The Lexis Journey

A little bit of extra communication really goes a long way.

Your first morning at Lexis will be a busy one. You will meet your new international friends and have an orientation and placement test. (Yes, whoopee, a nice grammar and vocabulary test followed by a piece of writing). After a coffee break, you will meet with a senior member of the academic staff (Becky, Annette, Nina and Tanya)  to discuss your study plan and choose the best classes for your needs.  If you are coming for more than twelve weeks a formal pathway plan will be mapped out with your long term goals in mind.  Of course, everyone is given our English Only contract to sign and reminded how important it is to adhere to our “English Only” policy.

Two weeks later we follow up on your study plan.


Annette and Marta catching up to discuss Marta’s study plan.

By then you have settled into classes, homestay or student house, and usually have a better idea of how the school works. We make sure that you are happy with your classes, teachers and your progress.  Most students give great feedback and it is wonderful to see their progress within even two weeks.

However, we can also pick up problems at this follow-up interview. We can change the class if the level is too high or too low, we can talk in more detail about different pathways: Are you happy with the General English class you are in? What kind of course do you need for your individual future? Is IELTS the better course or should you do a Cambridge Exams course once you have reached a certain level of language competence? Do you want a morning class or would you prefer one of our afternoon classes because you found a job?

We know how difficult it can be, to be suddenly immersed not only in English but also in a completely different culture and lifestyle. Problems in homestay or student house can be addressed and dealt with by our accommodation staff.

Every four weeks, your class teacher will meet with you one on one to give you a written report on your progress. This is an important opportunity for you to also give your teacher feedback on whether your needs are being met fully.

Although these formal interviews are planned ahead, you are welcome to come and meet with an Academic team member at any time. Our office door is always open for a chat or advice or help with a problem.

In your last week, your teacher will give you a final exit report with your end grades for your leaving certificate. You will also be asked to complete a graduation survey. We always read these surveys very seriously so please remember to hand them to reception and thankyou in advance.

Enjoy your Lexis Journey, we look forward to meeting you soon.


Your Monday Morning Welcome Team: Tanya, (Academic teacher) Becky, (Academic Manager) Annette, (Senior Teacher) and Nina (Cambridge Exams Manager)



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