Meet the Academic Staff

The Academic Staff at Lexis Noosa are responsible for placing students in the right class, assisting them with any necessary changes, motivating them to keep going when the going gets tough and in general being there for all the teachers and students at the school. You may have spoken to these lovely ladies but what more do you know about them?


Annette, Nina, Becky and Tanya

Becky Cantor is our Director of Studies and Campus Manager and has been working at the Noosa campus since 2001. In a different life she was a high school teacher in London and after moving to Australia in 1982 worked with Migrant Education, teaching both adults and children. “I live and work in Paradise now” she says. “Every day I meet interesting people from all over the globe who are delighted to be here. It makes for a very happy working environment and I love every minute. On the weekends you will find Becky running on Sunshine Beach or through the National Park.

Nina Schiller, our Cambridge exams manager, has worked for Lexis English since 2005. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and is recognised by Cambridge Exams for her outstanding service to the industry.  Originally from Sydney, Nina previously lived in the beautiful Alsace region of France and worked at the Wall Street Institute in Basel. Fluent in Russian and German she is also a basketball enthusiast.  Nina’s colleagues enjoy her quirky sense of humour so there is always lots of laughter in the staffroom when she  is around.

Annette Sievert is our Senior Teacher and has been working at Lexis since 2009. She grew up in Europe, emigrated to California in the nineties and moved to Australia in 2000.  She has worked as a teacher and social worker in many different fields and many different places. Annette says about living on the Sunshine Coast and teaching at Lexis “This is the longest I have been living  in one spot. I have been a vagabond all my life but for now I am happy here, teaching our beautiful students, enjoying our wonderful environment and simply living in the present.”

Tanya Heywood, our MNG support teacher, has a colourful background as she grew up in a number of countries before settling in Australia in 1998. Upon graduating from university in 2005 she went traveling for 10 years. She taught in Norway and South Africa prior to returning home early in 2015. With a long background in the theatre she thoroughly enjoys teaching pronunciation and bringing the stage into the classroom. She is passionate about people, culture and diversity thus finds working in a language school ideal. She doesn’t need to travel anymore as the world travels to her at Lexis.


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