The Approaching Level Changes

This week we are doing unit 11 in our GE classes which means next week is the last unit of the book and therefore the week after next means our classes will be reshuffling. Some students who have been here for most of the course will be moving up and starting a new book whilst others who have recently joined us will go back to the beginning and start from scratch. We always look forward to this time because it’s a good opportunity to sit with our students and discuss their progress, their weaknesses, their strengths and set new goals that will help them improve and expand their English skills.


Here are Anne and Jeewon discussing her study plan for the next couple of months.

Enjoying each others company at our conversation club.

Enjoying heaps of yummy Australian food, playing amazing fun games and heaps of fun was had. IMG_1152[1].JPG

OET applications are now open for August!

OET Intensive Exam Preparation classes are now available at Lexis Sunshine Coast, offering the ideal course to help build your OET exam skills!

Next OET exam preparation dates:

Session 1 Saturday 23rd July 2016

Session 2 Saturday 30th July 2016

Get your registration in now to secure your seat in the next OET exam!

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Hello Noosa!!!

The new Cambridge students arrived last week Monday and we thought it would be interesting to hear how it was. Fortunately Nadine was a willing candidate to write about her journey to Noosa and of her first week in the FCE class.


NadineMy trip to Australia with my boyfriend¬† started on 10th June. Firstly we flew to Dubai and then we had a connection flight to Brisbane. After 24 hours we finally arrived in Brisbane but this was not my final destination. So we ordered a taxi from Uber and finally we arrived in Noosa! I was relieved that I didn’t have to travel to Noosa alone because it was a long and troublesome journey.

On our first day in the student house i got to know my roommates. There is one person from Korea, one from Brazil and a young man from the French part of Switzerland who left us on my third day here.

The rest of the week I got some impressions from Lexis and definitely from Noosa. My opinion of the school is only positive. I think all the teachers and students are so friendly and polite. It is much more fun to go to school here than in Switzerland because I like the mix of different cultures.

Now I’d like to say something about Noosa. The weather this week was terrible because it rained the whole week but despite this I tried to do as much as I could. I explored Main Beach, the Noosa National Park and the area around the school. When I went to the National Park on Saturday we saw our first Koala in the wild which was so amazing.

When I think back on the week I have to say it was a funny and educational one.

New Students

Welcome to Nagisa, Sanghun, Michele & Stefan. Hope you’re enjoying your first day at Lexis Noosa ūüôā


Book Club Option Read The Client

The Book Club read The Client by John Grisham and then watched the movie. Their wonderful teacher Hayley asked them to write a review and below we can see that despite 3 people having read the same book they each had a different experience. I thought it was great to read them and am grateful that you were willing to share.


Mark, who was 11 years old, knew where a senator’s body was hidden. If he tells the FBI where it is he will be killed by the mafia. But if he doesn’t tell them, he will end up in jail. What is the best way for him to deal with it? The great thing about reading the book was that the character of Mark was great – he is really mature for his age but not perfect, so we have a lot of empathy for him. The difficult thing about reading the book was that there are too many names for me – I’m so bad at remembering English names. This book was a page-turner and I would recommend it to everyone!!!

Review by Daisuke

There was a young boy whose name is Mark. One day he saw a man who was trying to kill himself. He killed himself despite Mark’s help. Then the Mafia were trying to kill him because he know important information. I could really feel Mark’s emotions and it was an easy book to read because it had a good pace. The book was unfortunately too short so the ending came way too soon. There were many exciting points and funny moments. I’d recommend this book to an adult who is at an intermediate level because I think young people would not understand some of the content.

Review by Lee Younghwhan

I read the book, ‘The Client’ by John Grisham about an 11 year old boy who was naughtily smoking a cigarette with his brother. While they were doing that, he accidentally saw someone kill himself. His poor brother went into shot and Mark was in serious danger because the Mafia wanted to kill him and the FBI wanted to know what he saw. He then found a good lawyer who could help him. I enjoyed reading the book and the beginning was so gripping that I couldn’t stop reading it. I also liked some of the author’s expressions which made me understand the character’s feeling and made him more likeable. However there were some weaknesses to the book – for example, I think he was way too mature for his age. He had to handle the problems without his parents and he thought and worried too much. One of the other points is that it would have been more interesting if the author had written more about mark and Reggie’s past. Despite the weaknesses, it really gripped me and I would recommend this book to anyone with a keen interest for the crime genre.

Review by Jeewon

This book is about a young boy who was in danger as the mafia wanted to kill him and his family because he knew really important information about the mafia’s crime. The author describes the main character very well, he is very funny, smart and mature for his age. He does some unexpected actions, that made us feel empathy for him. The book is very interesting however the last chapters are too short. The last three chapters should give more information about the action at the end of the book. Since Reggie’s character was also very important the author should have added more details about her past. I really enjoyed the book even though it was very short. I would recommend this book to people who have an intermediate English level and those who like books with a lot of action.

Review by Jakilini




Welcome to our new students

On Monday we welcomed a great bunch of students to Lexis Noosa.

We of course celebrated in style by heading over to the local pub, where students got to ‘mix and mingle’ – making new friends and enjoying the great atmosphere.SOGO.jpg

Final Cambridge Exams Done and Dusted

Happy and relieved faces all around after the final CAE and CPE exams on Wednesday and Thursday!

Dear students – wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy yourselves, stay safe and stay in touch! We will miss you here at Lexis!

Revolution School Inspiration

Do you want to improve your reading, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and have fun learning new things? Then you need to read for fun!!! “Revolution School” is an ABC TV program¬† that uses world-renound¬† education specialists to take a state high school from the bottom 4% of the state to the top 25% in a few short years.

One of the skills adopted is “Independent Reading Time”. Just 10 minutes of fun reading (student’s choice of text) per day is all that is needed. According to the program, the students’ scores in numeracy and literacy increased considerably.

1 reading

Simon has started a new reading project with his Intermediate class to see if he can revolutionise the pace of the students’ skills development. They will start the day with 10 minutes of reading for fun until the end of their intermediate course (4 weeks). We look forward to hearing the feedback from his class about how they find the project.

2 reading

So join the group and grab a book from our collection either in the GIL box or in Room 5, find a warm sunny place, relax as you read your way into a new world and develop all your language skills – with only 10 minutes a day!!!

OET success…Lexis English student Esther passes her OET exam!

Lexis would like to say a MASSIVE congratulations to Esther on passing her OET exam!

Here is Esther’s story….

Esther from Barcelona, Spain arrived in Australia in October 2015. She started her Lexis journey at Lexis Sunshine Coast, joining an Upper Intermediate General English class and then continuing with a Cambridge Advanced Class, first at Maroochydore and later at our Lexis Noosa school.

Esther 1

Our Cambridge exam manager Nina made Esther aware of a new exam for medical professions, OET, that Lexis has been running since April 2016. Passing the OET exam enables candidates from all different medical fields to be registered in their profession here in Australia. Learning about this, Esther, a paediatric nurse in her home country Spain, was hooked and embarked on a remarkable journey. She registered to take the OET exam in May and immediately started preparing with the help and support of Lexis Senior Teacher Annette. Together they worked through vocabulary, strategies and sample tests in the four test areas listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Esther 2

Esther diligently prepared all the tasks given to her. She developed and improved strategies to tackle the often difficult reading and listening parts. She worked on her writing by doing countless sample letters and practised, recorded and analysed roleplays required for the speaking exam. Joining our Intensive Exam Preparation Course over two Saturdays helped further improve her skills and confidence.


After four weeks of intensive study and countless hours of meticulous work every day ‚Äď on top of her day job in hospitality! ‚Äď Esther sat the OET exam on 14 May at our Lexis Sunshine Coast campus. It was challenging! All parts have to be done in one sitting!

On Monday Esther got her results ‚Äď she passed with Bs in all skills!¬† Motivation and dedication paid off.¬† Esther‚Äôs dream, to be working in her profession as a nurse in Australia, can now become a reality.


We are so happy for her and with her!

You are truly amazing and an inspiration, Esther. Congratulations.

Annette, Lexis English, Senior Teacher.


Restaurant Quality Pesto

The Cooking Option class made many different dishes over the three week period that kept the school hungry with mouth-watering smells of deliciousness. But they really finished off with a bang with a phenomenal pesto. Kerri really enjoyed leading this option class and I’m sure they all learnt some valuable cooking skills and vocabulary. Make sure you wow your friends and family with your new skills. Zaid has already committed himself to making the pesto for all of the Saudi boys when they break their fast this evening. Unfortunately we can’t disclose the recipe as this one is only for those who do the Cooking Option!!!!


Cambridge Exam Season

The Cambridge Exam Season has started at Lexis Noosa. Cambridge students from Noosa and Sunshine Coast Campuses took their speaking exams last Saturday followed by the written FCE exam today at Australis Lake Resort. Well done everyone! Good luck to our CAE students tomorrow and our CPE group on Thursday!

Noosa Diary Exposed

As teachers we always suggest keeping a diary to improve one’s writing, capture memories and to express the variety of emotions that arise whilst studying internationally. Celine has been very generous in sharing some of the experiences from her very well kept and maintained diary that she kept whilst preparing for her FCE exam next week.

Diary Cover

Saturday, 30 April 2016  

Raining, raining, raining….in the morning I woke up and it was raining. ¬†I went to make my breakfast because Jelka (a girl from the student house) wanted to eat together. ¬†She is a really nice person and I will miss her until she comes back in 6 weeks. ¬†I said goodbye to her then I went to Hastings Street for shopping with Nicole. ¬†I found an anklet in a nice little shop. ¬†In the evening I made dinner some dinner, did my homework and wrote to my best friend.

 13335394_1023483097706611_1929232080_nMonday, 2 May 2016

Yes, it is sunny!   I saw the sun in the morning.  I gathered my things together and went to the beach.  On the way to the beach I made a stop and bought a magazine.  I enjoyed my time with music, reading the magazine and watching the big waves.  I remember this special moment in my life.


Saturday, 7 May 2016

A great day for a walk to Mount Coolum. ¬†I made an arrangement with Barbara and we went by bus to Sunshine Plaza first because Barbara needed something. ¬†After that we enjoyed a coffee and a cake. ¬†Then we went to Mount Coolum. ¬†The walk was great and the natural environment is wonderful. ¬†I enjoyed the lookout point it was amazing. ¬†The weather was also beautiful. ¬†After that we walked to Coolum Beach and then back home. ¬†I like this mountain although for me it isn’t really a mountain. ¬†In Switzerland 208 meters is only a valley but here it is a mountain.



Sunday, 8 May 2016

Music is Life!  Barbara, Nicole and I were at the Peregian Originals Festival.  It was by Peregian Beach and it was a free event.  We thought it was really nice.  Four different artists made music and they changed every hour.  It was special to see the different people there.  A lot of people wore hippy clothes but I like this type.  The first musician was the best in my opinion.  He made the music with a lot of feeling and emotions.  I like it when people can perform with their emotions.  We enjoyed this for 4 hours and had a picnic.


13340714_1023484804373107_909784519_oSaturday, 14 May 2016

Eumundi Markets. ¬†At 9 o’clock we drove to the Eumundi Markets. ¬†It was the second time¬† I was with Barbara and Nicole. ¬†We enjoyed it because we needed more than 4 hours. ¬†I bought my father a leather belt. ¬†I also found two bracelets for my two best friends. ¬†They have a special meaning so I hope that’s a good gift. ¬†By the belt stand Barbara began talking with this man. ¬†It was really nice and at the end we got a special sales discount because the man said that we were lovely people. ¬†That was lovely of him. ¬†I also found new trousers. ¬†However, at the end we enjoyed a cold drink in a restaurant and drove back home. ¬†It was a really nice day and I enjoyed it.


13336353_1023484377706483_1525268309_nSunday, 15 May 2016

Noosa National Park. ¬†I met with Barbara and Nicole. ¬†We walked to Dolphin Point and enjoyed the special marine life there and the sea. ¬†We took pineapples and melons to eat. ¬†Unfortunately we didn’t see any dolphins but we saw a big turtle and it was so great. ¬†At the end we watched the nice sunset and walked back home. ¬†I arrived at home and Doris said that we could have a dinner together. ¬†I helped her and we had a nice evening together. ¬†It was a beautiful day.

 13318467_1023482747706646_58377323_nSaturday, 21 May 2016

 Everglades Рa wonderful day!  We started in Noosa with a bus then we changed onto a boat.  After 90 minutes we arrived in the Everglades.  We had a little coffee break with coffee, tea and cakes.  Then we started with canoeing.   There were 3 people in one canoe.  I was with Nicole and a girl from Canada.  We had a lot of fun.  One hour later we had a break and got a really nice lunch.  After that we paddled the canoes back to the boat.  It was so hard at the end and I felt my body because we had a head wind.  I found this day so beautiful and I really enjoyed being outdoors with different plants and animals.

 Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Happy Birthday Mijoon! ¬†I don’t like it when people have birthdays and they don’t get a cake. ¬†I surprised Mijoon (she lives with me) with little cup cakes and a birthday candle. ¬†She was so surprised that she had tears in her eyes. ¬†It was so sweet.

 13329907_1023482974373290_507035797_nFriday, 27 May 2016

 Kangaroo!  After school I was with Barbara and Nicole by the Noosa River and we enjoyed a really good BBQ.  I was the Master Chef!!!!

On the menu were two different sorts of potatoes, zucchini and kangaroo meat (for the first time).  It was great to cook in the outdoors with a wonderful sunset, good music and the cliffhanger talks together.  I really enjoyed this special evening on the river.


13348917_1023482624373325_1602055698_nSaturday, 28 May 2016

Tewantin National Park!  I love it!  It was such a good day trip.  I was with Barbara and Nicole and we enjoyed this day together so much.  We took more than two hours to get to the top of the mountain.  We took a lot of pictures also like tourists because we took an Australian flag up with us.  It was really a great and funny day.  We laughed a lot about different situations.  It was really enjoyable and the weather was amazing.

 Sunday, 29 May 2016

Shopping Day!  I was with Barbara by the Noosa Civic and it was my first time there.  It was really good because I found two pairs of trousers (short), one shirt and a new pair of sunglasses.  Barbara found a lot also.  We had a good day for shopping because it was a lot cheaper on this day.  In the end we stayed for 4 hours.  After that we took the bus home but it was the wrong bus!  What a mistake.  We took more than one hour to get home.  We also had to change the bus which was so funny.  In the end I found my home and enjoyed dinner that I made.  No fear I also studied for the exam on this weekend.

The CAE Gift that Clucked



Anne’s CAE Class surprised her this morning with a very special present to thank her for being such an amazing teacher. They bought them on Gumtree and went all the way out to Bli Bli to pick the two little cuties up.

Anne was so surprised and grateful and touched by the effort and thought behind the gift. You guys are absolute stars!

We think you are all INCREDIBLE and know that you’ve worked exceptionally hard these last 12 weeks. We wish you the best of luck tomorrow in your speaking exam.

As every chicken ought to have a name, Anne has name them Germany and Spain. May they produce many an egg and may they live a long and prosperous life.