What Friendship Means to Meshal

A free writing task was given to students in the SANG workshop. Each student had absolute free reign on what they could write about. This piece of writing by Meshal who is in Pre-Intermediate was incredibly touching and heartfelt. I think studying abroad sometimes makes you appreciate and reflect on what friendship is and how important it is in our lives both when we are at home in our countries as well as whilst being a student or travelling internationally. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did. May you always be surrounded by good friends. And thank you for sharing your thoughts Meshal.


“Friendship is of small worth in its size but big in its meaning. It’s a great relationship between two people. It’s one soul in two bodies. One can’t live alone in this life, we need a friend who supports and helps us. But what is a real friend? A real friend is the one who is with you when you are alone. They are the one who accepts your apologies and forgives you. They are the one you can contact at 4am and they will be interested in what you have to say. They help you to be a better person and feel happy for you when you are successful. Therefore you must select your friends carefully in order to live happily all your life. Finally, we can’t pick our family but we can pick our friends. Our friends reflect the choices we make in life.”

By Meshal

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