FCE Success Stories


Hikari, Jisu and Jin are still here in Noosa. A small ceremony was held for them to congratulate them on their FCE Success!

I have taught over 8 FCE groups since working at Lexis Noosa and felt the need to commemorate the students that sat their FCE exam in August 2016.

Cambridge classes at Lexis have traditionally been European based, with students predominantly being from Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium. However this June FCE class was unusual because there were mainly students from Korea and Japan and then only two Swiss. Furthermore, the class didn’t run for 12 weeks – as other courses usually do – but only 10 weeks.


As usual, we worked hard on all skill areas but especially speaking and listening. The students asked for so many extra listening tests that I ran out of them! We also did a speaking practice every afternoon to strengthen their speaking confidence by overcoming pronunciation shortcomings and openly expressing opinions. Thankfully all that hard work paid off with an excellent pass success rate. One student got 189/190 in Use of English, which is virtually unheard of.

Not all classes are created equal. This class certainly lived up to that saying – they were superior in so many ways – they absorbed everything they were given and were appreciative of the journey of learning! Their commitment to excellence was inspirational!


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