Revolution School Inspiration

Do you want to improve your reading, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and have fun learning new things? Then you need to read for fun!!! “Revolution School” is an ABC TV program  that uses world-renound  education specialists to take a state high school from the bottom 4% of the state to the top 25% in a few short years.

One of the skills adopted is “Independent Reading Time”. Just 10 minutes of fun reading (student’s choice of text) per day is all that is needed. According to the program, the students’ scores in numeracy and literacy increased considerably.

1 reading

Simon has started a new reading project with his Intermediate class to see if he can revolutionise the pace of the students’ skills development. They will start the day with 10 minutes of reading for fun until the end of their intermediate course (4 weeks). We look forward to hearing the feedback from his class about how they find the project.

2 reading

So join the group and grab a book from our collection either in the GIL box or in Room 5, find a warm sunny place, relax as you read your way into a new world and develop all your language skills – with only 10 minutes a day!!!

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