Finalists now revealed for our “Destination Lexis” Video Competition!

Check out our “Destination Lexis” Video Competition Finalists from Lexis Brisbane, Lexis Byron Bay, Lexis Noosa, Lexis Perth & Lexis Sunshine Coast!

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Scarborough Beach students






Competition closes on Sunday, 17 April 2016 at midnight so get voting!

Welcome to our new starters

What a fantastic Easter break we all had out in the beautiful Noosa sunshine!!! Back to reality and it’s awesome to meet with our new happy starters. Welcome to the sunshine!!

Starters 28.03.2016

Movie Makers in the Making

The Movie Making Option class presented a short film festival to a packed house this afternoon.

Over the past three weeks, teacher Nicky and her movie making students have been busy producing a series of short films based on ‘Destination Noosa’.  Today they presented them as a ‘short film festival’ with Senior teacher Annette and Marketing Director Aimee judging the entries.

Everyone enjoyed the entries and the judging was hard, with the prize finally going to Carmen, Aylin, Giulia and Affas.  Hugh was awarded a special entry prize for producing an excellent solo effort.

Congratulations everyone.

Video Comp

Congratulations to Sultan, Affas, Aziz, Zaid, Guilia, Carmen, Aylin, Jinuk, Yolanda and Hugh and teacher Nicky Fernandez

Cogratulations to Claudio!!

Well done to Claudio for scoring two jobs!!!

Claudio has been working very hard to perfect his CV and it has definitely paid off.

He will be very busy working at both Gusto Riverfront Restaurant and Thai Thai Restaurant…. As well as his studies here at Lexis Noosa.


Work in Sunshine Beach

Costa Noosa Espresso are currently seeking applicants to join their workplace. The position will not last long, so if you’re interested contact Angela, Lauren or Gavin on     5474 9222 for more details.

Miss Moneypenny’s Restaurant Work

Miss Moneypenny’s are currently looking to hire kitchen hands for casual work.
Applicants do not need to have previous experience, however it will be an advantage.
We are looking for someone with a positive, energetic attitude who is hard working and capable of performing in a team environment.
Basic English speaking skills will also be an advantage.

Shifts are available 7 days a week, either 10am – 4pm or 5pm – 11pm.

For further details please contact Peter via email – or call –      5474 9999.

Cambridge First Workshops

Our new Cambridge First preparation students all turned out for the first ‘weekly workshop’ today.


Teacher Michelle presented a very welcome overview of verb tenses to get them on the right track for the twelve weeks ahead.  Week 1 and all happy.  Will they be there next week or choose to go to the beach? Wait and see.


Diego Luvckx is all smiles this morning having received an IELTS 6.5 result.

Diego came to Lexis Noosa from Belgium in October 2015 to study for 14 weeks. He arrived with a B1 (Pre intermediate) English level and was determined to make the most of his time here. He fell in love with the beach life style, especially surfing but didn’t lose sight of his English goals.

This morning he delighted his IELTS teacher, Anjali by coming back to show her his results. Hugs all round 🙂  Well done Diego, very proud of your efforts.


Fiji Fundraiser

Carolina from Student Uni Travel and Lexis Noosa teachers and students organised a bake sale fundraiser for the victims of cyclone Winston this morning. We raised about $360 for Caroline to take to Fiji this weekend to help support local schools there. Thank you everyone for your generous donations. You can continue to donate at the travel shop!


Monday’s Coffee Club was full of laughs, craziness and yummy Aussie snacks!!


Orientation Day!

So many new, happy faces enjoying the sun and ‘autumn’ in Noosa!! 😀



Cambridge Proficiency Exam

It is exam day here at Lexis Noosa for our Cambridge Proficiency class.


After nine weeks of intensive study the cards are on the table for these talented linguists.


The lovely CPE ladies, Tereza, Alessia, Nicole, Viviane and Sabrina

Good luck guys. Enjoy your post study Australian adventures and safe travel home.




Writing Option Class: Biographies

AzoozAzooz Al-Jabr was born in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia in 1992.  The first of six children, 4 sisters and 1 brother.  He finished high school in 2010 and went to college for three years. He then worked as an officer part-time for 2 years before coming to Australia.

When he finished his high school he had already decided that he wanted to be a pilot in the future so he trained in personal survival skills.
To become a pilot Azooz needs to have a good understanding of English.  He has come to Australia for two years to learn English and also take a pilot course.  The first year of English study is in Noosa and the second year is in Maroochydore with a focus on pilot training.
He has been studying at Lexis English Noosa  since December and has learnt a lot as well as having fun every day in this beautiful town.
Biographer:  Lina Camargo

Lavinia was born on 24th May in 1995 in Basel, Switzerland.  She has got a twin sister that is very similar to her.  She lives with her mother and sister in Basel.  Her relatives, in particular her father lives in a city close to Basel because they got divorced twelve years ago.
She has got one dog that looks like Lassie and two cats.  Lavinia has a house in the mountains.  She finished her studies last December in pharmacy and chemistry.
She loves playing tennis, riding a motorbike and playing guitar.  She’s a lovable girl who now spends her time studying English at Lexis in Noosa.
She will continue her studies next September in pharmacy because in Switzerland you can find a lot of jobs in pharmaceutical companies.
Biographer:  Giulia

My wonderful partner Giulia was born in a small city called Piacenza in the north of Italy in 1988. She lives with her brother who is 10 years younger than her at her father’s house. Her parents got divorced ten years ago, so her mother lives in another house with a new boyfriend.
After 8 years of compulsory school, she attended high school which lasted another five years. At the age of 23 she started to study law at university. Afterwards, she did her masters which included studying and also working in an office. Last year she did an exam to become a lawyer. In June she will know if she passed the exam or not.
Besides working as a lawyer she also likes reading books, listening to music and going to the gym. She is fascinated by tattoos which is the reason why she has seven of them.
Biographer: Lavinia.


My partner Andrea Barmettler was born on the 8th of September in 1994. She’s from Stans in Switzerland. She’s a shop assistant in a small supermarket where she has worked for the past four and a half years.
She lives with her family and she has two brothers. In her free time she plays football in woman’s team. And in winter she goes skiing and snowboarding in the Alps.She is studying English because of the career opportunities in retail management.
In the future she hopes to have a family and own her own hardware store.
Biographer: Yousef.

Yuri Nishino was born in Hiroshima, Japan. Her father is self -employed. He is from Kagawa and her mother is an office worker from Hiroshima. She also has two younger brothers.
In 2007 she travelled to New Zealand for two weeks because she was interested in English. Five years later, she entered Yasuda Women’s University and she majored in English. The university life was very precious to her. After graduation in 2016, she worked at the Kare Shinkin Bank.
In the future she wants to travel around the world and talk about the world to her friends and family.
Biographer: Yuri

abdullah and salmanSalman and Abdullah
Abdullah Al-Hamlan was born in 1993 in Jeddah. It’s the second largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  Its location is near the Red Sea.  It’s a popular city in KSA because it has a long history of ancient civilizations.
He studied all his life at school in the capital city called Riyadh.  He went to primary school in 1998 and started high school in 2007.  He went to the college of King Khalid Military from 2010.  After three years he graduated to become a successful officer in the National Guard.
He lives with his family in a big house.  In the future he would like to look for his own house and have a nice family with a daughter and a son.  He likes to visit his family and friends every weekend.  He also loves meeting with all kinds of people.  He is friendly and helpful to everyone.  He has a great sense of humour.
His hobbies include horseback riding and collecting stamps and historical stuff, for example old coins.
I hope he has a wonderful future and all his dreams come true.
Biographer:  Salman Al-Otaibi

Salman Al Otaibi was born in Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh on the ninth of January 1993. He graduated from high school with the highest score in his class and then joined the National Guard in 2010. After three years he graduated and started working until this moment. Now he lives in Noosa, Australia so he can study English and aviation.
He is a workaholic and he wants to get a high position. His hobbies are running and swimming and he sometimes goes hunting. He is looking to get married and have children after he gets his own house in the future.
He is a very friendly and lovely guy. Anyone who meets him likes him.
Biographer: Abdullah

Dominique Caneve was born on the 3rd of July 1995. He is Swiss and was born in Zurich. He lives near Zurich with his parents. The village is called Niederweningen. He has one older brother who works and studies at the same time in Zurich. He finished school in 2012 and after he graduated from his highschool, Dominque began university in Zurich. He did an apprenticeship for three years in Business.
His favourite hobby is tennis but he plays just for fun, not at a professional level. Dominique also likes to go to the gym with friends. he loves to travel and he travelled a lot with his family by now he travels with friends. Before he came to Australia he worked in a swiss super marked called Manor.
Biographer: Albane

Lina was born in a small town in Colombia. She has one brother who is older than her. She finished school in 2013 and now she’s studying international business. She is taking this course because she wants to be a big boss and she wants to be richer than Bill Gates.
At the moment she is studying English at Lexis English in Noosa in the morning and she works at night in a coffee shop. She is a lovely girl. I think she will be successful and very rich and she will come and give me some money one day. After the English course she wants to learn Japanese in Tokyo.
Biographer: Azooz.


Yousef was born on the 2nd of November, 1992 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  He is an officer in the Saudi Arabian National Guard.  He came to Australia to train as a helicopter pilot.  He has five brothers and two sisters.  He lives with his family in the beautiful city of Riyadh.

In his free time Yousef played football with his friends in Riyadh.  He really enjoyed playing football and being part of a team.
In the future he would like to have seven children and own a house in Riyadh.
Biographer:  Andrea Barmettler.


Albane Orts was born on 26th April 1998 in Brussels. She finished school in November 2015 in Belgium. Her hobbies are hockey and tennis but hockey takes up too much time so now she just plays hockey. She has two brothers, one is older and one is younger. She can speak French as well as Flemish. In the future she is going to study business. She’s starting a Business Marketing course in Barcelona, Spain in September

Brendan Naoyuki was born in Tokyo on 4th April 1997. He lives with his parents and his older brother who is 22 years old. Brandon is going to graduate from high school in two weeks. After getting his diploma he is traveling with his friends to Guam. He is going to start studying Economics at university in April. His hobbies are playing rugby, sleeping and he also likes going out. He has no pets because his parents travel a lot. Brandon has also traveled to many countries with his parents. It is Brendan’s last day today at Lexis so we are extremely sad. He is a very interesting guy. He has had a great experience here and he is happy to have spent some weeks here in Noosa.
Biographer: Lina

Cambridge Exam Day at Lexis Noosa

It is crunch time. After ten intensive weeks our Cambridge Proficiency, Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge First exam students have their speaking tests today.

This is how it goes:

Early in the morning our classrooms are transformed into a Cambridge test centre.

The students arrive and are processed by our Cambridge Exams Manager, Nina Schiller and lovingly supported by Senior teacher Annette Sievert.

Before the exam the students feel nervous:


and after?


Thanks for being great sports!