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The Book Club read The Client by John Grisham and then watched the movie. Their wonderful teacher Hayley asked them to write a review and below we can see that despite 3 people having read the same book they each had a different experience. I thought it was great to read them and am grateful that you were willing to share.


Mark, who was 11 years old, knew where a senator’s body was hidden. If he tells the FBI where it is he will be killed by the mafia. But if he doesn’t tell them, he will end up in jail. What is the best way for him to deal with it? The great thing about reading the book was that the character of Mark was great – he is really mature for his age but not perfect, so we have a lot of empathy for him. The difficult thing about reading the book was that there are too many names for me – I’m so bad at remembering English names. This book was a page-turner and I would recommend it to everyone!!!

Review by Daisuke

There was a young boy whose name is Mark. One day he saw a man who was trying to kill himself. He killed himself despite Mark’s help. Then the Mafia were trying to kill him because he know important information. I could really feel Mark’s emotions and it was an easy book to read because it had a good pace. The book was unfortunately too short so the ending came way too soon. There were many exciting points and funny moments. I’d recommend this book to an adult who is at an intermediate level because I think young people would not understand some of the content.

Review by Lee Younghwhan

I read the book, ‘The Client’ by John Grisham about an 11 year old boy who was naughtily smoking a cigarette with his brother. While they were doing that, he accidentally saw someone kill himself. His poor brother went into shot and Mark was in serious danger because the Mafia wanted to kill him and the FBI wanted to know what he saw. He then found a good lawyer who could help him. I enjoyed reading the book and the beginning was so gripping that I couldn’t stop reading it. I also liked some of the author’s expressions which made me understand the character’s feeling and made him more likeable. However there were some weaknesses to the book – for example, I think he was way too mature for his age. He had to handle the problems without his parents and he thought and worried too much. One of the other points is that it would have been more interesting if the author had written more about mark and Reggie’s past. Despite the weaknesses, it really gripped me and I would recommend this book to anyone with a keen interest for the crime genre.

Review by Jeewon

This book is about a young boy who was in danger as the mafia wanted to kill him and his family because he knew really important information about the mafia’s crime. The author describes the main character very well, he is very funny, smart and mature for his age. He does some unexpected actions, that made us feel empathy for him. The book is very interesting however the last chapters are too short. The last three chapters should give more information about the action at the end of the book. Since Reggie’s character was also very important the author should have added more details about her past. I really enjoyed the book even though it was very short. I would recommend this book to people who have an intermediate English level and those who like books with a lot of action.

Review by Jakilini




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