FCE Restaraunt Reviews

Last Friday the FCE class were studying vocab related to the hospitality industry so Michelle decided they should go on an excursion to a local Cafe and then write a review on their experience. They brainstormed vocab that would be useful then went and assessed the quality of the cafe. Below are two reviews of the Cafe – do you think you would go?


Modern, Airy and Fancy!

We went to Padstow’s, which is a cafe in Noosa Junction, last Friday in class. Although we were there for only 30 minutes and only ordered drinks, we enjoyed the time.

We chose this cafe because of their nice atmosphere. It was quite modern, airy and fancy. Because we were ten people we sat outside which was more spacious, so it was really nice and we could chat with each other. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate which looked cute and was also delicious. It cost $4.50 so it was not expensive which means I would want to go there again.

However, they didn’t have desserts, which are necessary for afternoon tea. I believe they will get some desserts one day but I think this restaurant is more suitable for lunch and dinner instead of afternoon tea.

Anyways it was a really comfortable restaurant. If you are looking for a nice restaurant, it is worth a try, especially for the adult who likes alcohol as it becomes a wonderful bar at night.

By Hikari


How about a coffee at a local cafe

Are you looking for a new cafe for a coffee with your company? There is a modern style cafe called Padstow’s nearby. Without a doubt you will enjoy some food or drinks there.

It is so spacious and has a clean modern interior. It is a cafe during the day and a bar at night therefore, you are able to spend a long time there. When I went there with my friends last Friday, we took a seat outside and it was so lovely because it was quite nice weather. Moreover, the tables and chairs were so clean and looked good so we were satisfied with them.

When we had a look at the menu, it wasn’t so expensive besides, the specials at lunch seemed to be nice as well. I got a cappuccino for four dollars which was quite a reasonable price because the quality of the coffee was great. My other friends also had a drink and most of them were satisfied.

Unfortunately, one of my friend’s order was missed by the waitress so he had to ask them again. Even if we were a lot of people, I think they should have paid more attention. Eventually, he got his drink but it was a little bit time consuming.

Despite this slightly uncomfortable situation with my friend, I recommend you give it a try. There is a chance that you can spend time with your friends at a nice local cafe.

By Jisu


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