel agent.  Her best English learning experience was on the Gold Coast.  Kotori also enjoys studying in Noosa and the beauty of the national park and beaches.  She is good at grammar but wants to improve her pronunciation.  Her goal right now is to study hard and pass the Cambridge English exam.  Interview and article by Hussain Alshahrani, Intermediate C.

International Student Profile – Josh

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Josh enjoying beach life at Noosa National Park

Sunho (Josh) Moon is from Seoul in Korea.  He is 22 years old and enjoys riding his bicycle, watching movies and travelling.  When he hears a new English word in a movie he writes it down.  He says that the best English learning experience for him so far has been playing beer pong at KB’s.  A few weeks ago he was the bar champion and he received a $100 prize.  Josh finds it easier to make new friends after drinking a beer.  So if you want to get to know Josh buy him a beer! His main strength is having a good sense of humour and his jokes are awesome.  His weakness is his lack of focus because he sometimes likes to stay out late.  His passion is taekwondo but Lexis English doesn’t have this class so he would like to teach it to other students. Josh used to be in the Airborne Crew Marine Corps in Korea and because of this experience he can ‘control the clouds’.  When students want to go to the beach they ask Josh to stop the rain!  In the future Josh would like to work for a Korean tourism organisation and attend an international conference.   Interview and article by Mai Kawakami, Intermediate C.