Fast Track to Great English

The next round of Sunset Fast Track general English classes begin Monday March 7th.

Designed for students who feel they need to focus more on revising and remembering English learnt in the past, or those who want to move at a faster pace; students study two units per week covering an entire course book in six weeks.

The classes are run in the afternoons, early evening and are popular with students who work in the busy local cleaning industry in the mornings.

Students in fast track classes have the benefit of the same teacher for five hours each day. The first four hours concentrate on the curriculum of the core course text and the fifth hour gives students the opportunity to consolidate and have individual consultation. Testing and reporting are conducted in the same way as the other general English courses.

In response to student requests, there will be morning activities provided on three days per week for those students who are not working. These will include a conversation group at a local coffee shop, guided walks in the National Park, swimming at the beach or a picnic by the river.

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