Meet the Cambridge and IELTS Teachers

Lexis Noosa has a strong reputation for its Academic programmes. We are currently running FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS classes in both morning and afternoon sessions. The team behind this are a passionate group of motivated, dedicated and inspirational teachers. We’d like you to know more about them.


Tim, Annette, Anjali, Eileen, Anne, Michelle, Suzie, Kirsten, Alexandra and Phil

Tim has been a Cambridge exams specialist at Lexis for over 5 years, in the last few years he has been focusing exclusively on the Proficiency exam (CPE). Before that he taught general ESL in Taiwan and Western Australia. “I love my job, this is mainly because my students and colleagues are wonderful people. This makes life good! Being in beautiful Noosa helps, too.”


Anjali often takes her IELTS students on excursions to local companies so they can practice their English skills outside of the classroom.

Anjali, our established IELTS teacher, arrived in Noosa 13 years ago from London where she had been working as a primary school teacher. Since living here in Noosa with her husband and two children she has been teaching mainly Cambridge and IELTS courses here at Lexis. “I love that my IELTS students come from all around the world because I’m not only sharing their journey as I help them to achieve their goals in English language skills but I am also a part of the process of helping individuals reach their important life goals which may be to work, study or immigrate to an English speaking country such as Australia.”

Eileen currently teaches the CAE Focus class.Teaching English has not only given Eileen the opportunity to travel to places such as Thailand and Europe, it has also given her the opportunity to meet a wide range of diverse people.  “Teaching here at Lexis English in Noosa, the world comes to us and with each new person, different culture, different nationality, I learn something new.  But mostly I learn that the world is a wonderful place full of amazing people.  It makes my job as a teacher so positive and fulfilling.”


Anne likes to give feedback to students individually in order to address their specific needs.

Anne began her professional life as a linguist, with a BA Hons degree in French and Spanish from Newcastle University in the UK. She has lived in both France and Spain, teaching English in exchange for French/Spanish lessons.  Upon her return to the UK, she worked for several years in export marketing and during that time, she travelled extensively throughout Europe. She then decided to continue the family tradition and join the teaching profession. She is a fully trained high school teacher of French, Spanish and English, specialising in GCSE, A Level, scholarship and university preparation.

In November 2008 she moved to Australia with her ‘Aussie’ husband Roger and their two children, Ben and Elizabeth. Lexis offered her a position in Jan 2009 and she hasn’t looked back since, progressing through all the General English levels, PET, FCE and CAE and some private tuition. Why does she love teaching? “Because no two days are the same, you meet wonderful students who really want to learn and at Lexis we have amazing colleagues, all working towards the same goal – encouraging every student to fulfil their potential. I particularly enjoy the mental stimulation and intensity of the Cambridge courses and also the idea of a fixed end point with final exams.”

On a personal note, her hobbies (when she gets some free time!) are reading ( she loves her book club buddies!), cooking (not a Masterchef but pretty good nonetheless!) and, of course, her animals. As she lives out in Cooroibah on 5 acres, she is a surrogate mum to ducks, chickens and her dog/best mate Noah. She love, love, loves them.


One of Anne’s classes gave her some chickens as a token of their appreciation for all her dedication and hard work.



Michelle’s board-work is often photo-worthy!

Michelle who is originally from Maryland in the USA has lived in Australia for 12 years. With 20 years experience in the teaching industry, Michelle has taught a range of subjects from mathematics to hospitality English to new Migrants and teenage moms. Since being at Lexis she has taught everything from elementary to upper intermediate. She has most recently been teaching FCE which she thoroughly enjoys because the students have a clear goal they want to achieve. When she’s not at Lexis she might be at the beach watching her husband and son surfing. She’s passionate about animals and the environment and has recently adopted a lively puppy but still has time for her 19 year old dog.

Suzie is a true blue Aussie who was born in Sydney. After graduating from high-school on the Sunshine Coast, she completed a degree in teaching.  A few years of primary school teaching was enough to let her know that this wasn’t her niche.  She took off to beautiful north Queensland and worked at a resort on an island on the Great Barrier Reef.  With her travel bug eager to move on, she spent 5 years teaching English in Japan which was an amazing experience!

On returning to Australia, she continued working in the ESL field, at TAFE and the University of the Sunshine Coast.  10 years ago she started working at Lexis and during that time, she has taught both general and academic English, in addition to TESOL (teacher training), and more recently the Occupational English Test.  She has met so many incredible people from all over the world, and has found their individual stories of cultural differences fascinating.  It also goes without saying that she works with a fantastic group of workmates!

She is a passionate animal-lover and proponent of animal rights and justice.  She loves preparing and eating vegan food.  Her cooking skills are regularly tested by both students and staff, and she now has a 10-year history of baking cakes for her class each week.  Her other great addiction is…cats!  She is the very proud owner of 4 fur-babies, who keep her constantly busy and entertained.  She also loves making jewellery, reading and watching horror movies – the scarier, the better!



Originally from New Zealand, Kirsten spent several years in Australia before heading to Japan where she spent 15 years working in various areas of the English education industry. She returned to Australia in 2011 and joined Lexis as a member of the teaching staff in 2012 and now works as one of our very experienced CAE exam course teachers.

“What I love most about working at Lexis would definitely be the opportunity to work on a daily basis with ‘happy-go-lucky’ people from all around the globe. It certainly makes for both an interesting and pleasant work environment!”

When Kirsten’s not working, in all likelihood, she’s doing something fairly active, whether it’s enjoying the outdoors, kicking and punching imaginary targets in a combat class or dabbling in some DIY projects at home.

Having grown up moving around the world, Alexandra has a passion for travel, the outdoors and cultural exchange. She has lived in and visited over 30 countries so far and has no plans to stop in the near future. Teaching English has been a great way to get around the world, she has taught in Egypt, Australia, Scotland and Portugal. After a couple of years away from Noosa, she has returned to Lexis for another chance to teach in this wonderful part of the world. She is currently teaching the FCE Focus class in the afternoon.


The Cambridge courses have been teaching Phil and he has been teaching the Cambridge courses for approximately 6 years. Initially he taught FCE and for the past 3 years has been teaching CAE.

“Although each course at heart is very similar, it’s the unique mix of students’ nationalities, their aspirations and personalities that make each new class incredibly challenging and amazingly rewarding for me. Of course, working as part of such a dedicated and helpful team is an added bonus.”

After being extremely focused at the college Phil finds painting in watercolour, photography and just being at the beach a great way to relax and recharge. Living in Noosa with a wonderful wife, family and dog also keeps him busy.


Writing Option Class

A writing intensive option class runs everyday from 1pm to 2pm on demand in three weekly cycles.

Over the last three weeks, teacher Kerri Deacon has been finding fun and interesting ways for students to brainstorm vocabulary and improve their writing techniques for the real world.

Questionnaires and surveys are becoming increasingly popular for business and online entertainment and this week the challenge was to write a ‘tongue in cheek’ questionnaire.

The students took up the challenge working in groups and really loved the exercise. Thank you for sharing with us.



Meet the Academic Staff

The Academic Staff at Lexis Noosa are responsible for placing students in the right class, assisting them with any necessary changes, motivating them to keep going when the going gets tough and in general being there for all the teachers and students at the school. You may have spoken to these lovely ladies but what more do you know about them?


Annette, Nina, Becky and Tanya

Becky Cantor is our Director of Studies and Campus Manager and has been working at the Noosa campus since 2001. In a different life she was a high school teacher in London and after moving to Australia in 1982 worked with Migrant Education, teaching both adults and children. “I live and work in Paradise now” she says. “Every day I meet interesting people from all over the globe who are delighted to be here. It makes for a very happy working environment and I love every minute. On the weekends you will find Becky running on Sunshine Beach or through the National Park.

Nina Schiller, our Cambridge exams manager, has worked for Lexis English since 2005. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and is recognised by Cambridge Exams for her outstanding service to the industry.  Originally from Sydney, Nina previously lived in the beautiful Alsace region of France and worked at the Wall Street Institute in Basel. Fluent in Russian and German she is also a basketball enthusiast.  Nina’s colleagues enjoy her quirky sense of humour so there is always lots of laughter in the staffroom when she  is around.

Annette Sievert is our Senior Teacher and has been working at Lexis since 2009. She grew up in Europe, emigrated to California in the nineties and moved to Australia in 2000.  She has worked as a teacher and social worker in many different fields and many different places. Annette says about living on the Sunshine Coast and teaching at Lexis “This is the longest I have been living  in one spot. I have been a vagabond all my life but for now I am happy here, teaching our beautiful students, enjoying our wonderful environment and simply living in the present.”

Tanya Heywood, our MNG support teacher, has a colourful background as she grew up in a number of countries before settling in Australia in 1998. Upon graduating from university in 2005 she went traveling for 10 years. She taught in Norway and South Africa prior to returning home early in 2015. With a long background in the theatre she thoroughly enjoys teaching pronunciation and bringing the stage into the classroom. She is passionate about people, culture and diversity thus finds working in a language school ideal. She doesn’t need to travel anymore as the world travels to her at Lexis.