Sunset Classes

Summer in Noosa is golden sunrises with gentle winds and for perfect surfing. The afternoons can be hot and steamy.

Sunset classes give students an opportunity to make the most of the beautiful mornings and escape to the cooler classrooms in the afternoons. Summer is also peak tourist season when cleaning jobs are easy to get and are always in the mornings for check out.

Sunset classes run from lunchtime to 5.30 or 6pm.  Students get the full same program with the added bonus of Guided Individual Learning with their own teacher and fewer students.

There is an exciting extra curricular program run in the mornings for those students not working or surfing.Thursday nights is always party night for all students so the luck sunset students get to sleep late on a Friday morning. 😉

Check out the Activity Calendar for October below.


Snap shot 3pm – What’s happening

Whilst many students had shot off to catch an afternoon wave or to spot an afternoon whale, this was the scene on campus.


Snap Shot 3 pm

Teachers Annette (Cambridge First) and Anne (Cambridge Advanced) were conducting feedback interviews with their students whilst the rest were studying hard in Cambridge GIL. Teacher Ali was running grammar club and teacher Oly was keeping the Saudi pilots in order whilst they did conversation practice. Some students were just chilling in the courtyard whilst Emi had found a quiet spot to do some work on her ipad. 

Teacher Suzie was busy with a Cambridge First workshop, the table tennis gang were in action and Tereza had found a sunny spot to do her homework in.

Real World Learning for IELTS Class

An important part of the IELTS exam preparation class is broadening  vocabulary and fluency through interacting with native English speakers in real life situations. Teacher Anjali Sheppard organises a number of excursions throughout the twelve week course.

“The course is very intensive” she says. “The students have to concentrate for four hours straight everyday inside a classroom, so  having the opportunity to go out and about has the added benefit of refreshing the intensity of the study.  Last week we visited a Cheese factory at Maleny in the beautiful Noosa hinterland. The students had to listen to a real life lecture, take notes and write a report. Oh, and of course they got to taste some wonderful Cheese.”

Thank you to Carina Cordeiro for letting us publish your report below. 🙂

The process of cheese making consists of several stages, beginning with the collection of fresh milk from small local dairy farms. As soon as the milk arrives from mixed herds at the cheese factory, it is cooled to 3 degrees Celsius from 37 degrees Celsius before being pumped to the pasteurizer, where it will be heated to 64 degrees Celsius. After the pasteurizing process, it is transferred into a vat, then, cultures such as bacteria, calcium, lactic acid, mould spores and all others are added and left 1 hour until is added the rennet and solid products results. Following this, the curd and the whey are separated, the whey, which is a liquid part becomes food for cows, and the solid part is set to be cut by a metal grill and then be put into moulds and transferred to mature room to be matured for a specific time. At the end, the cheese is packed and finally can be distributed to shops and markets to be consumed by the population.Carina Cordeiro

Cambridge Sunset Cruise


Yesterday evening all the Cambridge students and teachers gathered for a delightful sunset cruise along the Noosa River. The weather conditions were ideal so everyone was in top spirits when they boarded the boat. Food and drinks were packed as well as phones in hand ready to snap up their rendition of the incredible spectrum of colours that the Sun paraded her as she hid behind the horizon. New friends were made and old bonds made tighter. Singing praises about the different courses were heard and all in all everyone had a wonderful evening. Finding the balance between work and play is key to success!



Meet the Homestay Team

We have a phenomenal Homestay Team at Lexis Noosa. Cathy, Simona and Mark are responsible for placing students with a suitable homestay family and they often perform miracles. As we love them we thought we’d share some information about them with you.


Cathy has been working here at Lexis Noosa for 10 years. She’s originally from Wales but moved to Australia 20 years ago. She enjoys her job because of the variety of tasks that it encompasses – no two days are the same. When she is not with us at work she is kept busy with her three teenage children. She loves living in Noosa because of the carefree and relaxed lifestyle it offers. She is passionate about the beach and watching surfing and she couldn’t imagine living and working in a more ideal place.

Simona moved to Noosa 4 months ago from London, where she lived for 7 years. She is originally from Romania and has been an intrepid traveller since she was quite young. When she was at university, she used to travel to the USA every summer on a “Work & Travel” program – this is one of the reasons she loves helping students find a perfect place to spend their time here in Noosa, she knows what it is like to be away from home for a period of time. She is thoroughly enjoying living in Noosa as she leads an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mark recently returned home to Australia after having lived in Canada for 2 years. While he was there he assisted Athletes with their accommodation at the Legacy Olympic Venue. He is an adrenaline junky and loves snowboarding, skydiving, climbing, bungee jumping and any other extreme sports that gives you that adrenaline kick. When he is not being and adventurer or assisting students with their accommodation, he is a DJ. In fact, he’ll be playing at Cafe Le Monde (a very trendy bar/restaurant on Hastings street) this Friday.


FCE Conversation Fun

All three FCE classes decided that they would come together and practise their speaking. It was a highly successful session and a great opportunity to practice their newly developed vocabulary and grammar skills.

Friday Pilates Party


After a long and exciting week, filled with learning and mind expansion, a group of students and teachers gathered in Room 12 for a Pilates class which is being lead by Deco who is one of our Lexis Noosa Stars. What a great start to the weekend!