Your Individual Study Pathway

For students enrolling for 12 weeks or more, Lexis will provide an individualised written study pathway to help you plan the best way to achieve your English goals.


After your on-arrival  placement test and orientation, you will meet with a member of the academic team for an in-depth discussion on your current English level, your specific areas of strength and weaknesses and your end goal.

An individualised study plan is then designed for you to  map your Lexis study journey:

  • Advice for guided individual learning materials
  • Which skill based option class to choose
  • Which workshops to attend
  • Suggestions for future exam opportunities
  • Post course study advice, such as potential Certificate courses to extend your Australian study ecperience.

We meet with you again a couple of weeks after this initial interview. This ‘catch up’ meeting is used to go over the study plan once more, now that you have had time to think about the study journey you have chosen. It is a chance to confirm that you are in the correct level and are satisfied with your program. It is a chance to check that you are also happy in your accommodation and that you are ‘work ready’ if you are looking for employment. Changes can be made and help given immediately.


Of course the study plan can be adjusted at any time as you move through the programs. Every four weeks you will have a progress interview with your teacher and be given a written academic report. This is a good time to discuss your goals again and if you are meeting you meeting your expectations.

However, if you do have a worry, problem or just want to change  your program we are always available for advice and counselling.   We also just love having students drop in to say hello.  See you soon. 🙂 Becky, Nina, Annette and Tanya.

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