Seriously Glee Club

There are many ways to learn English, but not all are as fun as joining Tanya’s Glee Club.

For Erika, Yolanda, Fabio, Kim, Jin, Heero, Yuka, Daisuke and Kate, Glee Club was a fun way to spend some time after school. However, 6 weeks later they are amazed that they were able to put on a half hour performance in front of the whole school in perfect English.

Glee 1

Main Picture: Jack (Fabio) sings a love song to Michelle (Yuka). Kim, Yolanda, Jin, Daisuke and Erika sing along

Thanks to  teacher Tanya’s enthusiasm and energy they learnt fifteen songs that they wove into a musical play.  They told the story of ‘Michelle’ and ‘Jack’, two lonely people who journey to Australia and to Lexis Noosa, meet and fall in love.

Glee Club 2

From Left clockwise: Tanya receives flowers., the hilarious Australian Zoo scene, Kate giving her best performance and Everyone singing.

Everyone really enjoyed the performance, spoken in pitch perfect English 🙂 and delivered with confidence and gusto. Well done everyone and thank you.


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