What happens around the school between 1.27pm and 1:32pm?

Today at 1.27pm I decided to go around the school and investigate what was happening in and out of class among the Noosa student body. I first came across the CAE class practicing for the speaking exam outside in the courtyard. They were discussing stories and the different ways of presenting a narrative.

CAE Speaking practice.jpgUpon entering the school the first classroom I saw in action was the Phrasal Verb Option class. The students were trying to work out the meaning of a number of slightly tricky phrasal verbs through their context.

Phrasal Verbs.jpgI then found a very in depth discussion happening between a CAE teacher and student. I didn’t dare ask them what grammatical form they were dissecting.

CAE one on oneThe IELTS students were very busy discussing the effects that Global Warming has on our environment and it seemed to have altered their mood quite a bit.

IELTS GLobal warming discussionWhilst these two IELTS students were having a fairly heated conversation about the same topic without the supervision of Anjali.

IELTSAs I was heading past room 15 I noticed a that the learners looked rather engrossed in analysing what their newly acquired vocabulary was in their languages.

Speaking 2.jpgOther students were seriously critiquing the sentence structures.


SO if you were as curious as I was, now you know!!!


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