IELTS Class Excursion to Noosa’s Beautiful Hinterland

Anjali’s IELTS class visited Palmwoods to experience the exhibition “Botanical Colourings” which showcases local artists’ work using natural materials from our environment to dye a range of fabrics.

Classmembers commented:

“I loved the way we made the bundle with plants and berries.” (Nathalia)IMG_4723

“I loved the colours and craft making, the talk by Deb about the process and the closeness to nature.” (Fabio)

“I enjoyed laying out the flowers and berries. I feel curious about the end result – look forward to seeing the magic effect. It reminds me of my childhood when I collected flowers to make coloured water.” (Ayaka)

” I loved the activity we did and I learned a lot about nature and how to use our environment.” (Sultan)

” I loved the colours of the flowers and leaves around us and how they turn out after putting them on our clothes (observation of the exhibition). Especially I liked the environmental importance.” (Bea)

Report by our IELTS students Fabio, Ayaka and Nathalia

The process involves several stages which includes natural materials from the environment, a heat source and a little bit of magic.

First of all, collect leaves, flowers and berries or any materials you find in nature such as insects, bark or pieces of rusty metal.

Then, take a piece of natural fabric like cotton, silk or wool and lay out the collected leaves and berries on to the material. Next, find a stick and wrap the bundle around the stick very tightly with rope.

The next stage involves boiling water in a big metal pot. Take the bundles and place them into the boiling water and cook them gently for 45 minutes. Let the bundles cool in the pot. Then, store the bundles for 5 days to allow the alchemy to work and the bundles to dry.

Finally, unwrap the bundles to reveal the magic of botanical colours.

Results of our dyeing workshop will follow next week. Watch this space!

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