Taking the classroom outside

Upper Intermediate students celebrated Manuela’s last day with a picnic at the river. Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective to make old things look new. The Face2Face Student Book seemed to be much more interesting to work from with a view of the river and the chance to stick your toes in the water for a break.

We miss you already Manuela!

Eumundi Market Part 2

Enjoy some excellent photos courtesy of Florian and Sophia  as well as  some examples of the writing our Upper Intermediate students produced after visiting Eumundi Markets.

“The Eumundi Market is Australia’s premier artisan market which is open every Wednesday and Saturday. If you go to the Eumundi Market you will not be disappointed because it has a vast variety of things to offer from arts and crafts to locally made jewellery, fashion, plants, flowers, health and wellbeing products, plenty of food from all over the world, the list goes on. There are local musicians playing who give the market its own flair which only adds to the atmosphere.” (Vanessa)

“You will have the opportunity to taste a huge variety of food from different countries such as Malaysia, Germany, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam…. I ate a typical dish from Mexico known as Quesadilla and it was delicious as it contained a lot of ingredients which provided an incredible flavour.” ( Isabelle)

“I was able to speak to a very interesting young woman who sells different handmade products in her stall. There was a vast variety of beautiful jewellery and unique dreamcatchers that are either made by herself or by some hilltribe women in India. She started her business when she was just 31 years old. In her opinion the best feature of her goods is that everything is handmade and has a special meaning.” (Lilli)

” I would definitely recommend Eumundi Market to everyone and I hope you felt my passion for it in this article because for me it is not only a market – it is another thing that showed me how joyful, open-minded and interesting this country and its people are. Go there and take some time – you won’t regret it!”(Meret)

Thank you everyone for your wonderful contributions!






Eumundi Market Excursion

Our two Upper Intermediate classes went on on excursion to Eumundi market. Equipped with a task sheet our students explored the market, interviewed stallholders, tried exotic food like kangaroo burger and lychees and had a wonderful time. Watch this space for the students’ written reviews.


The Tale of the Mermaid

A mermaid is a mythical creature with the head and upper body of a female and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Some of the Photography Option Class Students decided to base their Story Board Task on the Mythical and Mystical Mermaid.


A group of many sailors set off with their ship to explore the oceans around the world. They were excited to find other types of fish and to have a good time together.


One night, the main sailor of the ship was steering when suddenly he heard a sound which came from the ocean. He listened more carefully to that beautiful female voice, which was singing a song. This haunting and memorable song made him wild with curiosity.


The sailor went to the border of the ship and tried to track this mysterious voice. Then the sailor detected a big fish tail in the ocean.


He became fascinated and amazed by this beautiful creature. He wanted to see more of it. Was this his downfall?


The singing mermaid appeared. She looked so beautiful and her voice captured the sailor’s heart immediately, her hypnotic song put the sailor under her spell.


The sailor walked straight towards the mermaid’s direction and she dragged him immediately into the water. He drowned in the deep waters. The next morning the other sailors just found the clothes of their Captain left behind.

Pronunciation Fun


Every Wednesday morning a small group of Focus students join Tanya for a pronunciation workshop at 11am. The workshop covers the basics that a student needs to become aware of the complexities of English pronunciation. English is a peculiar language in the sense that words are not pronounced the way they are written and there are no “clear” rules. The gift a student can give themselves is to get to know the Phonemic Chart because then you can open up a dictionary and immediately know exactly how to say a word and to know which part of the word is stressed and unstressed. You can also, upon hearing a new word, write exactly how it’s pronounced and thus always have perfect pronunciation.


Of course that is only the first step as we have recently started exploring the fact that English is a Stress Timed Language which means we stress the key words and all the other words get compressed in between those important ones. Next week we’ll start playing with how emphasis changes the meaning.

It has been a great workshop and the students are grasping the concepts excellently.