Eumundi Market Interviews


Spoken Shop by Aylin

On Wednesday 16th of March, we went to Eumundi markets with our Upper-Intermediate B class. Even if it was a rainy day, we really enjoyed this little trip.

But we weren’t there just for shopping…

We were in pairs, and everyone had to interview someone who was working in stalls in Eumundi. When one of us was asking the stall owner questions, the other one was taking some notes so we could write a small report. This blog contains the reports that some members of our class wrote.

We are talking about Eumundi Market, but what’s that?

Eumundi Market is Australia’s biggest artisan market and it’s been running since the 24th March 1979. So you can find a lot of original and different handmade things there!

You can find some artwork, sculptures, handmade jewellery etc… But you can also find some stalls where you can have a massage, which is very surprising in a market !

And of course, there are a lot of food stalls where you can eat food from many different countries.

My interview was with a woman who makes some wooden art. The stall is hers and she works there alone. She has had her stall at the market since 3 years ago and this is her full time job. So she’s at the market every Wednesday and Saturday. Luckily, she lives in Noosa, so it’s not too far to go to the market, because she has to pack up and set up every time!image1(1)

She really likes her job and getting some good feedback makes her happy because it’s her own product. What she likes the most about working at the market is that she can talk to people, share tips and she can see her customers. The things that she likes the least are the bad weather, because it affects her sales, and also being sick because she has to come or she won’t earn money.

Sometimes she has some weird customers, but this is a part of her job too.

When I asked her how she would describe her products, she said it was « simple art » and I think that’s a great description, because she writes some sentences/words into the wood and the effect is very nice !

So when she’s not at the market, she’s preparing the products to complete her stock.

It takes  her around 3-8 minutes to make a product.

If you want to know more about her products, you can check her out on Instagram or Facebook, the name is : spokenshop.

We can buy her products at the Eumundi market or via her online shop in her website : and the price of one is $35 or two for $60.

Little Miss Belle Designs by Salome

While I was walking through the market I discovered the stall “Little Miss Belle Designs”. I really liked the style of its products and decided to buy one of the cards. The man who was working on this Wednesday is called Andrew. His wife is a graphic designer and she designs the cards, posters and much more on her own. They produce the printed material at a printing company. I like the style of the products because the graphics are straight forward and reduced.IMG_8834

Andrew works part-time for “Little Miss Belle Design”. He is also a musician and he only goes on Wednesdays to the Eumundi Market to sell their products. They have been doing this for 10 months. They have some regular customers at the market but they receive more orders through their online shop. ( you can order all of their products from their online shop. They also have some retailers who sell their products.

Andrew is a very kind person and I hope he and his wife can sell a lot of their wonderful products.

Donut Kitchen by Carmen

Life is short, eat dessert first.

This was our first thought while standing in front of the Donut Kitchen at the Eumundi Market last Wednesday morning. All the donuts looked so delicious and tasty.

Jamin Best is the stall holder and shop owner of the Donut Kitchen. His stall is a mobile store so he just travels with a trailer to different markets. His entire stall is self-made, especially the donuts. Every time before a market starts he and his employees prepare some of the donuts – everything is freshly made.

IMG-20160317-WA0002We had the opportunity to talk to one of his employees Julia Neubauer who is from Switzerland. She came to Australia as a backpacker in January 2014 and really enjoys working at the markets. She loves meeting different people and speaking to them. So you will not only taste delicious donuts, you will also meet an enthusiastic, kind and welcoming team.

If you don’t have time to visit the Eumundi markets you can also find the Donut Kitchen at the Marcoola Friday Night Market at Marcoola Beach and at the Twilight Market in Coloundra.

Guys go there, until everything is eaten up!!

Art Store by Rebecca

On Wednesday our class visited the Eumundi market, which runs twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. We spoke to a stall owner and asked him about his work and experience at the market. When we entered, the typical middle aged man was very kind and took the time to talk to us.

RebeccaThe stall was full of Aboriginal painting so naturally we asked him if had painted them himself. To our surprise he hadn’t. He was the co-owner of the store and he switches with his partner every week. He has just written a book, “White Fella Awakening” which is about his spiritual journey. His partner Terry Saleh who is Aboriginal painted all the paintings. Despite being copies they are beautiful. There are 12 drawings for every month with typical Australia animals which have a similar meaning as the star signs. For example, the Goanna for September means that you can get what you want but you have to be careful because you’re stubborn.

We asked him how a day at Eumundi Market is for him. Normally he has to wake up at 5am to set up his stall which takes and hour and a half. He pays $65 a day to rent the market space, which as he said was quite a lot because he hadn’t sold anything so far. But on other days of the week he works as an engineer to earn his money. Eumundi is more spiritual for him because he likes to help people and he’s not there to earn money. He says that life is a gift from the universe and you have to take everyday as it is so nothing really annoys him. He believes strongly in what he has written in his book and wants to talk to people about it as often as possible.

His most interesting moment at the market was when two butterflies were dancing around each other. Seeing this game him a sense of how transitional life is.

This was a very interesting talk because we hadn’t expected such content.

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