The Approaching Level Changes

This week we are doing unit 11 in our GE classes which means next week is the last unit of the book and therefore the week after next means our classes will be reshuffling. Some students who have been here for most of the course will be moving up and starting a new book whilst others who have recently joined us will go back to the beginning and start from scratch. We always look forward to this time because it’s a good opportunity to sit with our students and discuss their progress, their weaknesses, their strengths and set new goals that will help them improve and expand their English skills.


Here are Anne and Jeewon discussing her study plan for the next couple of months.

Enjoying each others company at our conversation club.

Enjoying heaps of yummy Australian food, playing amazing fun games and heaps of fun was had. IMG_1152[1].JPG

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Hello Noosa!!!

The new Cambridge students arrived last week Monday and we thought it would be interesting to hear how it was. Fortunately Nadine was a willing candidate to write about her journey to Noosa and of her first week in the FCE class.


NadineMy trip to Australia with my boyfriend  started on 10th June. Firstly we flew to Dubai and then we had a connection flight to Brisbane. After 24 hours we finally arrived in Brisbane but this was not my final destination. So we ordered a taxi from Uber and finally we arrived in Noosa! I was relieved that I didn’t have to travel to Noosa alone because it was a long and troublesome journey.

On our first day in the student house i got to know my roommates. There is one person from Korea, one from Brazil and a young man from the French part of Switzerland who left us on my third day here.

The rest of the week I got some impressions from Lexis and definitely from Noosa. My opinion of the school is only positive. I think all the teachers and students are so friendly and polite. It is much more fun to go to school here than in Switzerland because I like the mix of different cultures.

Now I’d like to say something about Noosa. The weather this week was terrible because it rained the whole week but despite this I tried to do as much as I could. I explored Main Beach, the Noosa National Park and the area around the school. When I went to the National Park on Saturday we saw our first Koala in the wild which was so amazing.

When I think back on the week I have to say it was a funny and educational one.